Back in Los Angeles and ready to share our favorite moments from High Point Market. It’s most fun to see our customers and connect with industry friends and colleagues while we present our newest designs. This year, we focused on showing off our upholstery skills and really telling the world about our craft we call “upholstery art.” By far the star of the show was our new Chablis collection… Here are two instagram live videos taken from the showroom.


We find the best blogs are “tips and tricks” of the trade. So, we want to present three take-aways from the market. Knowing these will certainly help boost awareness of your work and help you stand out as an interior design professional.


The chair is perhaps the most important piece of furniture. It is the finishing touch of personality, or that extra pop of color or shape that completes a room. Buyers will come by our showroom at market just to see what chairs we are bringing, or how we are changing up our “covers” on a chair.

Cruise- takes inspiration from the yachting lifestyle. Expressing contemporary style with a modern twist, the Cruise chair features an extra-wide cantilevered seat; supple, rounded body; and delicately curved wood base, constructed in three distinct sections for added drama. Featured: Trend Watch “She-suite” display, cover: Ultrasuede sunset

Chablis- a stylish, barrel-shaped swivel chair with Arabesque-inspired large ornamental quilting that sweeps across the entire back in a rhythmic pattern.

Dali chair, 2017 International Product Design award winner

Chelle swivel, curved channels cascade down the back, accented by scalloped upholstered plinth

Aerie swivel, nominated for 2018 International Product Design award

Korz- a V-shaped steel frame supports floating chair chassis shown in cover: Doe/s white

Emelie chair, Tetra table


Dubbed the “craftsman movement,” today buyers want furniture with stand out features, beautiful from all angles. History, craft and evolution of the design makes the piece relevant… telling the story about the inspiration and journey of making furniture. Use technology to tell the story, whether it’s with video, animation or sketching. Each piece we design is a sculpture. Every angle says something special, something beautiful.

Chablis- a 43″ deep sofa featuring Arabesque-inspired large ornamental quilting that sweeps across the entire back in a rhythmic patternt, accented by contoured, scalloped and quilted arms, and a scalloped wood plinth which matches the exits of each decorative shape. The plinth base is available in 9 wood finishes.

Chablis sofa back view

Kasbah- a barrel-shaped swivel chair with a comfortable, socializing silhouette. Also designed to float in a room, Kasbah features a quilted outside back treatment with a rhythmic, arabesque-type pattern.

(Left to Right) Pastel grouping- Chablis swivel, Chelle swivel, Chablis sofa, dining chairs (rear)

Grace bed

Chablis swivel, beautiful Arabesque quilting all around

Cruise chair, beautiful sculptural shape and 3 sectioned base


Choice of color has a tremendous effect on furniture buyers. We’ve never seen how powerful purple can be. Our standout model was CIELO covered in Ultrasuede amethyst. Buyers went crazy for it, posting things like #fortheloveofpurple. Maybe it’s because Ultraviolet is Pantone’s color of the year, but this piece in that cover was electrifying.


Cielo lounge system

Cielo lounge system

Dali chair, 2017 International Product Design award winner in lavender leather with wine color leather petals

Cielo lounge system, Origami poufs

Origami poufs in Ultrasuede amethyst with orchid welt


Soft hues evoke a serene feeling. Buyers are seeking out these schemes for the interior as they are au courant in fashion.

Chablis sofa

Dali chair, lavender leather with wine leather petals

(Left to Right) Chablis swivel, Chelle swivel, Chablis sofa

Grace bed

Elan angle, Tetra tables


Neutral colors are always the best solution for large pieces in the room like sofas or sectionals. But, you can have fun and brighten them up with pops of color. Try to use fresh hues like some of our favorites: Ultrasuede hot pink or wine’ n roses.

Sabine 007 in Ultrasuede cadet gray, Tetra tables in Ultrasuede hot pink

Elan/R007 angle left arm facing sofa, Elan/R007 ottoman, Elan/R007 corner, Tetra tables

Minx wing sofa, 2017 International Product Design award winner, Ultrasuede orchid and amethyst

Cruise chair, Trend Watch “She-suite” display, cover: Ultrasuede sunset


We would like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our showroom! Also, thank you to all who mentioned us in their blogs, seminars, social media. It was a pleasure meeting you!

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Greg from Haptor Barrett Los Angeles, CA, Tina Nicole and Khai Mai

John Strauss and Carisa Marie of CMJS Creativ, Tina Nicole and Khai Mai

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