“The people who influence you are the people who believe in you” – Henry Drummond. Reflecting on the past ten years, when we first started making furniture, we think about how fortunate we are for those customers who believed in us then and who are still with us today. This past week we met up with Vancouver-based entrepreneurs and long-time customers Michael McNamara and Rien Sharma of Mint Interiors and Revamp Home Staging Co. and enjoyed dinner at The Bazaar by Jose Andres in Beverly Hills. It was nice to catch up on their travels, design projects and share stories about challenges we all face as business owners.

Ten years ago, Michael and Rien started Revamp, a home staging company that turns homes into showpieces, and helps real estate agents and homeowners to merchandise a property to its maximum potential. The end result is a maximized sale price. Revamp was so successful that Michael and Rien decided to open a retail store in Vancouver called Mint Interiors. The vision of Mint is to bring unique objects and beautiful furniture to Vancouver to help create homes that are extensions of individuality and act as an escape from the speed of modern life.

Mint Interiors Store Front, Vancouver BC


Michael and Rien are true designer-nomads, traveling to every corner of the globe in search of inspiration, beauty and ingenuity. Their design projects and store offerings are always fresh as they source furniture and objects from L.A., London, Paris, New York, Portugal, Stockholm, Italy and Germany. They feel one’s personality should reflect in the design of one’s home showcasing each and every personality and nothing should be spared in the pursuit of perfection.

Design by Revamp Home Staging: The Grace Penthouse, Vancouver BC


Michael McNamara, Rien Sharma, Tina Nicole & Khai Mai


One of the best aspects of the interior design industry is the connections we make with customers and colleagues. Play online games at the best friv 2 games this website. We feel privileged to have Mint Interiors and Revamp Home Staging as customers and look forward to the next ten years of growth together. We also look forward to the next time Michael and Rien are in town – they are a lot of fun :).

Top 5 Tips For Ordering Custom Furniture

Ordering customized furniture is always a challenge. The great part is, you get to be the product designer. We’ve put together the Top 5 Tips you need to ensure success. When selecting furniture for a space, it is important to be as specific as possible at each and every step – even down to how fabric will be applied to the piece. It is also necessary to know where in the design plan the piece will be placed and be sure it will fit to scale. A good example is our Evok Sectional (shown left). Evok is a modular design with many units that can be put together in various ways. It is necessary to have the right dimensions in order for all the pieces to fit together. Take a look at our list of the Top 5 Tips to remember when ordering customized furniture.


1. Know your space’s dimensions. Make sure to work with floor plans or designer drawings so that you know the exact measurements of the space when customizing dimensions to furniture. Consider, for example, window heights so that when placing a sofa under a window, the height does not cover the view. Also, when increasing or reducing sofa or sectional lengths, consider seat and back cushion size configurations. It’s a good idea to add another cushion when stretching a frame while reducing may warrant fewer cushions. This will help maintain the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.

2. Consider how the piece will be delivered. Make sure the project you are working on has openings that are large enough to get the custom furniture in to the space. It would be awful to order a custom upholstered king bed only to realize it will not fit through the door. In this case, ask for a split platform. Or, if you need a 140″ wide sofa, you may need to order the sofa in two parts – a left arm sofa 70″ and a right arm sofa 70″ – to ensure ease of delivery. Or consider if it’s a modular design like the Evok Sectional (below), it’s easy to get into any space.

3. Send a drawing. Many designers like to add treatments to our designs. Therefore, if you want to add nail heads (as in the Elvis Swivel Chair pictured below) or change legs, or add diamond tufting, it is best to send an image depicting the desired trim and its placement on the piece. We get many requests to add nail heads, add Swarovski crystals or add diamond tufting. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Elvis Swivel Chair Top 5 Tips

4. Choose the right fabric. There are so many things to consider when selecting a cover for your customized size furniture. When customizing, you have to consider how wide the fabric roll is and in what direction the fabric runs. This is important because there may need to be seams running where you did not envision. For example, if you want a non-railroaded stripe on a sofa and the stripe comes off a 54″ wide roll and the sofa is 96″ wide, there will be seams. We are masters at handling such things. However, it is best to consider how your fabric choice will work on the frame (as below with our Egoist).

5. Double check specifications. Be sure to double check your specifications and the factory’s confirmation of your order. As with all our customers, we consider ourselves partners in creating beautiful pieces of furniture, created one at a time when ordered. Therefore, it helps to make sure our specs match your specs before creating the custom sizes (Boxx ottoman in hair-on-hide below).

We hope these Top 5 Tips for ordering custom furniture will help you in your next venture. If you would like to create a pin board for a project you can visit our Nathan Anthony Pinterest page!