Choosing a designer can be overwhelming. There are so many professionals out there with different design styles and portfolios that it’s hard to pick! Good news is, if you know your budget, your style and the type of interior designer you’re looking for, next step is to start the interviews. Apart from confirming they have the necessary designer credentials, make sure to ask ALL the right questions in that first consultation:

  • Does the designer have a reputable portfolio?
  • What suppliers do they work with?
  • What is the typical time frame for projects?
  • How will they bring your vision to life?
  • Do they have references?
  • Fees? (of course)


Above all else, here at Nathan Anthony we believe the #1 most important quality of an interior designer is


A successful consultation comes down to one thing: does he/she take the time to listen to you? Yes, there are other top things to consider like communication style and personality. However, listening to you, the client, is THE most important thing and here’s why: if they don’t listen to you, they will not be able to deliver what you want. Many times, professionals do a lot of the talking and not much listening. Naturally, they are trying to sell you on their services. But, they also have to ditch the chatter and hear what you are telling them about yourself and your home. Observe them to determine if they are asking YOU questions. A successful design professional should be taking notes and asking you things, not just about the space, but about your concerns, dreams, needs and budget. When choosing an interior designer, pay close attention to how much attention she/he is paying to you and your property.

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