M I S S I O N 

To create beautiful, unforgettable furnishings that light up the room. Delight the hearts of others with new fabrications, sculptured shapes and artful touches. Excel at craftsmanship and construction. Operate from a space of love and gratitude. Craft responsibly in Southern California. Connect, share, repeat.


What happens when two designers in love fall head over heels for the work they do together in their Southern California design studio? The answer is Nathan Anthony’s internationally award-winning customizable furnishings that are certain to make any space glow.

Founded by creative entrepreneurs Khai Mai and Tina Nicole in 2005, the company was named for their son Nathan Anthony and quickly became known for innovative design, sophisticated shapes, and couturier details. Under Nicole’s creative direction, Nathan Anthony has won five consecutive international design awards securing its spot as the leading resource for custom one-of-a-kind furnishings that are not only beautiful, but are also uniquely luxuriously.

With these high school sweethearts behind the drafting table, you, too, can find your match at Nathan Anthony.

Because love was made for me and you.