What is The Ultimate Luxury Nowadays?

What is the ultimate luxury nowadays?  With almost anything attainable at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, we ask what is not? Retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, Target and Walmart have raised the expectation that you can get things in quick time, almost real time. But, does quickly done mean well done? It depends. If it’s electronics, mass production can mean precision and efficiency. But, when something takes painstakingly long to make, like up to six months for a hand-knotted silk/wool high/low pile rug from Nepal, the ultimate luxury is just that – to wait.

Custom furniture falls into this concept that the most beautiful things of the highest quality take time to make. Here at Nathan Anthony, each and every piece is made to the order. Our pieces are delicately crafted by hand, taking extra time to sew straight lines, fold diamond tufting precisely or line up nail heads. Each order is executed with the specific buyer’s expectation in mind, from start to finish. Furniture making is approached like an art piece, made with a personal connection and great pride.


Sabine sofa, artisan creates the diamond tufting by hand around a curved grid.


Sabine sofa, artisan has to gather the fabric just so to create the diamond tufting around a curved grid.


Tina Nicole, our designer, examines Sabine to make sure the design is executed to her expectation and specifications.

Making special shapes requires attention to detail… which takes time to perfect. Each sofa, for example, is assigned to one artisan. That artisan makes the entire frame. Making a Nathan Anthony sofa is like carving a sculpture. Would you rush a Leonardo? Would you hurry a Picasso? In a similar vein, we approach our craft of furniture making much like an artist approaches his painting. Using time-honored furniture-making techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation, we begin tailoring and crafting the unique seating shapes our designer Tina Nicole creates. When furniture making is rushed, the outcome can be quite different – poor sewing quality, patterns do not line-up, poor joinery or inconsistent padding.


Elan collection geometric tiling application details


Elan chair sewn geometric quilting


Elan bench with waterfall design and geometric sewn panels, painted metallic wood feet

So as a buyer, ask yourself, does your item go from the drawing board, to the execution stage, to a finely finished, incredibly crafted piece made just for you by the hands of a highly-skilled artisan? Then waiting is almost a bragging right. You can see from so many custom choices we offer on our furniture, getting the details and intricacies right is something one cannot do fast.


Boxx ottomans show patterns line up and pinched seam detail


Valmont bed shows nailheads are straight and diamond tufts are consistently tailored


Leslie dining chair has Swarovski crystal pearls delicately placed with the diamond tufting detail


Boxx sofa is upholstered carefully with layered padding and not pulling the fabric too tight to achieve a relaxed lived-in luxurious look. We tailor the piece just so…

To give a better idea of our manufacturing timeline, some of our products take about six weeks to be made. For our more uniquely beautiful styles, it takes between six to eight weeks. This is because of the sophistication of the design and the time it takes to perfect stitching, padding, fabric application, legs staining, etc. When you wait for something to be made for you, this creates a sense that these things are special and you too are special because you are waiting for them. So then, the ultimate luxury nowadays is to wait. Like each Nathan Anthony product, beautiful things of the highest quality take time to make.


Perle sofa tufting and pillow back treatment, steel tubular angled base


Minx sofa with diagonal stitching detail on inside back


Minx chaise with diagonal stitching detail and unique curved shape

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Design Awards Season is Here! 3 Designs You Will Love

Design awards season is here and we are stoked! With the International Product Design Awards (IPDA) and the 2016 ASFD Pinnacle Awards approaching we have plenty to celebrate with our three nominations.

The IPDAs are hosted by Design et al magazine in the UK, and is designed to celebrate the unique stories and characteristics that product design provides to an overall interior scheme. Categories such as lighting, wall decor, floor decor, sofa, chair, and cabinetry make up just some of the interior architecture covered. An interior design story is incomplete without recognizing those products that make up the whole, so the awards shine a light on those individual products. Judging is not by panel, but by magazine subscribers, designers and design enthusiasts in the online community who cast their votes for the winners in each sector – the pieces considered to be design icons of the moment and classics of the future. Winners will be announced at an awards gala hosted by Design et al on September 2 at The Dorchester, London. Design et al also hosts awards that recognize outstanding design achievement in the fields of International Architecture, Yachting, Aviation, Hotel and Property.

Voting is officially open until August 31 to the public! Vote here!


Our Elan Settee was inspired by the Dutch “De Stijl” artistic movement of the early 20th century fusing together a simplified visual composition of vertical and horizontal lines with curved shapes found in mid-century design. The sofa features a unique, asymmetrically faceted geometric back application. By mixing mid-century inspiration with De Stijl design concepts, we have created a timeless and beautiful silhouette not yet seen in interior decor. Design by Tina Nicole





Our Elan Chair, part of the Elan collection, was inspired by the Dutch De Stijl artistic movement of the early 20th century. The fabric used features imagery reminiscent of the 1960’s Pop Art movement with cubist influences. The bold and irreverant chair has a sculptural quality which is reminiscent of the side of a cut crystal in its raw form. Design by Tina Nicole



In addition to the IPDA nominations, our Elan bed, design by Tina Nicole, has been nominated for the 2016 American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) Pinnacle Awards! Founded in 1981, ASFD is an international, non-profit, professional organization dedicated to advancing, improving and supporting the profession of furniture design and its positive impact in the marketplace. This year we submitted our Elan bed for consideration in the BEDROOM category. We were thrilled to learn we made the final list and are up for nomination. The awards are held annually and were created to promote design quality and encourage the recognition of furniture designers within the retail home furnishings industry. The judging panel consists of esteemed individuals from all sectors of the home furnishings industry from designer to supplier to seller to educator to editorial.



The Elan Bed features a “tiled” geometric headboard panel with nine four-sided upholstered shapes, separated by thin pieces of stained wood (9 choices), which may be upholstered in an infinite number of fabric combinations. The headboard can take on the look of a canvas from the Dutch “De Stijl” movement of the 1930’s on the bedroom wall. Consumers can really have fun with fabric combinations to make their own canvas. Just add sconces on each side of the bed and you have wall-art in the bedroom taken care of!

The Pinnacle Awards Gala will be held October 24th at the 2016 Fall High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina, USA. Wish us luck!

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