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Check out the new features on our website!

One of the issues many companies face is how to keep the product fresh, exciting and accessible. Exposure is a key component and to be exposed you need to be easily accessible. In keeping with that key component we have reconfigured our website to scroll vertically. It appears that scrolling vertically eliminates losing your place when trying to locate a specific piece.

We also discovered that statistics show the majority of users prefer to scroll vertically and since we like to keep our customers happy we thought this was a great feature to add to our website. This new feature allows the viewer to see all thumbnails of all products in that category at once. In addition, the products are listed alphabetically making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Below is a glimpse of how our new scrolling feature appears on screen. To test it out simply click the PRODUCTS tab above and click on any one of the product categories. Give it a try and see for yourself – We think you are going to love it as much as we do!

Sally J. Coates ~ Artist ~ Los Angeles

Are you looking for your something different?

Sally J. Coates is a Los Angeles-based Graphic Designer and Photographer who skillfully, with what is called mixed-media art, combines photography, video, music, fine art, graphic design and everyday scenes into pieces of work to be displayed. This art includes textures, light, landscapes, drawings, sun, graffiti… she captures ordinary pieces and makes them extra-ordinary. She presents this art in the form of web, print, motion or still and it is captivating. Sally debuted her artwork exclusively in our showroom this past spring High Point Market 2013. Our lead designer, Tina Nicole said, “It was exciting to work with Sally because the showroom’s colors, textures and lighting along with the artwork created a nice synergy and song to the furniture presentation that was spectacular.”


Sally’s approach is unique and unconventional as she uses everything from shapes and lines in a photograph of a door handle to the vibrant colors on a graffiti adorned building. It is interesting how she makes these simple images become spectacular and translates them into art. Visit Sally J. Coates for many more displays of this inspiring talent.


Sally also heads up her own Marketing and Design company, Sally Coates Communications, in Los Angeles, California – “Where Artistry, Technology and Strategy come together so Stylishly.” She has a broad range of clients allowing for a larger scope of art and that’s what makes her someone to follow.

Design Camp ~ Seattle ~ May 2013

Have you been to Design Camp?

If not, you must go – It is something you won’t want to miss! Design Camp is a two-day live workshop hosted by Celebrity Interior Designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. In this workshop, Lori and Kelli with a host of industry speakers, educate “campers” with everything about the interior design business. When you attend Design Camp and benefit from all the information shared together, a unique bond is formed – and it’s like camping.

From their rich and successful experiences of building their own design businesses, they guide you on how to promote your work in the most effective way, using cutting-edge technology and even television. What Lori And Kelli capture is the ability to join and learn from connecting with other people who are running like-minded businesses.

This past week The Design Camp was held in Seattle, Washington at the Seattle Design Center.  It was a big hit! Whether you attended the camp itself or watched the excitement unfold on social media, it was apparent there was a lot of exciting energy.

Here at Nathan Anthony, we were also very excited to be a part of Design Camp ~ Seattle. We were asked to donate something from our line for a give-away to a camper at the end of the seminar. The kidney pillow below, covered in Tuileries Lilac and adorned with a Swarovski crystal black diamond zipper, was a giveaway at the Design Camp ~ Seattle. These and other special decorative treatments made by Swarovski are just some of the ways Nathan Anthony has become a favorite of the interior design community. Make sure to sign up for the next Design Camp in Philadelphia October 9th through 11th and watch for something special from us.

Color Blocking at High Point Market

This Spring 2013 High Point Market we had fun playing with fabric combinations on different shapes. Color blocking is trending this season and we couldn’t wait to bring it to you.

In our featured image – the Bounce ottoman – fabric combining makes the ottoman look like a vanilla wafer dipped in chocolate. The “vanilla” fabric is Desdemona Crema, a new cover that is a soft, washed cotton with heavy texture. The “chocolate” fabric is Cassio Mocha, a new cover, washed cotton, heavily textured houndstooth.

In the Strata chair below – we gave new life to this very simple but elegantly shaped dining chair. We combined two popular vinyls to get this look. The top portion is vinyl Scallop Lead and the bottom portion is Scallop Champagne. The fabric application as seen here really adds drama to the dining room.

Strata dining chair


Next up – The Boxx ottoman. This was fun to create with the color-blocked look. We combined our new solid quilted fabric called Cozy Saffron and a new heavily textured cotton called Lightning Saffron. Our lead designer, Tina Nicole, combined bulky textiles with different patterns to achieve the handmade, homegoods look.

Boxx ottoman


Modular designs are always the best to use for color blocking. By using different color fabrics, you can change the individual pieces around and get different looks. Below, on the Folio sectional, we combined a one-arm bumper sofa in a new cover, Cozy Crema, with an armless chair in a new cover, Cozy Khaki, and two ottomans in new covers, Cassio Mocha and Cozy Crema. Also, on the Folio, the unique “U” shaped leg design changes direction as you rearrange the seating pieces. It makes for a playful and personal style statement in home decor.

Folio sectional