Lounging at Design Bloggers Conference #dbcla2018

Earlier this month at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, we had the distinct pleasure of partnering with performance fabric leader Ultrasuede® in our first Design Bloggers Conference. The Design Bloggers Conference specifically focuses on the interests of interior design bloggers, interior designers using content to build their businesses and personal brands, brands leveraging the web and blogger networks, and any design professional seeking to learn more about using social and other digital content for branding, connecting, or e-commerce. Here are the fun highlights from contributor Leslie Newby of Work the Brand.

Minx wing sofa in Ultrasuede orchid, Origami pouf in Ultrasuede sunset, Cruise chair in Ultrasuede sunset, Tetra 02-20 tables ottomans

Cielo lounge in Ultrasuede amethyst

Knowing conference attendees would need a break from all that learning, Design Bloggers Conference invited award-winning product designer Tina Nicole, known as “Chief Risk-taker” at Nathan Anthony®, who collaborated with Ultrasuede® to create a chic lounge area.


Tina’s color story for the lounge was off-the-charts fun, making the #nafurnitureXultrasuede collaboration really pop, especially when paired with the stylish crowd, like Jana Platina-Phipps of Trim Queen.


The best part of the conference was meeting new and familiar faces from the design industry.


Helen Brier of Ultrasuede® and Tina Nicole of Nathan Anthony® enjoyed meeting and learning the amazing international success story of Elaina and Susanna (sisters) from Design 4 Corners. Hope to see you again soon ladies!


We asked Heather Redding of Towne & Main Interiors why she attended, and this go-getter and founder of the Texas-based residential and commercial interior design firm said it was to adopt new tools she needs for growing her business. We wish you every success, Heather!


And how could we resist snapping a photo of the lovely Sara Noble from Noble Designs. She not only flew in from Kansas and possibly had the best-looking marketing materials, but her chic wardrobe was also perfectly color-coordinated with the lounge – especially Nathan Anthony’s Cruise chair, covered in Ultrasuede HP color Sunset.


Design legend, bon vivant and longtime friend to the Ultrasuede® brand, Jamie Drake of Drake/Anderson in NYC was the opening night’s keynote speaker. It happened to be the same evening as the Academy Awards, so of course Jamie had to pay tribute with the most awesome, Oscar-worthy jacket.



Recording the 200th episode of his business-focused podcast The Chaise Lounge from the conference, intrepid host Nick May found our space to be the perfect setting to capture the musings of several industry movers and shakers. Don’t miss his onsite interviews, including with designers Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason of Aphrochic, artist Aviva Stanoff, with Caroline Hipple, president of Norwalk Furniture, Recipe for Press author Amy Flurry, and of course Tina Nicole (above).



We’re happy to report the winner of the #nafurnitureXultrasuede giveaway  – eligible to customize a Nathan Anthony Origami pouf in any of 97 Ultrasuede HP colors –  is Jeanne Chung, talented founder of the Cozy Stylish Chic blog, interior design firm and home furnishings retail store in Pasadena’s burgeoning design district.

Origami poufs in Ultrasuede pink ribbon, welt in Ultrasuede sunset


That’s a fitting wrap to a fun collaboration, along with a toast to future opportunities for working together. Especially when there are no worries if the wine spills.


Interior designers ask for Nathan Anthony® and Ultrasuede® by name, because they count on both brands to deliver consistent top quality product. When paired together it’s a match made in Heaven.

To learn more about the Beautiful Possibilities of Ultrasuede® on Nathan Anthony furniture, please request a complimentary brochure and swatches by writing Helen Brier, Sales and Marketing Manager, h.brier@toray-intl.com.

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Contributing photo credits: Leslie Newby, WorkTheBrand

Custom versus Customized Furniture… What’s the Diff?

Custom furniture versus customized furniture. What’s the difference?

We hear these terms at our favorite furniture stores, in advertising and promotions all the time. It’s supposed to be something cool, something that makes our furniture special or stand out from the rest. But, it’s confusing and we have to wait a long time for it. So, what does this all really mean?

There are distinct differences between custom furniture and customized furniture. And, it all depends on what you want and what you’re trying to achieve for your client (or yourself teehee). Reading below will help to clarify what it means to get custom vs. customized furniture and what to expect.

Custom furniture is when a designer pitches a design to a furniture manufacturer and, if accepted, the furniture manufacturer produces that design. The furniture piece is not something the manufacturer already makes. This would be a new product for the manufacturer.

Example: Jill Designer is working on a remodel for a client. Jill finds a photo of a sofa or sketches a sofa design for a client (we’ll call the sofa “Haley”). Jill’s client loves it. Jill has to find someone to make it. Jill pitches the “Haley” sofa to Annie Furniture Manufacturing (AFM). AFM accepts and produces the “Haley” sofa. The “Haley” sofa is not something AFM already makes. This would be a custom sofa.

Hi, I’m Jill Designer looking for someone to make a special sofa for my client!

Custom furniture can be time consuming and very costly depending on the sophistication of the design and the capacity of the furniture manufacturer. First sizing, trims, accents and cushioning have to be considered. Second, a prototype must be made. Once a prototype is made, there are many rounds of adjustments. For sure there will be several visitations by the designer to the factory just to perfect the furniture piece. This process could take up to 4 to 6 months or more!

Customized furniture is when dimensions are changed or some part of the design is changed on an existing piece by a manufacturer. This is what we do at Nathan Anthony!

Example: Jill Designer looks at Nathan Anthony Furniture’s catalog and sees the Marlborough 90″ wide sofa. Jill feels this will be perfect in her client’s home. Jill wants the Marlborough made by Nathan Anthony Furniture, but it’s too small for her client’s needs. Jill needs the Marlborough to be 120” wide instead. Jill will work with Nathan Anthony Furniture to order the Marlborough in a custom size for her client. The production time will usually take up to 6 to 8 weeks. Here are some examples of customizations from our collections:

Nathan Anthony’s Marlborough sofa designed to be 90″ wide, with 2 seat cushions

Nathan Anthony’s Marlborough sofa customized to be 120″ wide, adding center leg for support and a third cushion

For the designer, customized furniture is less time-consuming and less-costly than custom furniture generally. Prototypes are not needed and visitations from the designer are non-existent. However, when you change an existing design, there are many hoops a manufacturer has to jump through to get the new specifications correct.

Examples: a new pattern needs to be made for the framing department, the cutting department, and the sewing department. Also, there is an added cost to ordering special-sized components, i.e., cushion fills (foam, fiber, down/feather). Ordering special size components depends on lead times of the manufacturer’s vendors. Artisans will have to slow down and hand-hold the order through the manufacturing process.

These are just some of the reasons customized furniture takes less long than non-customized furniture, generally 6 to 8 weeks.

Customized furniture does not only mean changing dimensions, but it can also mean changing the styling, i.e., adding or removing nailheads, adding or removing welt, changing feet or base types, etc. One example can be found on our Whisper chair. Whisper is designed with a cutout back framed with beautiful wood trim. A client wanted a more contemporary look. The designer ordered the Whisper chair without the wood trim around the cutout back. Both styles are beautiful, but different.

Nathan Anthony’s Whisper chair, designed with cutout back lines with wood trim

Nathan Anthony’s Whisper chair customized to exclude wood trim cutout on the outside back

Thank you for reading! We hope you found this blog helpful. If you have any questions, contact us. To keep up with the latest happenings here at Nathan Anthony, please connect with us on FacebookGoogle+TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.