Our Favorite Cocktails & Seats, What?

It’s the middle of Summer and the weather is hot hot HOT! Whether you’re designing a chic poolside cabana, planning an indoor/outdoor rooftop soiree, or simply heading out for a refreshing dip in the pool, we have our minds on a certain type of refreshment – Cocktails!

Our designer, Tina Nicole asked her brother Steve Calabro, a skilled mixologist and founder of Youtube channel sensation Bartending Bootcamp, to share his fans’ FAVORITE summer cocktail recipes and we are lo-ving-them! Tina’s favorite cocktails are the Lemon Meringue Martini and the White Sangria… make sure to watch for the secret ingredients in each video for a super fresh twist (how punny!)!

Check out this Lemon Meringue Martini from Bartending Bootcamp…







Did you guess the secret ingredient? Raw egg yolk. Yuck, right? Steve says as long as you keep your eggs refrigerated, the yokes are fine to use and give the cocktail that emulsified look and taste. Can you guess which part of the videos Steve does is Tina’s favorite? When Steve gets smacked (older brother, you understand). Let’s replay that!

What, no slap in this one?  Make sure to watch Coconut Margarita or Paloma Tequila.




We thought this would be a fun post for summer entertaining. But, how does this tie-in with furniture, you ask? Well, when entertaining and enjoying cocktails, you need something fashionable to sit in or lean on… bartsools! We have some of the most beautiful and stylish barstools and counter stools to choose from. Wow your clients or guests with your bartending skills, but also set the perfect classy atmosphere for home entertaining with our furniture. As the Summer heats up, give this and other recipes at Bartending Bootcamp a try, you’ll be certain to impress.




Whisper Barstool

Whisper bar stool


Whisper counter stool




Moda bar stool


Moda counter stool



Mixer bar stool


White Sangria or Sangria Blanca is Tina’s next favorite cocktail at Bartending Bootcamp. It’s fun to make, refreshing to drink with friends and is creative because you can add your favorite wine and fruits. When left overnight to marinade, it’s perfect for morning which is pool-time in Cali! Hiccup!




Did you guess the secret ingredient? It’s ginger beer. Instead of soda water which calms down the sweetness of the sugar and alcohol, ginger beer adds a little spice and bubbles to the mix, yay!






Aaron bar stool


Aaron counter stool




Carly bar stool


Carly counter stool




Maude bar stool


Maude counter stool


We hope you enjoyed watching these fun, entertaining videos. Steve is a think-outside-the-box mixologist that uses unique ingredients in his cocktails that make it interesting and fun to try at parties or just while unwinding at home.  Tina loves the videos where he gets slapped! Hit replay!

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7 Sofa Styles For A Fashionable Interior Project

On the runways, it’s all about clothing fashion, but at home, it’s all about furniture fashion! When stepping into a living space, the FIRST thing that tends to grab a visitor’s focus is your, you guessed it, sofa! As human beings we are drawn to a cozy environment as well as a nice aesthetic. Sofas are typically where the eyes wander, so you want to be sure to pick the perfect one to match your home’s style.

With so many sofa choices on the market, it can be overwhelming choosing the perfect one. Just as the interior environment has its own style, so too do sofas have their own style. So, before shopping for your sofa, it is best to become familiar with the different types and the vibe each brings to a room. Also note your lifestyle. Do guests frequent your home? Need a place for them to crash? Or are you interested in a statement piece? Consider your lifestyle before choosing.

Here is a list of 7 different sofa styles and how our fresh take can transform your living space. Inspiration for this blog: HouseBeautiful.com


Lauren sofa


Lauren curved sofa


Lucca sofa


Eres sofa


Lexxi sofa

The Tuxedo sofa is clean lined, with the arms and back of the sofa being the same height, and is designed to impress! A lot like James Bond, it is well-dressed, tailored and very appealing to the eye!



Marlborough sofa


Sabine sofa


Vapor sofa


Eres sofa

A Chesterfield sofa? Think Hugh Hefner, smoking jacket in a cigar room. This sophisticated sofa that is deep button tufted, arms are usually rolled and the arms and back are the same height. While we do have traditional versions of this style, the Marlborough and the Vapor, we also have a more modern take. Check out our Sabine and Eres sofas. These styles depart from the traditional Chesterfield formula in that the arms are curved and the button tufts are all over the entire frame. As our 8 year-old nephew says, “It’s bumpy and comfy!”


Jagger chair


Greenwich sofa


Ralph sofa


Newman sofa


Miles sofa

Mid-century style sofa comes right out of Don Draper’s office from the popular television drama, Mad Men. It is clean-lined, rectangular in shape, sometimes details tufted back and seat cushions and floats off the ground on solid, usually thin wood legs. A Mid-Century sofa is a welcomed rebel to the Lawson, Tuxedo and Chesterfield styles, and pairs beautifully with any decor style.



Smitty sofa


Monroe sofa


Humphrey sofa


Cici sofa


Boxster sofa


Aria sofa

Elise sofa

A Lawson sofa is perfect for traditional to contemporary styling. With straight lines and boxy in shape, a Lawson style is a departure from ornate legs, curvy arms and camel backs. It’s timeless and tailored and uncluttered. We have quite a variety of Lawson style sofas to choose from.


Lexxi chaise


The Minx fainting couch shown in new cover Elated Indigo, with statuesque chrome legs

The Minx fainting couch


Bonn bumper sofa


Sabine chaise


Gobi bumper sofa

If you’ve ever watched “A Place in the Sun”, think of Elizabeth Taylor’s fainting scene, after she hears the news about her lover Montgomery Clift, she drops to the floor. A Chaise sofa aka chaise lounge (pronounced “long”) is what Elizabeth Taylor should have fallen onto (instead of the floor!). Our Minx “fainting couch” was designed just for that type of drama in the room. A chaise is a style with a higher side/back on one side and for single person lounging with legs up.  We’ve extended this style into the bumper sofa/chaise category. The bumper is a part of a modular sectional that can stand on its own, or be bumped up against another one-arm sofa. You can see more of our chaise & bumper styles here.



Ellen daybed


Aria daybed


The Daybed is a sofa without a back, or partial back. This is a great addition for guest rooms or master suites. A daybed is a couch by day or a bed by night. If you’re a napper, it’s a bed day and night, lol.


Elan settee


Kristal settee


Tessa settee


Tulip settee


Leslie settee

The settee sofa is commonly known as a love seat. Settees are slightly larger than a dining chair with straight backs and tall legs. They can be interchangeably used in dining rooms, kitchens, seating nooks or master suites.  It’s just perfect for two!

We hope this helped explain the different sofa options available and how each of them make a different statement to your home. For any questions, please contact us !

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