Spotted! At Paris Design Week 2016

Our designers are back and wildly INSPIRED! Maison et Objet 2016, a.k.a. “Paris Design Week,” is considered the premiere home decor trade fair, focusing on all things decorating, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, children’s furnishings, tableware, and more, in a 360° perspective. Professional designers, architects, specifiers and decorators from all over the world attend the show for inspiration and to uncover the imminent trends in home decor and contemporary living.

The 2016 show was more bustling than ever, featuring this year’s theme: WILD – the sacred, the untouched, the magical, the savage. The theme WILD manifests in designers’ use of black and gold colors, headdresses, animals, rough cut woods, dark metals, organic shapes and more. Our designers Tina Nicole and Khai Mai snapped some photos and have put together the most important trends spotted. We hope you will enjoy viewing our photos and be inspired for upcoming projects.


Some of the best design is created by letting go, by “going primal.” This is what the WILD theme explored. WILD appeals to our tactile and visual senses, explored through textures, shapes and images of magical things designed to expand the mind.


We were awed by the giant animal heads, taxidermy, sea life, tribal colors, large and small rocks and a giant black gondola. This gave us the feeling of being in a story book of some kind, which helps when working in a creative field.


Some showrooms explored shearling, furs – fox, rabbit, coyote – feathers, fossils, hides, unstained wood which made us want to touch and feel everything. It’s a way to think of new ideas.


Some showrooms emphasized handmade things – woven tribal faces, masks and sea life woven with rope, metals, wood and ceramic materials. All different mediums to explore creative expression.


We loved the unstained wood, offset by wood painted black shapes, splitting to form an organic sea-like shape.


2016. Inspirations WILD from MAISON&OBJET on Vimeo.


Designers mostly interpreted the WILD theme through black and gold combinations. As you will see here, the black represents the unknown or mystery and the gold represents the richness or light, discovery concept. We liked the rough-cut edges and raw natural shapes.


There was a lightness of being with wires, shapes, lights, ornaments – just beautiful! Design by Forestier Paris. These would pair beautifully with our furniture.


Showrooms got creative with circles and squares, angles and geometrics, black and gold, ropes with darkened glass, organic shapes… all Wildly inspiring!


We loved this black leather draping naturally over gold arms/frame and lights floating from wires, almost feels like you’re under the sea… how cool!


These last photos are of an absolutely awesome lighting company, Blackbody. They have created bendable light which can form to any shape you can think of. Their showroom was just fantastic. We give Blackbody a big thumbs-up for most innovative product and creative showroom!


There were many other macro and micro trends at Maison et Objet, however, we wanted to provide a quick overview of the two most important recurring themes. We hope you enjoyed the images!

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Well-Being and Textiles – Heimtextil 2016

This week it’s all about textiles in Germany! Held at Messe Frankfurt, in Frankfurt Germany, Heimtextil is the leading international trade fair for home and contract textiles and the global benchmark for quality textiles of design and innovative functionality. Different from other years, the event will be held Tuesday through Friday, January 12th to 15th, 2016, to better accommodate visitors’ busy schedules. The new sequence has raised the new motto: Break the Date, Save the Date.


Design and Photo Courtesy: Carol Milne

Heimtextil is expecting more than 65,000 visitors and 2,700 exhibitors. Over 2,300 international exhibitors will present their products, making Heimtextil a must-attend trade show to strengthen business and reach new customers. Additional to highlighting textiles, the show will offer lectures, workshops and competitions for the visitors. Here are the reasons we like Heimtextil…


Each year, six leading international trend agencies work with Heimtextil to discuss the latest textile trends and decide upon one overarching theme: a major topic and the over-riding influence on these trends.

This year, “Well-Being 4.0” is the key overarching theme at Heimtextil. Textile furnishings that exude an aura of relaxation and calm. Everything will be geared towards offering a better life and greater well-being. At the same time, technology and science intertwined with textiles play a key role. The number “4.0” echoes ‘industry 4.0’ and stands for smart, digital and customized solutions. The idea is to trigger positive feelings and responses to stimuli at the touch of a button or swipe of a finger.

Following the kick-off trend meeting, WGSN trend agency will deliver all of the components of the trend platform theme. There will be a trend book, a dedicated web environment to give real-time access throughout the year to stories and news related topics on trends, and an updated version of the Trend Forum in Hall 6.0, a new location in the heart of the Heimtextil exhibition.

Bring it on!



Push that creative button, make your own motifs with hand screen printing by Frohstoff. If you love rabbits, hedgehogs or deer motifs, you can do this and more (we love giraffes!). Frohstoff even has workshops to let you try your hand at the screen printing process. The experience of screen printing itself and the happy motifs we create, triggers for us the feeling of well-being and calm, hearkening back to the theme of Heimtextil 2016. Yay!



There’s been an uptick in the demand for organic cotton. Organic cotton has increased by 10% in production according to a non-governmental organization, the Textile Exchange. Why you ask? Two significant factors are: On the one hand, the strong increase in demand for organic cotton based on market operators who implement sustainability programs, and on the other, considerably improved connections within the textile supply chain between cotton farmers, labels and distributors. It’s become chic to use organic cotton. Some noteworthy brands that are putting organic cotton back on the market are SkunkFunk, Tchibo and Nudie Jeans. We’re excited to see what happens with organic cotton in upholstery textiles in 2016.

Photo Credit: Heimtextil

These are just a few reasons to pay attention to Heimtextil Frankfurt and keep your eye on the pulse of the textile industry for 2016.

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