Happy Thanksgiving

2013 has been a wonderful year for Nathan Anthony. It is during this time that we like to take a breath and simply be thankful.

It is a gratifying and awesome feeling to know your peers and colleagues appreciate your hard work and effort. When making our creations we give it our all, as we are sure most of you do, so when that hard work is recognized, there isn’t a better feeling.

Thank you to our family, friends, staff, business associates and colleagues. It is with heartfelt thanks that we applaud you and appreciate your support in all we do. Thank you for seeing our vision and inspiring us to continue to create pieces that speak to you. We hope the holidays bring you time with your family and friends and a much needed respite from the business of every day. We are also so thankful and proud to be an American company.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Poliform ~ Los Angeles

Recently we attended the grand opening of Poliform, Los Angeles – hosted by Elle Decor and Town & Country Magazines. This new showroom will be a great addition to the Los Angeles modern design community and is a must-see. Combining minimalism and function with beautiful, livable shapes, we were on sensory overload – the elongated tall bookcases, soothing wood-stained kitchen concepts, organic shapes and textures were all such a delight to see.

Poliform, originally a small artisan’s shop in Italy, founded by Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani – all who run the company to this day, has evolved into a global furniture brand spanning 70 countries.

Poliform creates functional furniture solutions for the home to include – Kitchens, Wardrobes, Walk-In Closets, Beds, Night complements, Bookcases, Sofas, Armchairs, Tables, Chairs, Coffee Tables and Sideboards as seen below.



Image –  via Poliform


Poliform, Los Angeles – Grand Opening


The entryway to the new Poliform store



Kitchen and organization concepts.


Exploring Kitchen concepts was super fun for our lead technical designer Khai Mai.



Tall floating book shelves that tell their own story.


Entertainment concepts


Lighting resembling molecular systems… we loved this!


Bedroom concepts felt zen.


We loved Poliform’s presentation of material choices and colors



Western Living Chooses Sabine As Its Favorite

She’s not the “shy, retiring” type, so says Western Living Magazine about our Sabine Sofa.

Sabine recently became a cover girl! She’s on the cover of Western Living Magazine’s Oct. 2013 issue, a Vancouver, Canada based home and lifestyle publication. Sabine was also selected as one of the editor’s top favorite furniture pieces of the year and was given a spread on page 55 in the same issue – you go girl!

We first introduced Sabine at High Point Market spring 2013. After several tries at the drawing table (Designers, Khai Mai and Tina Nicole prefer to use pencil and paper), we knew she was a special model. Not only because it takes many hours to make, but also because Sabine’s design requires applying a grid of buttons and tufts around merging curves – the inside back is curved, arms angled, back is angled. The approach to upholstering its unique shape is akin to how a sculptor would create a sculpture. The upholsterer methodically applies one piece of fabric by gathering, tucking and pulling around Sabine’s unique shape; there are no seams, sewing or cuts to the fabric. Additionally, one of the most time-consuming elements of making Sabine is creating the leg. The leg resembles a high slit skirt; it’s very sexy.


Pictured above, Tina Nicole with son Nathan Anthony (11)

working on just the right fabric for the Sabine chaise

The combination of design when married with the right fabric makes Sabine a very special, stand out piece. Chosen was an aubergine color velvet, A calls “Glisten” for a soft romantic feel. As Nicole Sjöstedt, Fashion and Lifestyle Stylist states in Western Living Magazine, Sabine is amongst furniture pieces that are “more akin to pieces of fine art than mass produced – so why not showcase them in a proper gallery?” Thank you Western Living!!

We owe a big thank you also to Mint Interiors in Vancouver, Canada! Rien and Michael first saw Sabine at spring market and fell in love with her. We were delighted when they ordered Sabine for their beautiful Mint Gallery window. It means the world to us when we can strike a chord in others and we feel so much joy when people love our designs as much as we do.


In Vancouver, the Sabine sofa is only available at Mint Interiors, Private label (mintinteriors.ca)

Wet Paint by Attila Richard Lukacs


We loved it so much we created a bed, chaise and ottoman. We are thinking about a chair… thoughts?