New! Meet the Designers at Nathan Anthony

After many requests, we’ve added a new section to our site where visitors can get to know the very special and talented design team behind the Nathan Anthony Furniture brand. Khai Mai and Tina Nicole are a husband and wife team who met while in high school, soon became friends, then sweethearts, parents and now business partners. This couple and team work together to engineer some of the most beautiful pieces brought to market, making Best of Market by Furniture Today and becoming a Pinnacle Award Finalist for the Bonn sofa in fall 2012.

Khai Mai is the artistic engineer and brilliant photographer who captures the look and creates alluring images of Nathan Anthony Furniture. His love for automobiles, architecture and fine engineering leads him to create beautifully, artistic frames which turn into furniture that is practical and comfortable. They are pieces of art that look magically inviting.

Tina Nicole is the vibrant and multi-talented product designer yet savvy Attorney behind the silhouettes, colors, textiles, marketing and business plan of Nathan Anthony Furniture. Her creative and forward-thinking nature combined with her adoration for European architecture and the rolling hills of Italy make this designer a trend setter for the latest in home furnishings.


Visit them at the new Designers tab at Nathan Anthony Furniture and get to know their design philosophies, from whom they draw inspiration and where they hang out on social media.

Decor Trends 2014 Maison & Objet

One of our favorite times of the year is the international home decor fair Maison & Objet #MO14 in Paris. This year, the overall theme was “Elsewhere.” For designers, stylists, artists and creators of all kinds, this meant thinking beyond one’s boundaries and looking to other climes for inspiration. We noticed several repeating materials, colors, shapes and objects that fulfilled this theme. Colors for this year are warm and soft. But don’t be mistaken, hues are sassy and outspoken. Brass, gold, ivory were dominate tones throughout the market mixed with lighting made an extraordinary display.

Wire and natural toned metals were also big and really accented with the warm tones and lighter tones of showrooms. Texture is still big, but softer. Hand-worked goods that look homemade, whether in fabric or metal, are still predominant for home accents and covers. Below are some of our favorite finds we felt tell a story of these trends while strolling #MO2014.

Lighting seems to be an increasingly important category, and no one does lighting better than the European designers. DK Home’s dark, yet warmly-lit showroom was just enchanting.


More images of spectacular lighting as we strolled the Hall 1 and 7.


Lighting with wire forms that looked hand-made was seen everywhere…


The use of natural materials was big too, but again, mixed in light colors, textures and softness. Glamorous.


Lighting in Nelly Rodi’s looked like a science fiction movie set. Design explored how sea creatures feed the imagination.


We loved this showroom called Imperfections. Check out the metallics, warm tones and soft shapes.


We kept wondering how Gilles Nouailhac commandeered feathers on the back of this chair?


Fabrics were velvety, shiny, and all over walls and furniture!


We loved these upholstered textile panels on the outside of Geulla Madrid’s showroom. We could really see the scale and sheen of these beautiful covers.


Lalie Design kept its covers light and fresh.


These are hands reaching in toward the center! So amazing. Little Greene Paint & Paper gets the brilliant idea award!


Rugs were on the floor and on the walls. Vandra Rugs had a great display mixing soft hues and chunky textures.


Missoni Home is always a delight to visit. Colors this time are lighter and softer giving way to new hues. The visitor below is sleeping.


We love working together to bring you the finest Nathan Anthony creations. Keep us on your radar for High Point Market in the spring, we’ll be in Interhall 302- We can’t wait to announce our plans for April #HPMKT!


Do you think the dress makes the woman, or the woman makes the dress?

What about fabric on a sofa, ottoman or chaise? Does fabric make the piece or does the piece make the fabric? We feel that part of designing the right piece of furniture is marrying fabric to frame, and making sure the fabric is displayed appropriately within the lines of the furniture. Sometimes mixing it up and trying something bold is risky, but we have found when it works it really works!

This is why designers come to Nathan Anthony because we like to take risks and set the trend instead of following it.

Lead designer Tina Nicole curates a selection of hand-picked fabrics for Nathan Anthony Furniture twice a year. These fabric & cover choices are carefully made to keep NA’s models looking fresh, new and crisp. What happens is trend-setting. This winter season, she introduced new velvets with beautiful sheen and new hues, new vinyls, new leathers and Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are colorfast, anti-microbial and stain resistant. For this reason, Sunbrella fabrics are perfect for NA’s customers’ indoor use… for families, or furniture that endures long periods of exposure to the sun as in sun-facing rooms or sun rooms.

Galaxie swivel chair shown in cover Essex Mauve

Bonn sofa close up, covers Viva Naturale (body), Pongee Apple (pillow), Oh You Know Esprit (cylinder)

Nathan Anthony Fabric wall at C.S.Wo & Sons, Costa Mesa, Ca