Los Angeles Artist ~ Martin Durazo

Art piece? Sculpture? Coffee table?

In the most recent issues of Elle Decor, we used this structure as a coffee table in front of our Rocco sectional (below). We received many inquiries and comments regarding this coffee table as to what it was and by whom was it made. With so much interest, we felt compelled to introduce the artist who created it and the inspiration behind this particular work.

Yes, it’s an art piece, a sculpture and a coffee table. This unique structure was made by Martin Durazo, a multi-media artist and curator. Durazo created the table out of individual 12″ diameter circular trays. Using two different types of glass: opaque/mirrored and clear, each tray has slits on four sides and can be fit together in virtually any shape, almost as if they are Legos. In this Elle Decor ad, we chose to form the trays into a shape that directed the reader’s eye down toward the lower portion of the ad where the logo is positioned, and alternatively, to lead the eye upward pointing to the stripped pillow on the sectional.  Although the beauty and innovation of this table is inspiring, the source of these trays is the exact grittiness of what makes Durazo so unique. He sees art in unusual places; here, he was influenced by narco paraphernalia from the 80’s.

Martin Durazo is a native of Los Angeles, California. He is a graduate of both Pitzer and UCLA’s art programs. A veteran of the local galleries, he is well known throughout the museum and art world for his mischievous and cutting-edge pieces of work. Martin Durazo intersects elements of high-design and the brash of social subcultures. In his November 2010 Artist Profile, Durazo said, “Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind.” He is best known for creating large scale installations combining multiple variations of video, sound, light, works on paper, ready made objects and performance. Most importantly, this brilliant artist is a kind, hard-working and self-made individual with a warm smile. Khai and Tina were excited to meet Durazo when it came time to do the ad, and felt fortunate to use his amazing art in the photo shoot. Shortly after the photo shoot, the art piece was sold to a collector.

To learn more about Martin Durazo or see some of his paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, sculptures, installations, and headlines visit his website today.

A “Family Promise” of Giving Back

In these hard economic times homelessness is affecting many people. Statistics show that over 40% of the U.S. homeless population are families with children. The Founders of Nathan Anthony Furniture, Khai Mai and Tina Nicole, felt it necessary to get involved and have been donating their time and resources when needed to Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley. It is this giving back which helps in the battle of those statistics.

Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley is a non-profit organization, heavily dependent on volunteers and near and dear to the family at Nathan Anthony Furniture. With over 160 organizations across the country Family Promise is committed to helping low-income families nationwide to achieve lasting independence. They begin with the basics – providing shelter, meals, and support services to homeless families who meet certain criteria to be admitted into the program, i.e., parents must be drug-free and alcohol-free. Once admitted into the program, Family Promise helps families navigate the many obstacles that low-income people face by creating a formal program of life-skills classes that provide aftercare support, information, advice, and real-life solutions.

Khai and Tina with their son, Nathan Anthony, first became involved in April of 2012. Whether it is making and delivering dinner, donating clothing, shoes, toys and supplies, or much-needed furniture to the families in the program, this involvement is an important part of who they are as people and as a company.

Last December, before Christmas, Robert and his teen-age son, Zachary, had been in the program for three months. With the help of Family Promise, Robert found a job and an apartment. When Khai and Tina found out that Robert and Zachary were sleeping on borrowed cots, it was then that Nathan Anthony Furniture was provided the opportunity to donate and deliver two twin size mattresses, box springs and frames. Tina Nicole says, “We were so happy to hear that Robert, whom we’d met before on our night to bring dinner to the families, found a job and an apartment through the Family Promise program. Being able to provide a comfortable mattress for Robert and Zachary to sleep on was a very gratifying feeling.”  Zachary is in the tenth grade and attends Burbank High School.

To get involved and find an affiliate near you visit Family Promise today.

NHome – Texas Magazine

The Egoist Sofa.

Do we have your attention?

Nathan Anthony Furniture’s 132″ wide Egoist sofa was recently featured in the January/February issue of NHOME – Texas – a magazine showcasing high-end luxury homes and lifestyles in Texas courtesy of its retail partner, Interior Trade Cartel.

Interior Trade Cartel,  is located in San Antonio, Texas, and is home to a 10,000 square foot interior design showroom to the trade. The showroom floor encompasses a furniture and lighting gallery, wallcovering library, and a fabric and trimmings showroom. Nationally recognized as one of the most well-organized and attractive showrooms in the country, ITC is equipped to service architects, contractors, interior designers, and decorators and most definitely upholding their mission to exceed customer’s expectations at exceptional value. Interior Trade Cartel is owned and operated by three Texas families.

Interior Trade Cartel will be hosting a “”Breakfast in Bed” Event on Thursday, March 21, 2013, 9:30am – 12pm to showcase its beautiful offering of beds, linens and mattresses. They would love to see you there!

Nathan Anthony + Design Camp

Last week, Nathan Anthony Furniture had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending Design Camp, a 2-day seminar in Atlanta hosted and instructed by celebrity interior designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis.

Nathan Anthony’s Lead Designer, Tina Nicole attended camp and came back feeling “really inspired.” She states, “Unlike other design seminars, Lori and Kelli invite campers into their world and offer them valuable advice on how to jump start their careers.” Design Camp also shows designers how to use social media to build business, make savvy business decisions using contracts and planning tools, and the importance of maintaining high-standards by professionals in the design industry.  Ms. Nicole also stated, “The subjects touched upon were useful and helpful and the campers felt like they could ask anything without holding back, and everyone was welcome.”

Thanks to Melissa Bennett of Southern Design Source, a design-to-the-trade showroom in Atlanta, our 2100 Sofa was on stage covered in fabric Tambor Pewter, the accent pillows in Tuileries Lilac, with our Bounce Ottoman in Champs Elysees Indigo.

We are so appreciative that Nathan Anthony Furniture was chosen as a sponsor. We feel honored. It was great to finally meet Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis who are not only two wonderful people, but also, two powerhouses in the design industry. Their next Design Camp is May 1 – 3 in Seattle. Registration is open now with an early-bird special you won’t want to miss. We hope to see you there!