Furniture Design ~ The Perle Collection

When designing the collections for High Point Market Spring 2014, we wanted to incorporate on-trend elements like sheen-leathers, metallic accents, organic shapes and brass/gold tones in our furniture design. Our solution was to design a sectional collection that is a shapely, low-back model with stainless steel tubular base and special tufting treatment on the outside back using half-inch dies for the buttons – reminiscent of mid-century car interiors. We also wanted this collection to be deep and comfortable with space to add a lot of accent pillows if desired.

Introducing the Perle Sectional. Perle – “French” for “Pearl” – was chosen because it is a delicate name for such a soft, elegant design that also has a strong, unforgettable presence. This sectional has just that with its tubular metal base, which can be ordered angled or straight, allowing for interesting shapes in a room. It adds curves and angles which catch the eye and add intrigue to the decor. The Perle also softens the traditional L-shaped sectionals or Corner/wedge sectionals. This collection is designed for a large home with 12-foot tall ceilings and a wide-open floor plan.

Perle 2-Pc Angled Sofa


Perle 1-Arm Angled Sofa & Perle Ottoman


The Perle Collection is available with several modular components including a straight sofa, angled sofa, 1-arm straight sofa, 1-arm angled sofa, a chair and ottoman. We offer a choice of three metal finishes including gunmetal, polished chrome and a modern brass color with ash tones. Perle was shown at market in ivory leather with a soft metallic sheen (as pictured). As with all models, Perle is also is available in any of Nathan Anthony’s 300 signature fabrics and leathers.




In addition to making beautiful furniture, our goal is to always keep practical elements in mind – Perle is scaled for ease of delivery as demonstrated in the schematics above.

We think this is becoming a designer favorite because it is taking off quite quickly!

Introducing… Our New Press Tab

Exciting News!

We’ve added a new tab to our website called “Press.” This section will feature recent and archived editorial and promotional coverage in leading shelter, trade and consumer publications as well as Internet blogs, mentions and articles. Therefore, we will be on the look-out for any and all mentions of our beautiful pieces and gathering them right here.

The first publication noted on our Press page is the spring 2014 issue of Bridge for Design and in that is an article on Design Trends by Tina Nicole – find out why she feels furniture is becoming more relaxed and “pillowy” and how sensuality plays a role in furniture design. You can see this concept played out when looking at the Sabine sofa.


We hope you check in on our Press page because at some point you might have the very publication we are mentioned in right there on your coffee table. Also, be sure to watch for us in the July issue of Architectural Digest!

A Fluid Dance ~ The Making of a mural

The La Cienega Design Quarter has been a cornerstone for cultured shoppers looking for top quality design for the home since the 1950’s. Known as LCDQ this district is made up of beautiful courtyards, alluring window design with loads of antiques, furniture, rugs, accessories and art. It makes sense that this design mecca is known as the “shopping heart” of the interior design profession. You can also visit some of L.A.’s yummiest and glamorous restaurants and bistros along with fashion boutiques and salons making LCDQ the West Coast Style destination.

We grew up hanging out on La Cienega Boulevard, roaming the clubs and hanging out in swanky restaurants in the 80’s. The design district is just over the hill from where we live at La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. No strangers to this posh design district, we made our first rounds beginning with the Sherle Wagner International showroom. Sherle Wagner is the premier source for luxury and bath fittings, accessories and hardware in LA. Our eyes feasted on materials such as crystal, porcelain and 18k & 24k gold finishes for the bath. They offer exquisite hand-painted basins, handles, sinks, counter tops and wall paper as well as customized designs. When you get that super fastidious client, this is the place to take them. Most memorable for us however, we were treated so nicely by the associates that work there. Hats off!

Sherle Wagner International


Just opened two months ago, we had the pleasure of walking into Cygal Art Deco, offering yacht-style furniture selections. This style furniture can be used for life at sea and also for a very distinctive look for any discerning client. We wish them the best of luck in the coming months and years at their new home on La Cienega!

Cygal Art Deco


It’s like the clouds parted and the heavens sang when walking into McKinnon and Harris – aluminum furniture for the estate, garden and yacht.  The use of natural light to create a serene and meditative space with a highly edited palette is the result of collaboration with creative partner, Los Angeles architect Scott Natvig. You really must go see it. The La Cienega Design Quarter showroom is the third location joining New York City and London.

McKinnon and Harris


A fun place and always something unique to find is in the Mecox Los Angeles showroom. For that special piece, you can find local artists’ work as seen here in the alley by Tricia Strickfaden (leftmost paintings below) or re-edition and antique furnishings, books and accessories for the home. We’d just caught the tail end the book signing event by designers Susanna Salk and Jeffrey Alan Marks.

Mecox Los Angeles


Greeting us at the Hollyhock showroom were beautiful floral bouquets delicately propped in handmade pottery. A great partner to this offering are the hand painted waste baskets, dioramas and lighting fixtures. This is the place to find refined and exquisite antique, vintage and one-of-a kind pieces for the home.

Hollyhock Antique, Vintage and New Furnishings


As was the case with the LCDQ event, there were parties galore. Margaret Russell, EIC Architectural Digest and Michael Smith hosted an invitation only Tribute Party in the Jasper showroom on Thursday night. DJ’d music, tossed hors d’oeuvres and beverages, it was the place to mingle with designers sharing stories and making connections.

Architectural Digest Tribute Party, Jasper Showroom

A Fluid Dance ~ The Making of a mural

Many people have asked about the large wall mural in our showroom at the April High Point Market depicting an image of a couple dancing.

As you may know, the beautiful furniture collection at Nathan Anthony Furniture is a result of a collaboration between a husband and wife design team – Khai Mai and Tina Nicole. So what could be more fitting than a wall mural created from five photos of a choreographed tango Khai and Tina performed for their wedding guests.

This was their “first dance as husband and wife” at their wedding reception which took place at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.


When it came time to design the showroom at High Point Market, Tina wanted something more than paint on the walls.  She wanted to juxtapose their furniture with grand scale art; A backdrop depicting the human body in motion that is both poetic and sensual with movement and flow. She remembered the tango from their wedding and the sequence she loved most from the dance was when Khai spun Tina around (without tripping!). The original photos can be seen below…



Looking at the photos, you see not only a dance, but artistic elements of the human form, shape, movement and fluidity. Tina, working in collaboration with Sally Coates, removed the identifying parts of the faces and fused the images of the dance together to recreate the dance sequence. The next step was to pan in on the elements of the torsos – the arms, neck, back and hands. With the images slightly out of focus, you’d create the feeling of being in the room where people are dancing; the dance ending in a loving embrace. Sepia in tone and at a very large scale, the mural created a feeling of wonder, celebration and emotion. There were certainly many smiles around the showroom.


The mural represents what has become a harmonious dance of Khai and Tina’s life together as best friends, as husband and wife, as parents of twelve-year-old Nathan Anthony, as entrepreneurs and as designers of the beautiful furniture they create together.

Take a tour of the showroom to see how the mural worked with the furniture. Click on the video above and experience the tango of design yourself!