What’s Trending From Our Workroom

The hum of our furniture making process is like a rhythmic dance. If you watch it on a daily basis, you’ll notice that certain styles and covers repeat themselves. As we are in the business of creating beautiful things, and working with interior designers that create beautiful interiors, what becomes popular starts here. At Nathan Anthony, we get to see what is trending around the world from our collection and what designers are ordering for their clients. This month, we thought we’d share the styles that our designer, Tina Nicole, selected and posted to Instagram and Twitter as #TinaNicolespicks. Find out what’s trending from our workroom…

Hot this month: Tufting, Neutrals and Blue.

Nicolette Chair in a Pearlized Leather

Genevieve Sofa in Velvet


Hamlet in a Neutral Geometric


Jacqueline in an Ivory Texture


Perle in a Navy Blue Velvet


Carly in a Neutral Texture


Sabine in a Caribbean Blue Crushed Velvet


Parlour in an Ivory Velvet


Perle Chair in a Shiny Velvet


Sabine in a Charbrown Velvet


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Today’s Fashion Colors for the Home

Let’s talk about today’s fashion colors for the home. Experts have made their predictions, but here at Nathan Anthony, we see first hand what’s trending from the textile shows we attend and from the C.O.M. designer’s send to our workshop. We have fallen in love with certain repeating colors and want to share those with you.


Pastel pink was the most refreshing surprise at High Point Market and continues to woo customers of upholstery. Our fabric Chianti Pink linen on our Gobi slipper chair is an example of how this color can be paired with grays, berries and blue for a delightful surprise.


The soft palette has definitely been popular for sometime now and continues to be. Geometrics and zigzags are also not leaving the modern silhouette anytime soon. We made our own geometric faceted and monochromatic application on our Elan collection below.


Paint colors are not bright, but they are deep and rich and mixed with unpredictable patterns.



Neutrals are not by definition exciting. They can, however, be fun and gorgeous when layered with like neutrals and textures.

(Top L-R: Haus, Z-3; Bottom L-R: Elvis, Bonn)


Blues and Greens when anchored by a soothing gray or ivory base cloth is modern-chic and alluring. See the example of how to use these color palettes on our Bonn sectional below. Cuttings on yellow cards below are C.O.M. fabrics we’ve received and seen as trending. Also below are suggested covers Edge Indigo and Comet Emerald (pattern) to accomplish a modern mix.

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