Every year we look forward to the C.S. Wo & Sons Christmas/Holiday Party. We find the best gifts for everyone and it’s hard not to grab some things for ourselves. It’s also nice to connect with colleagues and team members. We gather around the beautiful displays sipping hot cocoa and sharing each other’s stories and developments over the past year. It always makes such a difference when we can connect with others on a much more personal level. It helps to understand each other better and in turn make working together that much more rewarding.

During this time of the year it seems smiles are wider and hugs are tighter. We wanted to share with you some pictures of the showroom and how beautifully festive it is… it’s just how they do things at C.S. Wo & Sons.


A delicious spread!


Khai Mai, Tina Nicole, Lizbeth Estrada and Norman Mojica


Angels, Trees, Santas


Big hug-able Christmas bears…


Gingerbread houses of all kinds and shapes



Did we mention there are a lot of Santas? Even Father Christmas.


Nathan Anthony fabric wall!

Make sure to stop by the C.S. Wo & Sons Costa Mesa store or the Hawaii store to grab gifts for the holidays… their selection is so popular that they run out of Christmas and Holiday items fast! Happy Holidays to all!