What do you think – this one or that one?

Design can be tricky. It’s almost impossible to produce an item that everyone will like because we all have such different tastes. Sometimes what we try and do is take a design and give it a little twist – change a feature or two and this changes the piece, which in turn invites a whole new audience and customer. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Let’s take for example the below sofas –  Bonn and Hannover. The Bonn sofa is a Pinnacle Award Finalist and gained huge recognition for its modern lines and unique base. Still, as much attention as the Bonn sofa received not everyone loved it as much as we did so we thought we would change it up. We’ve received a great response on both styles and really enjoy making slight changes on current designs to suit everyone, but we really want to know what you think. Here’s what we did –

As you can see the design of these two models vary in the arm width, seat cushion treatment and overall height although both models have a high-design sculptured look due to the cantilever leg and square chassis. The Bonn design combines a box seat cushion and a knife-edge seat cushion, which is truly a unique pairing. It also has a low-high back cushion treatment and deep seating making it architecturally interesting and built for a specific taste. However, the Hannover, with its wider arm and boxed seat cushions, sits higher and appeals to a more transitional design sensibility thus opening this piece up to a whole new audience.

Tell us – which one do you like?