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High Point Market Highlights Fall 2021

It goes without saying, if your showroom is described as the “Happy showroom,” you’ve done your job at High Point Market. That’s exactly what happened. It was important for us to bring the happy straight from California. And, with so many new faces visiting this fall that we didn’t get to see last June, this … Continue reading “High Point Market Highlights Fall 2021”

Tips & Tricks: Why Designers Choose Nathan Anthony Furniture from Our Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2021!

One of our favorite things to do here at Nathan Anthony is interact with our customers! We love hearing what you are enjoying and how our pieces have transformed your homes.  To provide more inspiration, we are sharing our top 5 Instagram posts of 2021 and giving our professional design tips for how you can … Continue reading “Tips & Tricks: Why Designers Choose Nathan Anthony Furniture from Our Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2021!”

A Touch of Whimsy for High Point Market 2021

High Point Market 2021 is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! This year is EXTRA special as our intros two special collaborations. The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every … Continue reading “A Touch of Whimsy for High Point Market 2021”

Decoding Performance Fabrics, What it all means!

Performance fabrics are all the rage, but what does “performance” mean? Read on about this popular upholstery cover— which Nathan Anthony customers love to specify for their furniture selections.  What is Performance? In the context of fabric for residential home furnishings, performance typically refers to durability or cleanability, and, in some cases, to both. Durability … Continue reading “Decoding Performance Fabrics, What it all means!”

Our Top Tips To Arranging Your Living Room Like a Pro

With 2020 behind us, we wanted to touch on some of the 2021 buzz around the interior design world. Everyone’s talking about how to make interior spaces more livable, adaptable and comfortable.   Let’s talk about focal points in room design. Whether its your living room or a game room, a focal point is the visual … Continue reading “Our Top Tips To Arranging Your Living Room Like a Pro”

2020 – A Year Like No Other!

2020 has turned out to be a year like no other, in many unprecedented ways. What started out as a great intro to the New Year, turned into a lockdown and a rather difficult time of life, for many, due to Covid-19 and other devastating events that have occurred throughout the year. Our hearts continue … Continue reading "2020 – A Year Like No Other!"

Fall High Point Market 2020 Highlights

This year’s High Point Market was like no other. Attendance was optional, even for exhibitors. And, with a projected 50% to 70% drop in visitors this time, it was a difficult decision. On top of that, corona virus cases have been rising sharply day by day as the weather cools. The thought of traveling to … Continue reading “Fall High Point Market 2020 Highlights”

Seasonal Living Magazine’s Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse

The secret is finally out! The first ever fully immersive 20,000 square-foot luxury designer showhouse, built entirely in the virtual world from the ground up, will launch on December 3, 2020 and we are an inaugural sponsor!! Being brought to you in the pages of Seasonal Living Magazine, this modern luxury designer Showhouse house will … Continue reading "Seasonal Living Magazine’s Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse"

How to Prepare Your Home For Homeschooling This Fall

Covid 19 has come into our lives and has taken over what seems like, everything. Schools, workplaces, hospitals, cafes, you name it. We are continually being faced with more and new challenges every day and homeschooling has now reached the top of the list! With the new school year quickly approaching, and some states with … Continue reading "How to Prepare Your Home For Homeschooling This Fall"

Designers Making a Difference

Blog, Written by: Fiona Mostyn In times of crisis, look for the helpers is how the saying goes. But how are designers making a difference in the corona virus crisis? We are currently living through times of unprecedented change and disruption to our daily lives. Stay home is the message to live by right now. Whilst … Continue reading "Designers Making a Difference"