Hands-on Design

In an instant gratification society, the desire for hand made pieces endures. There is something special about owning a hand made product; knowing that care and time and love went into creating something special for you. We wanted to write a post showcasing how special our furniture designs are – that more than 15 pairs of hands touch your made-to-order Nathan Anthony piece of furniture in our factory in Los Angeles every day.

It begins with ideas. Our founder and designers Tina Nicole and Khai Mai travel the world, attend trade shows, art gatherings, pop concerts, museums etc. We take the ideas we gather and hand sketch and scale out the pieces we want to create. Marry fabrics to frame is the next phase and skill that takes time and seasoning to develop. We want the best fabric and materials that will best suit the design and inspire.

Here is Tina Nicole sketching an idea and selecting leather that will be the perfect fit for the design.


Once the design has been approved for adding to our collection, we make a pattern. These are the hands that carefully and precisely measure and marks the pattern for cutting.


The cutter then cuts all the pattern pieces, sometimes there are 15 parts to cut to make a furniture pattern.


The seamsters (men and women) then sew all the pattern cuts together, with careful attention to straight seams and matching patterns to our precise specifications.


While the cutters and seamsters make progress on the order, the wood shop is crafting the frame of our designs.



Once the frame is built, suspension for a comfortable seat is created spring-by-spring, web-by-web.



The Upholstery department is where cutting, sewing and framing come together. Each one of our designs is made on the bench by one upholsterer from start to completion. Each piece is made individually like an art piece, with great pride. Our production schedule is carefully timed so that they meet and deliver to the upholsterer at the same time.


During the cushioning process, cushions are created with filling unique to each piece. Cushions are stuffed by hand, weighed and adjusted for superb comfort.


Quality control, finishing and staging is where we take time to prep and perfect our designs before they are shipped. Below is Khai Mai checking the seat and seams to make sure it was made to our high expectations.


The final step to delivering your special piece, is packaging. This step is just as important as the others, to ensure everything is made as specified and to our high standards. We are fully invested in making sure your furniture arrives in perfect condition.


We take pride in not only our hand crafted designs, but also in the hands of the artisans that bring your specially made NA originals to life. These hands are expertly trained and just as passionate in making these pieces as you are in owning them. Our hands-on design philosophy, superb quality and personal approach is what sets us apart from any other company.


For more information on our products and how to place an order please contact us.


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Our Tufted Beds are Dreamy

We love beds, especially upholstered beds. An upholstered bed can transform the typical bedroom into the ultimate dream den. Whether dreams be luxurious, sensual, or playful, you should sleep in stylish slumber. We have many upholstered beds to choose from, but the styles that get the most “likes” on our Instagram account are those with tufting. Tufting is a trend that has kept a tight grip on the hearts of design enthusiasts everywhere for the past few years.

When it comes to the look of today for tufted beds, our designs and detailing are unrivaled. We’d like to highlight our most popular styles. Let us know what you think – which bed are you dreaming of?



Our Davide bed is a simple yet sophisticated contemporary design. The headboard features a squared geometric pattern framed in contrasting wood. With a combination of wood and metal leg detail, Davide knocks it out of the park.



The Valmont features deep diamond tufts, beautiful studded wings and a platform frame. This style can be paired with transitional, contemporary and even modern accents. Valmont is anything but ordinary.


Greenwich Bed Contemporary

Our mid-century modern Greenwich bed is one of our most popular.  This bed takes a dull room from basic to fantastic.



With the perfect balance of drama and grace, our Sophie bed is sure to steal the spotlight in any bedroom. The bed frame is low to the floor, allowing the tufted headboard and studded curved wings to run the show.



The Scala bed features a dramatic architectural step design on its wood-trimmed headboard profile. The headboard front is upholstered in leather or fabric, with a deep-tufted, vertical channel design. Just stunning!



The Sabine bed, unlike the others, is tufted all around. Sabine presents a mix of old Hollywood glamour with modern influences.



The Elliot 90″ tall bed is drop dead gorgeous. We also offer this style at 60″ tall for those less dramatic types.

For more selection on our beautiful upholstered beds, visit our bed page. For more information on how you can order these one-of-a-kind tufted beds for your next project, please contact us.