How to Decorate Like a Minimalist

We’re obsessed with Amazon’s series Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things – living a meaningful life with less. This series strikes a personal note as designers of quality furniture for the interior; one-of-a-kind pieces that will stand the test and trends of time. Minimalist decorating is a part of this lifestyle. It means taking control of your life by removing clutter, choosing quality over quantity and living by the one-in one-out philosophy.

So, how do you create a clean, crisp, clutter-free environment? What does it mean to decorate like a minimalist? Studies have shown that those who live in a cluttered environment are more likely to produce the stress hormone called cortisol. Why cause more stress in our lives than we already have? Say goodbye to duplicate spatulas in your kitchen drawer. We all have our favorite, right? Do we really need five?!

Here are some helpful tips on how to transition to minimalist decor:


Removing clutter is the first step in preparing for your minimalist decor. First and foremost, tackle your surfaces. Have flyers and mail piling up on the kitchen counter? Shred them. Kids’ toys all over the great room? Designate a play-bin in a hall-way closet and toss old stuff every six months. All surfaces should be free of stuff, this way you see the room, the shapes and lighting.  Allow the mind to be peaceful and uninterrupted when you step into the room.

Rocco sectional

Egoist sofas


While removing clutter you may find items you’re not ready to discard yet, that’s okay! We all have our stuff or important memoirs. For those items we suggest one of our stylish upholstered beds with storage drawers. Check out Ethan below, this bed is not only simple on the eyes, but also takes advantage of the empty cavity inside the platform by creating a space for storage. And, designers love our upholstered beds with drawers as they can be customized to your specifics tastes or project needs. This will hide away all of the collected items that you are not ready to let go of, all while keeping your home looking neat and put together.

Ethan bed with storage drawers

Shelter bed with storage drawers


Serene, neutral colors in your home will instantly jump start the goal of a minimalist environment. Not all whites are the same tone, especially when pairing it with certain lighting. If your home has mostly natural light, choose a more yellow under-toned white paint color. If the lighting in your home is more yellow, choose a more blue under-toned white color. This will balance the lighting and feel of the home while being fresh and pleasing to the eye. Next, pair white with grey, taupe, ivory or bone colors. You can from season to season pick one non-neutral color for pop and fun.

Andrew sofa, Roxx mini rugs, Tetra 02-20 tables


While minimalism beckons a more neutral color palette,  you can enrich the eyes with textures using leather, velvets, wood, metal and wool shearling – all in greys, taupes, bone and ivory colors.

Radly sofa, Torino tables, Roxx large rugs


This is a motto we live by! Choosing quality pieces that will stand the test of time is key here. While being trendy is fun, you want to leave the trendiness to accents such as toss pillows. Invest in pieces that are made of heirloom quality and construction, and are designed in such a way that the style endures. A great example of this would be our Elan sectional, Z-3 swivel chairs and Triton table ottoman (and everything else we make!)

Elan/099 sectional, Z-3 chairs, Triton table


Colleen Madsen’s “One in, One out” philosophy is golden. Many of us buy on impulse things we do not need. By following the one-in, one-out philosophy, you are not only omitting the possibility of impulse buying, but you are also evening-out your stuff ratio.


Last, but not least, keep it simple. Pared down accent furniture, simple silhouettes and soothing art makes for a clean and peaceful room. Less is more in a minimalist world, so stick to decorating and owning items that are essential to the decor, not extra to the decor. We are true believers that you can live a meaningful life with less.

Haus sofa

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Useful Tips! How to Care for Your Furniture

Here at Nathan Anthony we know how important it is to keep your beautiful new investment looking brand new. As with any item of beauty and quality, upholstered furniture requires care and cleaning to maintain its look and to extend its life. When properly taken care of and maintained, your piece can last a lifetime! Here are some of our tips and tricks to keeping your furniture looking like new.


Sabine sofa

After receiving your product, allow a break-in period. Your new Nathan Anthony furniture was just made for you. No less than fifteen hands touched your furniture during the creation process as it made its way through manufacturing. Because our furniture is made of all new materials, please allow these materials to assimilate and fall into place. Cushions may feel firm at first, even down cushions, and will relax after a period of use. This is normal.


Rocco sectional

Pick a happy place for your furniture. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight which will minimize fading or tearing.



“Fluff” and “turn” feather and down, trillium and NA comfort fill cushions once a week to keep contents from settling in one place, prevents quills from poking out and to maintain a full and resilient look. You can also open up the cushions to move fabric that travels back into place or smooth insides to fill in corners. This is normal wear and tear.


Egoist sofa

Tight (or attached) cushions will stretch and wrinkle with use. It’s easy to restore the look by smoothing the surface of the fabric and if needed, tuck excess upholstery into the sides and back.



It’s best to vacuum with an upholstery attachment seat cushions, back cushions, arms and backs regularly as dirt and dust can cause fabric to wear and tear faster.



Finally, it’s best to schedule a semiannual professional cleaning to keep your furniture looking and performing its best. Professional services may ask for the cleaning code of your fabric. If it’s an NA fabric, you can find the cleaning code on our website or call into the factory for more information.

To better understand how to care for your exact piece, here are our Cleaning Codes:

“W” = Water. Clean with water-based upholstery cleaning products. Dab clean, do not rub.

“S” = Solvent. Clean with water-free, pure cleaning solvents (dry-cleaning). Do not use water-based products.

“SW”= Solvent or Water. Use water-based or pure cleaning solvents. Test small out of sight area first to see which one works better.

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