This past weekend we spent a day soaking in all the fresh ideas at Dwell on Design – an annual tradeshow for everything design.

We enjoy this show because of the fresh up-and-coming designers it brings. Some of the most talented designers come to this show with material you never thought to use, i.e. Dog beds using recycled old clothing and bags.

This year Dwell brought so many categories to the show – an outdoor, home-building, prefabricated homes, energy efficient living interiors, lighting, entertaining furniture, outdoor systems, audio systems and many more. For decor and renovation bringing the outdoor in was a hot category.  We loved this shot below because it reflects the excitement and energy at the show with the colorful ceiling flags, trees and fabrics draped with people moving about in all different directions.

We just loved the loud wall of this showroom below and the sharp shapes of the furniture presented. Interestingly, nothing in this showroom harmonizes with the other, yet because of that we were drawn into to it.

Design shows are about seeing what ideas and materials are being used out there. This ottoman pictured below was made in Guatemala. At the center is a soccer ball, with eight-way hand tied springs jetting outward from the soccer ball. The spools of yarn are then knotted in place. It’s really cool and super bouncy and comfortable.

Prefabricated homes were a huge category this time and was the first thing you saw when you entered the convention hall. Sett Studio with their modular studios and energy efficient homes provided a great example for everyone to experience – by walking into these homes you discovered how much less we can live with. Kudos to the interior designers that dressed these great models!