Style Spotters ~ High Point Market ~ Fall 2013 ~ Nathan Anthony

October 2013 High Point Market is abuzz!

Can you hear it? Can you see it? The interior design industry is gearing up for High Point Market – Fall 2013. There is always a sizzle in the air as High Point Market approaches. The energy of the designers is palpable while they put together their Fall Market presentations. To make sure none of these new and exciting ideas goes unnoticed, High Point Market sends out their team of Style Spotters to find the real gems of the market.

Introducing High Point Market’s October 2013 Style Spotters for Fall Market – October 19 – 24.


Gretchen Aubuchon

Fashion + Decor

Tobi Fairley

Interior Design

Lisa Ferguson

Decor Mentor

Shay Geyer

IBB Design

Janal Laban

Apartment Therapy

Lisa Mende

Lisa Mende Design

Stacey Naquin

Stacey Naquin Interiors

Michelle Jennings-Wiebe

Studio M Interior Design

Traci Zeller

Traci Zeller Designs


Artesanias in San Francisco – a must visit!

Another store that we are proud to be represented in is Artesanias. Located in the Cow Hollow Neighborhood in San Francisco, Artesanias is an independently owned furniture store that offers an on trend library of interior design resources to its customers. Craig Kohler, the owner, has been a customer of Nathan Anthony since 2005. He is a friendly, personable and very knowledgeable designer with an exceptional understanding of furniture construction. He is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and really focuses on helping his customers find the right furniture for their decor needs. He’s very honest, easy to work with, and is willing to go the extra mile for his customers. Craig’s knowledge in furniture construction and presentation of design is one of the key components that has made his store stand out amongst other San Francisco furniture stores. Take a look below to see how beautiful Artesanias makes a room look with select Nathan Anthony models.

The Bonn Bumper Sofa



The Cassandra Chair

Madeline Curved Sofa

The Davide Queen Bed

Khrome Studios

Making solid human connections is what it’s all about.

We like to keep acquainted and updated with our designers and their stories. One connection is Karen McMullen at Khrome Studios. Khrome Studios is located in San Francisco, CA, in the San Francisco Design Center at the Showplace Suite 305. Khrome stands out to us because of Karen. She is a cancer survivor and struggled through for some time, but worked hard at getting her business back on track and has done well and continues to thrive!

Karen McMullen founded Direct Designs Home (DDH) in 1987. In January 2012, DDH became Khrome Studios with the showroom growing. Among Khrome’s many accomplishments, Khrome is proud to have been selected as design/supplier partner to America’s Cup in San Francisco. Look for Khrome Style throughout Pier 27, Louis Vuitton and America’s Cup venues. Also, not only has Karen been able to get her business back up and running, she also shares her good will through different associations – Susan B. Komen and furnishing a home for the Junior League Home Tour along with many other organizations. It is a pleasure doing business with her.


Currently at Khrome Studios

The Boxx Sectional



The Bonn sofa


If you are in San Francisco stop in and visit Khrome Studios to see the amazing pieces above!