Sunset Marquis Hotel

Fresh on the heels of our Living Well Summit at the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles in early November, where we partnered with Luxe Magazine to celebrate Wellness by Design, we are feeling refreshed and delighted to share with you all the details of this very special gathering.

The second in its series, the Luxe Living Well Summit hosted by Kate Kelly Smith, EVP and Managing Director, Luxe Interiors + Design and Pamela Jaccarino, VP, Editor in Chief, Luxe Interiors + Design brought thought leaders together to discuss and learn about living well by design. Six speakers from various fields in the area of interior design and architecture lead us through their practice and ethos of what it means to live in a more conscious way about wellness and sustainability. To see the programming, click here: Wellness Summit 2023 day-of schedule

luxe living well summit 2023The topic that most resonated with what we do here at Nathan Anthony was Called:  

HOW SHE BUILT THIS: A PRIMER IN HOW TO OPERATE AS A LOW-WASTE DESIGN PRACTICE by Kathryn Soter, Executive Director, Good Future Design Alliance

Kathryn Soter, Executive Director, Good Future Design Alliance
Kathryn Soter

Kathryn is the Executive Director of the Good Future Design Alliance (GFDA), a community of architects, interior designers, builders, and product manufacturers who are passionate about reducing waste and are joining forces to design a better future. Kathryn spoke about how we as professionals can make a difference by making small changes in our daily practices as with an intention toward sustainability. One way designers can make a difference is by choosing to buy from Just-in-Time manufacturers, who practice lean manufacturing and offer made-to-order goods. She was speaking about Nathan Anthony.

About seven years ago, our co-founder and CEO, Khai, made a decision to model the lean manufacturing system rooted in the Toyota Production System. Lean manufacturing is a strategic approach focused on eliminating waste, optimizing processes, and maximizing value for customers. It emphasizes continuous improvement, efficiency, and respect for people. By streamlining operations, reducing excess inventory, and fostering a culture of innovation and problem-solving, lean principles aim to enhance productivity and quality while minimizing costs. Through techniques like Just-in-Time production, companies like us embrace flexibility and responsiveness, enabling them to adapt swiftly to changing market demands. 

Ultimately, lean manufacturing isn’t just about cutting waste—it’s a philosophy that drives sustainable growth and empowers organizations to deliver greater value to their customers while remaining competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape. 

Sewing department, Nathan Anthony
Tina Nicole, Creative Director and Jill Pritchard of Wellness within your walls

Here at Nathan Anthony, we’re passionate about low waste. This summit was not only very informative, but also gave us the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and make great new connections. Was a beautiful day! Thank you Luxe and Sandow Media!

Other speakers we loved:

Designer Zoe Feldman, The blueprint for setting up a conscious-driven design firm
Jenna Reiss Healer and Breathwork coach

For more information and to read up on wellness in design, click here 

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Modern Organic Upholstery Intros for Spring High Point Market

Spring High Point Market is here and we are so excited to announce the debut of our new Art Deco-inspired frame designs and high-performance fabrics in our InterHall showroom, space IH-602, April 21-26.

Our newest modern organic forms will feature exposed wood frames finished in washed and warm tones, says our Creative Director Tina Nicole, while upholstery covers draw from a palette of green shades.

“At the high end, we’re seeing a return to exposed wood framing and beautiful finishes to complement soft curves in upholstery,” says Nicole. “We’re excited to showcase these new looks along with luxe and high-performance fabrics in fresh colorways for our High Point Market presentation.”

Three upholstered frames with outstanding wood features are included in this season’s introduction; each is fully customizable. We also have a very special chair inspired by a Prada high top called RIPPLE which has heads turning, take a look below.

Ripple Chair

Ripple Chair
Ripple chair in Gala Beach

Lorenzo and Gabriele Beds

Lorenzo bed

Gabriele bed

Gabriele bed Headboard/Rails
Gabriele bed Headboard/Footboard

Lorenzo is a new benchmade upholstered platform bed from Nathan Anthony, featuring an exposed wood frame with gently curved edges and a light finish; balanced with wide-set horizontal channel stitching on the headboard and base. Its sister-style, Gabriele, features vertical channel stitching for a modern interpretation of this new classic.

Mathéo Sofa and Chair

Matheo white sofa & chair + Origami Pouf
Matheo sofa white
Matheo Chairs

The Mathéo sofa and chair frame and its sloping arms juxtapose line and curve in harmony with the exposed wood base featuring hand carved feet which are also gently rounded. Two-cushion-seat-sofa adds comfort to the tight back upholstered frame.

Mylan Sofa, Chair, Bench and Ottoman

MYLAN sofa+chairs+ottomans

Mylan chair
Mylan ottoman

Japandi expression meets Art Deco-inspired form in the Mylan bench seat sofa, set on a gently curved platform base. Each arm face features a solid wood inset and leather strap detailing.

A fourth upholstery introduction takes its cues from the modernist movement.

Monterosso Sofa (aka Monte)

Monte sofa in lifestyle setting
Monte sofa

Harkening back to the sexiest automobiles of the 1930s, the new Monte collection explores exaggerated and shapely curves on a modern, low-profile tight seat/tight back sofa which is set upon two angled wood feet for added interest.

This signature collection is fully customizable and available for purchase as an NFT on the Nathan Anthony Digital Collectibles page.

To learn more about the new styles, or to set a High Point Market showroom appointment, buyers may contact

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Nathan Anthony End of Year Round Up!

The year is off to a great start! We wanted to reflect on 2022 in order to pave new ways in 2023; We are feeling grateful! From Market, to collaborating with exceptional artists, to cryptocurrency, to award ceremonies our hearts are full! 

The year started out with the design + art collaboration with Sahara Novotna and the introduction of the ÆTHR chair  and Alais collection.

Tina Nicole and Sahara Novotna, behind the scenes at our Los Angeles atelier
Sahara Novotna and Tina Nicole, ÆTHR chairs, #HPMKT
Creative DIrector TIna Nicole + multimedia artist Sahara Novotna

For our ÆTHR capsule collection, Novotna incorporated 24K gold bitcoin, shredded $100 bills from the U.S. mint, and hand applied gold leaf, graffiti paint, and resin to wood panels. Tina Nicole designed the chair with these signature resin artworks in mind to bring something truly special for interior designers wanting something for their clients that no-one else has.

Tina Nicole states “Blurring the line between furniture design and art, and to create new products that help to distinguish interior spaces is what I strive to do. The high-end design client is primed to invest in these objects for their homes.”

Aethr Satellite dining chair
Æthr Butterfly wings yellow lifestyle
ÆTHR CROPPED Crypto Graffiti Group

ÆTHR Graffiti Doodles
ÆTHR Digital Green
ÆTHR Marble Bubbles group

At High Point Market Spring 2022 we dropped the first NFT ever which started the metaverse and crypto web3 convo. Always on the leading edge, we created digital artwork of these original designs and minted them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — a High Point Market first — available here!

Now Showing: Elements by Diane Keaton

Back in February of 2022, we were contacted by Creative Director Jodi Finer of S.Harris Home and selected by Academy Award winning actress Diane Keaton as the company with the distinctive silhouettes to showcase the new textile collaboration and launch for October, 2022. We worked closely with their team to assist in selecting fabrics to pair with our furniture.

They chose “Goodbar” for our ROCCO chair

diane keaton
Diane Keaton x S. Harris

“Annie Wool Manhattan Black” for our EMELIE barstool

diane keaton chair
Diane Keaton x S. Harris

“Mrs. Los Angeles Ignatius Black” for our MODA barstool

Seating introductions included the beautiful and shapely ALAIS collection, which received overwhelming praise by customers. ALAIS includes a fully upholstered daybed, a plush sofa, bench ottoman and a sculptural accent chair — each are distinguished by handcrafted, ball feet produced in resin. Our creative director Tina Nicole designed the upholstery frames while Novotna crafted the 8-inch spheres, using an artisanal process she developed in her Los Angeles studio. Each resin ball bears the artist’s unique stamp.

Alais chair, velvet cover, resin ball legs by Sahara Novotna
Alais chair, velvet cover, resin ball legs by Sahara Novotna

Adding to ALAIS, is the ALAIS 2.0 style which offers a different style to the orb foot, with a new leg shape inspired by adventurous designers Faye Toogood, Pierre Yovanovitch, and Roman Plyus. The new leg form of hand-turned alder wood adds softness with curved edges that evolve the traditional block shape.

Alais 2.0 daybed
Alais 2.0 chairs
Alais 2.0 Bed + side table
Alais 2.0 Sofa

EARTH – GREEN DREAM In the New Year, we remain committed to our climate-positive, as members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, our sustainability-driven goals included adding eco-friendly performance fabrics to our offerings and we became a One Tree Planted (OTP) Business Partner, donating profits for planting trees. 

Thank you to everyone who made 2022 a special year and to those who supported us in the media and on social media! When you support a family owned business, you’re supporting a dream. Thank you also for reading our blog. Keep up with the latest happenings at Nathan Anthony through our social channels. Connect with us directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and check out our latest videos on YouTube. Or follow the hashtags #nathananthony, #nathananthonyfurniture and #uphlstryart. We’d love to engage with you online!

Now Showing: Elements by Diane Keaton



You’ve seen her in classic films like The Godfather and Annie Hall. Writing her own love story in Something’s Gotta Give. And plotting her revenge in The First Wives Club. Diane Keaton has graced the silver screen in countless movies that have earned her icon status. And while you can stream this leading lady into your home via your TV screen, now you keep her creative spirit as a permanent fixture of your interiors with the new Elements by Diane Keaton textile collection for S. Harris. A cast of sartorial solids and runway-ready prints comprises the line of fabrics, brought to life in monochromatic colorways that are signature to Diane and her dapper sense of style. We’re pulling back the curtain for a behind-the-scenes look at our Los Angeles photoshoot with the award-winning actress. Take a peek below and find out why textiles are her latest encore.



“Even being a part of this is really kind of spectacular for me-this is really great material and I’m interested in that.”

Nathan Anthony partnered with S.Harris to bring the new collection photoshoot to life. Pictured here, Diane Keaton on our ROCCO CHAIR upholstered in “Mr. Goodbar” from the ELEMENTS collection.


“My mother was everything. I remember when I was young, my mother was crowned Mrs. Los Angeles. And I remember watching her on TV and thinking, ‘Ohh….I want to do that.’ So I was very influenced by my mother and what she did in that moment in her life. She was my North star.”

Photos via Pinterest, from left to right: Photo by Margaret Howell, Photo by Daniel Riera, styling by Caroline Lemblé, via Visual Optimism, Daiane Conterato photographed by Julia Hetta for the Wall Street Journal, retouched by Julia Hallengren, via iiiinspired.


“My mother and my father and my family in Southern California, in Santa Ana-that was everything. And it still is.”

by: Jesse Bratter


Spring High Point Market 2022, Inspiration for All

Well, who would have thought we’d come back from Spring High Point Market having had conversations about avatars, the Metaverse and cryptocurrency! Imaginations and musings about the future of the furniture industry and trends ran deep in our Interhall showroom, and we could not be more thrilled!

As an upholstery company for interior designers, we wanted to bring something truly special and forward thinking. A collection that merges design, art, and technology with custom offerings was the way to go for this market. Our new cryptocurrency inspired furniture collection called ÆTHR (ee-thur) debuted- a show stopping collaboration between our Creative Director Tina Nicole and multimedia artist Sahara Novotna was all the buzz.

high point market 2022
The Æthr dining collection
Sahara Novotna and Tina Nicole, ÆTHR chairs

“We share a love for art that is playful and disruptive,” says Nicole, who initiated the collaboration with Novotna. “I think Sahara’s subversive street-art style sets the right tone for expressing our mutual fixation with cryptocurrency, and the bridge between physical works and NFTs.”

For our ÆTHR capsule collection, Novotna incorporated 24K gold bitcoin, shredded $100 bills from the U.S. mint, and hand applied gold leaf, graffiti paint, and resin to wood panels. Tina Nicole designed the chair with these signature resin artworks in mind to bring something truly special for interior designers wanting something for their clients that no-one else has.

Sahara Novotna
Tina Nicole and Sahara Novotna

Watch Tina Nicole’s interview on Design TV by Sandow media and LUXE Magazine!

Watch our showroom tour/reel!


(Lto R) White Marble Bubbles, Digital Green, Graffiti Doodles , Graffiti Newspapers


Adding to our ALAIS collection this season are a fully upholstered daybed, a plush sofa, and a sculptural accent chair — each are distinguished by handcrafted, ball feet produced in resin.

high point market 2022
The ALAIS daybed with resin ball legs (modeled by our son Nathan Anthony), the Rocco sectional in the back ground with the Z-3 chair
The ALAIS chair with resin ball legs

Our creative director Tina Nicole designed the upholstery frames while Novotna crafted the 8-inch spheres, using an artisanal process she developed in her Los Angeles studio. Each resin ball bears the artist’s unique stamp.

The ALAIS sofa with wood ball legs
Lucy Penfield, April 22 Style Spotter, style spotted our ALAIS bed, Thank you!
Alais Bed

The ALAIS collection is additionally distinguished by Tina’s fabric cover selection for the Spring showroom presentation, including Italian body cloths sourced from Fishman’s Fabrics in Chicago.

Alais sofa with resin ball feet
Alais sofa, Velvet cover, resin ball legs, Italian velvet cover
Alais daybed, resin ball feet, Alpaca wool cover by Fishman Fabrics

We also extended our offering of Japandi-themed items, creating a modern dining chair with an upholstered roll back, cleverly named CA ROLL, as well as adding to our popular Freya seating collection.

The Freya Sofa
Ca Roll dining chair
CA Roll dining chairs lifestyle

Always on the leading edge, we created digital artwork of these original designs and minted them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — a High Point Market first — available exclusively on the marketplace. Bidding on these rare digital assets has closed for now (was only offered for a limited time). You can still make an offer, search for NATHAN ANTHONY at!

NFT Red Opal AETHR chair


Here are some more snaps from our showroom for you to enjoy!

The Michel sectional in Alta Performance fabric, the Bell Bottom chair, the Bounce pouf

Art by Sahara Novotna
Business of Home’s Caroline Biggs, thank you for visiting us!

Our son, Nathan Anthony with a happy visitor 🙂
Loungable moments on the Alais daybed
All the cool kids came by to sit on the Alais chair
Sahara Novotna, Tina Nicole, Jana Platina Phipps, Trim Queen April 2022 Style Spotter, style spotted our AETHR chairs! Thank you!
Style Row video crew with Sahara Novotna and Tina Nicole
Thank you to the team at WORK THE BRAND for getting the word out about us!
Tina Nicole and Khai Mai, co-founders of Nathan Anthony Furniture

Thank you to everyone who attended, and to those who supported us in the media and on social media! We had a great time! Thank you also for reading our blog. Keep up with the latest happenings at Nathan Anthony through our social channels. Connect with us directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and check out our latest videos on YouTube. Or follow the hashtags #nathananthony, #nathananthonyfurniture and #uphlstryart. We’d love to engage with you online!



High Point Market Highlights Fall 2021

It goes without saying, if your showroom is described as the “Happy showroom,” you’ve done your job at High Point Market. That’s exactly what happened. It was important for us to bring the happy straight from California. And, with so many new faces visiting this fall that we didn’t get to see last June, this High Point Market was super special. We had a fantastic turnout and we are still jazzed about it!

Tina Nicole with the fabulous ladies from HW Interiors (@hw.interiors)

It’s all about connecting and seeing our customers when we travel all the way to North Carolina to present our furniture collections designed in California. Debuting at fall High Point Market was our Alais collection, which featured a fully upholstered bed, an accent chair and a bench, each distinguished by curvaceous shapes and the addition of solid wood ball-shaped feet, crafted from hardwood and sized to scale.



The ALAIS Bench

“There’s been a definite evolution in our designs over several seasons,” says our lead designer Tina Nicole. “We started by rounding out accent chair frames several years ago for styles like Elan and Dali, and then more dramatically for our popular Buttercup chair. We also began to shape the foam padding surrounding the frames, which added soft dimensionality and plushness, as well as visual interest, to our Chablis and Chelle styles.”

The ALAIS Chair
The ALAIS Chair

“From there, we really pushed the envelope by shaping larger wood frames with no angles to create the Embrace collection, which was launched in early 2020 and features our best selling sofa,” she adds. “Rounder shapes are more inviting, like getting a hug, and our interior designer clients have really responded to that.”

The ALAIS Bed and bench
The ALAIS Bed in LaCosta Boucle from Fishman Fabrics

The Alais collection is additionally distinguished by the fabric cover selection for the fall showroom presentation. Sourced from Fishman Fabrics in Chicago, LaCosta is a high end wool boucle produced in Italy from pure wool and cotton. Available in 8 colorways, the base material is flecked with colorful, confetti-like yarns.

“I love the quality of the material,” says Tina. “It’s luxe, but it’s also very fun and the overall showroom design reflects that vibe. We wanted to bring a dose of ‘happy’ to Fall’s High Point Market.”

Inspiration for the showroom started with the LaCosta Boucle confetti yarns. We took the colorful flecks and “spilled” them into the showroom in the form of giant bright-colored paper lanterns as chandeliers. Walls did not go unnoticed either, we used large scale shapes to color-block the walls and threw confetti paper on them. Fun! Everyone who walked felt excited about the positive energy and, as we mentioned above, we became known as the “Happy Showroom.”

The award winning DALI chair
The FREYA sofa and HELA chair
The MICHEL sofa and the TEDDY swivel chair

Building on our confetti theme, we finished off the showroom with confetti cake pops, which were a hit! Yum!

Confetti themed cake pops!

Here are some snaps from the market we think you’ll enjoy!

A big thank you for visiting to Pam Kellogg and Natasha Minassian of DRC, it was so nice to see you in person!
Visitors enjoying our cake pops

We are always excited to hear what people think about our furniture. When Business of Home’s market editor, Caroline Biggs, selected our ALAIS COLLECTION for her Best of Market Debuts and mentioned that our ALAIS bed in LeCosta confetti boucle made her “heart skip a beat” we knew we had a home run! Thank you BOH!

A big thank you to 2021 Style Spotter Sara Malek Barney of Bandd Design (left) for style spotting our ALAIS bench

A big thank you to 2021 Style Spotter Sara Malek Barney of Bandd Design for style spotting our ALAIS bench, it was so nice to meet you in person! Also, thank you to Cindy Hodnett and the IMC for filming our Tina Nicole on 2022 trends. Thank you to HAT for the interview. Thank you also to the amazing TRIM QUEEN, Jana Phipps, for bringing your designer tour in to see our furniture.

The Elan sofa and Gobi chair
Our bustling showroom, Interhall 602
Visitors loved our “Me Time All The Time” neon sign!

Thank you also to Leslie Newby at Work the Brand and her team for getting the word out there for us. Thank you also to Gina Hicks and her team at Vivid Interiors in NC who made the showroom come alive and brought our confetti theme to fruition. Last but not least, thank you for our artisans, office team and Brand Ambassadors back home for all of your hard work to bring these styles to market and to make market a huge success! We appreciate you!

Thank you to everyone who visited, it was a pleasure to see you! Keep up with the latest happenings at Nathan Anthony through our social channels. Connect with us directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and check out our latest videos on YouTube. Or follow the hashtags #nathananthony, #nathananthonyfurniture and #uphlstryart We’d love to engage with you online!

Tips & Tricks: Why Designers Choose Nathan Anthony Furniture from Our Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2021!

One of our favorite things to do here at Nathan Anthony is interact with our customers! We love hearing what you are enjoying and how our pieces have transformed your homes. 

To provide more inspiration, we are sharing our top 5 Instagram posts of 2021 and giving our professional design tips for how you can design your interiors like these photos. 

Here are our top 5 Instagram posts of 2021


This beautiful transformation of an outdated Tuscan home to a sophisticated luxe modern design actually happened during COVID! The designer Marilyn @interior_designer_md incorporated new architectural details while keeping some of the existing details to create a perfect balance of old and new. This was Marilyn’s fourth project with her very very trusting and awesome clients❤️. Click the link to see more of this amazing house and Marilyn’s work!

Here’s a few more WOW shots from this Tuscan home transformation:

Juliet Sofa
Juliet Sofa
Liberte Sofa nathan anthony furniture


Where modern design meets opulence – the two design aesthetics go hand-in-hand in this gorgeous modern penthouse! ⁠Our EMELIE CHAIRS face the stunning hand-laid white and black marble tile, with brass detailing on the main wall of the kitchen. You can see how the interior designer used the sculptural shape of our EMELIE CHAIRS to highlight a two-toned fabric application. Choosing materials like black, brass and white is a color palette that just elevates all other décor elements around.

This home was featured on  Modern Luxury’s Instagram account!  ⁠


Hands down, it’s the low and exaggerated angle of the shot capturing the BELL BOTTOM CHAIR’S sexy legs and rounded back. It’s also the killer fabric on the frame that made this post so popular.  Bell Bottom is the perfect dining chair because of its slanted arms, it can nestle under a standard dining table, or an accent chair in the bedroom or office.  Chairs that have rounded backs, sculptural features and a smaller footprint like the Bell Bottom work perfectly in any room you want to add super style to.


This gorgeous home was featured in ELLE DECOR MAGAZINE this last March. Interior design and post was by interior designer Kesha Franklin of @haldeninteriors here’s what she wrote about the room “I’m so excited to finally share that one of my projects for a very special client is in this month’s issue!! My client unexpectedly experienced the loss of her dear husband and I had the honor of restoring some sunshine into her life with a design that evokes happiness, memories of the love they shared and inspiration for more special moments to come!!” 

Everyone loved this one for the pop of yellow on the ceiling, the happy bubbly chandelier and our gorgeous, crisp and fresh EMELIE DINING CHAIRS in white leather.


Another gorgeous interior by interior designer Kesha Franklin of @haldeninteriors! It’s her choice of purple velvet paired with the art that brings out the purple and mauve hues. Insta tip: the best bed posts are those that are vignetted like this one… close up, you see the side table, art, a little styling with flowers / ceramics, lighting or sconces, a hint of the bedding and voila, you have the perfectly styled bedroom post! Beautiful work Kesha (as always)!

Thank you for reading. Keep up with the latest happenings at Nathan Anthony through our social channels. Connect with us directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and check out our latest videos on YouTube. Or follow the hashtags #nathananthony, #nathananthonyfurniture and #uphlstryart. We’d love to engage with you online!

A Touch of Whimsy for High Point Market 2021

High Point Market 2021 is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! This year is EXTRA special as our intros two special collaborations.

The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every six months. Serious retail home furnishings buyers, interior designers, architects, and others in the home furnishings industry can be found in High Point twice a year because if you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn’t exist.

Our collections will be shown in our permanent High Point Market showroom, InterHall IH- 602,  June 5 – 9. Reserve your spot today!

“With the home continuing to serve as a haven, I’ve been paying attention to seat depth, double down cushion fills, extra surface padding, and cozy fabric covers like extra plush boucle,’ says Co-Founder and Principal Designer Tina Nicole. “Interior design clients want to live more fully in their spaces. People want upholstered furniture they can curl up into.”

Nicole saw a need for a curvy wing swivel chair called TEDDY that had an enveloping feeling to it. She also wanted to design a smaller swivel chair and ottoman called HELA to go with FREYA (see below.) All these shapes are hitting the right style notes- soft, cozy, rounded, billowy and functional.

The TEDDY swivel wing chair
The TEDDY swivel wing chair
The HELA swivel chair and ottoman

That is just the start of what you can expect to see in this upcoming market, but let’s dive in further!

Nathan Anthony x Sanne Vloet x LP Creative

Dutch model Sanne Vloet and Lauren Piscione of LP Creative were set to create a new living space in Vloet’s Los Angeles home when the pair teamed up with our co-founder and principal designer Tina Nicole to co-design a three-piece sectional inspired by the east-meets-west Japandi aesthetic. It took several rounds of drafts, prototyping and sit tests. In the end, we created FREYA! 

Freya, measuring 152-inches (W) by 102-inches (D) by 27-inches (H), is named for one of the preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology. It features a tight seat and back; large boxed accent pillows; and all double-down fill on its seats, backs, arms and accent pillows. It’s shown in an ivory French boucle.

The FREYA 3-piece sectional

Nathan Anthony x Cara Woodhouse

The Pilar upholstered bed, custom designed by Cara Woodhouse of Cara Woodhouse Interiors, is an update to our Divano style, featuring pill-shaped edges which convey a look of the moment, at once modern and minimalistic. The headboard extends well beyond the width of the foot rails, and its linear-rectangular upholstery zones with rounded corners are separated by a refined metal accent.

At 144 inches, the extra wide shapely headboard additionally features polished chrome metal accents. This modern platform bed style requires only a Queen-size mattress, which is recessed inside the platform cavity. It is shown in a Belgian ivory velvet

The PILAR bed

We hope you are as excited for High Point Market 2021 as we are! Please don’t hesitate to write to us with any additional questions at

To avoid having to wait in a socially-distanced line, please register online before you arrive to High Point Market.

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Decoding Performance Fabrics, What it all means!

Performance fabrics are all the rage, but what does “performance” mean? Read on about this popular upholstery cover— which Nathan Anthony customers love to specify for their furniture selections. 

Photo: Khai Mai President and Chief Engineer at Nathan Anthony

What is Performance?

Image courtesy of Ultrasuede

In the context of fabric for residential home furnishings, performance typically refers to durability or cleanability, and, in some cases, to both. Durability offers insurance against everyday wear and tear, and cleanability refers primarily to stain and odor resistance. 

Why Performance? 

Do your design clients have children? Pets? Are they playing host or hostess to chic soirees in the living room? Will an all-white sectional in these homes spur the biting of nails and gnashing of teeth? Relax; you’ve got this. 

What to Look For? 

Double Rub Count

The “double rub count” term originated with a piece of heavy canvas repeatedly rubbed using a mechanized arm. Every back and forth motion of the arm counts as one “double rub.” The motion is meant to replicate the abrasive effects of normal use, and the friction that occurs when you sit down and stand up from sitting. The test continues until there are signs of significant wear, which is defined as two yarn breaks. Fabrics with a higher double rub count will offer more durability and longer-lasting wear. Look for a high count, starting at 10,000 double rubs or greater, when covering upholstered furniture items that will be used more frequently. 

Crypton Finish

Crypton offers exceptional protection from water- and oil-based stains, moisture and odors. The fibers in a Crypton fabric are permanently transformed through a chemical immersion process, which includes an impenetrable moisture barrier to protect the fabric from spills and odors. Crypton assures its antimicrobial and stain-resistance technology is good for the life of the fabric. The company produces an impressive array of colors and patterns to choose from.

Nanoclean Finish

Nanoclean is an advanced fabric protector application available for use on certain upholstery fabrics. An invisible finish penetrates and forms a protective barrier around each fiber, with no impact to the fabric’s breathability. The application delivers durable, long-lasting repellency against water and oil based stains, dust, bacteria, viruses and dry soil, without affecting the touch, feel, look and the color of the fabric. 

Ultrasuede HP®

Image courtesy of Ultrasuede

Ultrasuede® is the original high-performance fabric, invented in Japan in the late ‘60s. Interior designers ask for it by name, due to its reputation for luxurious softness combined with durability. It offers 200,000 double rubs on all 97 solid colors, which makes it twice as durable as leather. Ultrafine, yet extra strong, fibers are the starting point in a proprietary, non-woven process. The fabric’s high fiber density gives it inherently beneficial properties, including cleanability. Most stains are removed with a water dampened cloth and gentle blotting. Learn more by visiting their website 


While this is not a complete list of performance fabrics available in the marketplace, we hope you’ve gained a sense for the features and benefits to look for.

Performance Fabric at Nathan Anthony

We’ll be your wingman in the game of upholstery love! 

Your clients may do the happy dance when you choose from our wide, in-house selection of performance fabrics for your kid-, pet-, and wine-friendly interior design projects. We’ve expanded our offering to include items like the cozy (and popular) Bear Performance Plush fabric, available in a range of rich colors.

You may now search for performance fabric on our website. Click on the magnifying glass icon, and type “performance”, “50,000”, or “100,000” (for the desired double rub count); or, key in the performance fabric brand name.

Or simply CLICK HERE to locate your favorites! 

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Seasonal Living Magazine’s Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse

The secret is finally out! The first ever fully immersive 20,000 square-foot luxury designer showhouse, built entirely in the virtual world from the ground up, will launch on December 3, 2020 and we are an inaugural sponsor!!

Being brought to you in the pages of Seasonal Living Magazine, this modern luxury designer Showhouse house will never be built in the real world, but lives atop a real 20 acre hilltop estate in Malibu, CA, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Utilizing state of the art 4K rendering, you will be able to enjoy an immersive 3D walk-around experience, via your computer mouse, from the safety and comfort of your home. You will be able to zoom in and out and see every detail of the Showhouse, just as if you were experiencing a real world luxury designer showhouse!

This stunning 20,000 square foot virtual modern home will have rooms designed by 11 of America’s premier luxury interior designers: Carla Aston, Robin Baron, Arianne Bellizaire, Jeanne Khoe Chung, Gloribell LeBron, Ariana Afshar Lovato, Rachel Moriarty, Laura Muller, Veronica Solomon, Erika Hollinshead Ward and Michelle Jennings-Wiebe.

Because this is a completely virtual home, the designers have free reign to show you their most luxurious and creative ideas, unhindered by budget or product availability.

In addition, several of the rooms have multi-functionality built in. Explore the family room, and with a click, see it transformed into a schoolroom for homeschooling and virtual learning! Click to see the home office turned into a guest bedroom! And click to see the laundry room turned into a decontamination zone.

Don’t miss the zoom room, the principal suite upstairs (and its gorgeous closet!), the sanctuary retreat on the bottom floor, the live food farm in the 3 story solarium attached to the kitchen, and all of the other beautiful rooms in this virtual luxury designer showhouse.

Each room included product discovery details as well. Simply click on the dots to find out more about each of our products the designers used in their rooms.


Ariana Lovato

Instagram bio: Honeycomb Home Design, AKBD. Award-Winning Interior Design Studio | NKBA 30 under 30 | New Construction + Remodels | Certified Kitchen + Bath Designer | Central Coast, CA + Beyond

ariana lovato designer

Arianne Bellizaire

Instagram bio: Arianne Bellizaire. Build, renovate or decorate with confidence—even during a pandemic. Let us help you eliminate the overwhelm and enjoy the design process.

Arianne Bellizaire designer

Carla Aston

Instagram bio: Designed w/Carla Aston. Bold * Livable * Fresh | Interior Designer & Design Blogger solving design dilemmas | My work: #designedcarlaaston | Houston

carla Aston

Erika Ward

Instagram bio: Erika Ward Interiors. Relax, recharge, and be rewarded. Using our concierge-level interior design services, we help busy professionals make their homes their sanctuaries.

Erika Ward Designer

Gloribell Lebron

Instagram bio: Gloribell Lebron. Interior Designer | Virtual Interior Design
ASID Member | Simple, organic + fresh | 📍Miami, FL | FKA @knowhowshedoesit
Hablo español

Gloribell Lebron

Jeanne Khoe Chung

Instagram bio: Jeanne K Chung, CSC. Interior Designer | Storyteller | Design Trends | Multi-Tasker | Boss of @shopcozystylishchic | Occasional Blogger | A view from my iPhone

Jeanne Khoe Chung

Laura Muller

Instagram bio: Four Point Design Build Inc. Cliff+Laura Muller | #CleanFreshModern Interior Design/Architecture/Construction/Project Mgmt | Concept2Turnkey | Res/Com | Los Angeles #4ptdbMoments

Laura Muller

Michelle Wiebe

Instagram bio: Michelle Jennings Wiebe, ASID. Founder, award winning @interiorsbystudiom | Writer | Speaker | past HPMKT Style Spotter Emeritus | Wife | Mom | Chocoholic

Michelle Wiebe

Rachel Moriarty

Instagram bio: Residential Interior Design. So Cal🌞Interior Designer rockin’ color🌈 from my multicultural roots 🇺🇸🇲🇽🇵🇭to your design project! 🎥 HGTV 🛋 HPMKT Style Spotter 👘 Kimono Obsession

Rachel Moriarty

Robin Baron

Instagram bio: NY Interior Designer. 🛋 Providing a glimpse into my luxury interior design & furniture world. 👩🏽‍💻Designer, spokesperson, blogger. AKA: The Baroness

Robin Baron

Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora

Instagram bio: Believer | Mother | Award Winning Designer | HGTV Award Nominee | Featured In AD + Modern Luxury + Elle Decor | Design Mentor | Blogger

Veronica Solomon


Be the first to see it! Join all the sponsors and all the designers and the industry at large for the complimentary LIVE online VIP launch party on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 6 pm ET!

Register on this link now:

The official tag for the event so you can follow along on Instagram is #SLDS21

We hope to see you there for the VIP event and launch on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 6 pm ET!

For more information, please email us:

A big shoutout to all the participating sponsors! We’re honored to be a part of these standout global brands!


One of the many ways we spend time as a family is to seek out culture and diversity in the beautiful City of Angels and the art scene is a burgeoning area of growth. As members of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), we have been looking forward to the new Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibit. We are huge fans of the Post-Impressionist and Expressionist artists and find much of our color inspiration from studying works of art from early 20th century Europe (Featured left, Vincent van Gogh, Oil on Canvas1889).

Thus, over this past weekend we visited LACMA for the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibit. This installation chronicles the developments in modern art from artists in Germany as they traveled to Paris in the early 20th century. Below is a map of Germany and France which tells the story of how this French avant-garde art was being collected in Germany by private collectors who were less constrained than the museum directors at the time. Many of the new generation of Expressionist painters were moved by this new art.


The exhibition features “Post‑Impressionist, Fauvist, and Cubist paintings” including “Cézanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Robert Delaunay, and Paul Signac” and “the Expressionists, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Gabrielle Münter, and Franz Marc.” Many of these paintings are from the vast libraries of private collectors and are on loan to LACMA from major museums from the US, Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK. The exhibit boasts ninety paintings, 45 papered works and more than 40 artists and connects them over time as an “international movement in which artists responded with various aesthetic approaches to the work of modern masters.” Pictured below left, is Nude by Christian Rohlfs, an example of German expressionism influenced greatly by Van Gogh and the expressionist movement.


Very well-curated, the exhibit sought to emphasize not only the works of art themselves, but also, the criticisms the artists were up against (pictured above, right). The written critiques were presented, tongue and cheek, as wall art – pictured below – large text which read “WARNING! A COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS BY THE… OBSCURE PAINTER PAUL GAUGUIN…IS ADVANCING SLOWLY TOWARDS – BERLIN. FOLLOWING ON THE IDIOT VAN GOGH COMES NOW GAUGIN. – AN ART CRITIC WRITING IN THE MAGAZINE DIE KUNST-HALLE (1905). You know you’re shaking up the norm and making the establishment uncomfortable if critics hate it.

(LtoR) Apples and Biscuits by Paul Cezanne, 1895, Harlequin and Columbine by Heinrich Campendonk, Red Eiffel Tower by Robert Delaunay



It is an amazing story curated through time and through the works of some of the most notable and famous artists. We had a blast!

Custom Furniture – What’s Your Story?

Custom furniture, store-bought furniture, does your home tell your story?

Is your home just a crash-pad or a story-teller? Does your home convey your own style and personality, tell where you’ve been and what you’ve done? Home is a place full of endless memories told with photos, accessories, art collections and a decor that sets the vibe unique to you. So, how do you tell that story?

Custom Nathan Anthony “Bonn” sectional. Photo: Romero + Obeji Interior Design

Your furniture is like the lead characters in a play. It is usually the largest addition to the home and can carry the highest price tag. But, each piece plays a different role. Bold pieces, simple pieces, louder pieces, quieter pieces, hand-me-downs and antiques – they all shape the plot line and have a small part in shaping the entire story.

Where do you go to find the perfect characters for your tale? Custom furniture versus store-bought furniture, what’s the difference? There is a much wider selection and endless options with custom furniture. Upholstery is the best example. Store-bought upholstery is convenient and most stores carry styles in stock. You pay for it and take it home that same day. But, with store-bought upholstery, it’s likely that same sofa/chair/bed will also be in your neighbor’s home, especially if the local store is running a good sale. Your home will have a similar vibe to your neighbor’s (sad face). It’s like buying clothes at the local Target, yeah it’s great and convenient, but when you go to the football game, five people have the same shirt on! Buzz kill!

With custom upholstery, you’ll get to tell your story in your own way. You can select from lots of styles, fabrics, fills and finishes that are not readily available anywhere else. Because with custom upholstery, every piece is unique, especially at Nathan Anthony. A good example can be seen from the photo above. Designers at Romero + Obeji Interior Design selected a Nathan Anthony “Bonn” sectional, custom-sized it, changed the fills and selected white wood finish… the result- gorgeous and comfy! Best part, no one else has it! It’s a special process you go through when selecting styles, fabrics, fills and finishes all to your taste. Plus, upholstery that is custom made in Los Angeles, like Nathan Anthony’s, is well-built, uses the best material, tailored to perfection and long lasting.

Custom upholstered furniture may be slightly more expensive and take a little more time to make, but it’s totally worth it.  The ultimate luxury is to have something you personally select, made to order. And, it’s a unique story-telling tool that completes your home’s story.

Thank you for reading our blog! Please tell us, what story does your home tell?

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A Chic, Contemporary Mountain Retreat Using Pods

From time to time we come across a blog that is both fantastic and features us! Here is a blog by Tahoe Quarterly about a thoughtfully designed, mountain home renovation, using Pods and featuring our Model 41 sectional, enjoy!

Perfection By Pods – Tahoe Quarterly

Written by Sylas Wright


The Grass family simply outgrew their first Martis Camp home. With prowess gleaned from the experience, the Bay Area couple embarked on their next project with valuable building savvy and a honed vision of their ideal mountain digs.

“It was a great house, but our needs just changed,” says Josh Grass, explaining why he and his wife, Anne, decided to build a different home within Martis Camp.

“I started to need a dedicated office, which [the first home] lacked, and more garage space. We also liked the more private, larger and expensive lot that we have now, but we did not feel comfortable with that purchase when Martis Camp was less established and when a second home in Truckee was feeling like more of an experiment for us.”

Upon settling into their new home after its June 2017 completion, the Grasses are delighted with their decision to build anew.


The couple began by assembling a team. After interviewing multiple firms, they hired Truckee-based builder Glennwood Mountain Homes, Truckee’s Kelly & Stone Architects (KSA) and, in an unconventional move, an interior designer with another architecture firm—Annie MacFadyen of Truckee’s Ryan Group Architects.

“It was a bit of an odd situation working with designers from different architecture firms, but the project went very, very well with Annie and KSA together,” says Glennwood president Chris Abel, who served as the project manager. “We were able to put a team together that produced that house, which I think came out absolutely fantastic.”

Among the initial goals, the owners wanted the home tucked away from the road, nestled on the back end of the forested, 2.5-acre lot. The living spaces would face south, where a clearing in the trees opened views to Northstar’s Lookout Mountain.

KSA’s Ryan Marsden and Keith Kelly took the lead on the design. Working closely with the owners, they came up with a “pod concept” to separate the more private quarters and utility areas from the main spaces, one of which is an oversized three-car garage designed to house an assortment of outdoor toys—off-road vehicles, mountain bikes, kayaks, paddleboards and other various gear. Additional pods include the public space (great room, kitchen, dining) in the center of the home, the master suite, which is set at an angle to provide additional privacy, and a junior master bedroom. All the pods are linked by glass-lined bridge connectors.

“Ryan is kind of a master,” says Grass. “It’s very interesting working with him in the conceptual design phase, when you’re on Skype with him sharing a screen, and he just starts flipping things all over the place. You’re like, ‘Wait a minute, how did he do that?’ So that was pretty cool. Ryan and Keith had a really good feel for the aesthetic we had in mind. We really enjoyed the architectural design process.”

Some couples are perfectly aligned in their aesthetic preferences. The Grasses are not among them, with Anne leaning toward contemporary materials and Josh a more traditional mountain look.

And yet, with the assistance of the designers, they managed to meld their differences into a successful fusion of styles, which is evident throughout the exterior and interior finishes.


“They had differing opinions at many crossroads,” says MacFadyen, “and I would catch what I felt were the important things to make the call and move forward with a little bit of what Anne wanted and a little bit of what Josh wanted. This is common, and it’s fun.”

The blending of styles is immediately apparent as one pulls into the front auto court, which loops around a landscaped, boulder-rimmed raised planter built around a large Jeffrey pine—a touch that softens the feel of the approach, Marsden explains.

The home’s exterior is clad in a clean and contemporary clear cedar siding, which received a gray stain to give it a more traditional vernacular. Pre-weathered corrugated metal accents the wood siding, which is set off by bold lines of jet-black steel—“like putting on a black belt and black shoes to complement a sharp gray suit,” Marsden quips. Grayish sandstone sawn by Reno’s Eric Schwedt Stone & Masonry adds another material to the mix.

An oversized door of stainless steel and black-stained alder ushers guests into the soaring great room, which slopes gently from 17 feet overhead to 19 feet over the mostly glass wall opposite the entry. A large black I-beam runs the length of the room. The beam was designed not only to split the great-room spaces visually, but also to bring the exterior materials inside and provide crucial structural support for a portion of the upper floor and roof.


“That is a dramatic element, and we are happy with how it turned out,” says Grass. “It was a big choice whether to put in a post or a beam. Something has to hold up that corner of the second floor, and you have two choices, unless you want to go with an insanely expensive cantilever sort of option. So we chose the beam, because a post in the middle of that room would feel intrusive to the flow.”

On the living room side of the I-beam, a black metal-paneled fireplace towers over a giant Nathan Anthony sectional couch. The exterior materials repeat here, with the fireplace flanked on one side by the gray-stained cedar and on the other by the gray sandstone that is interspersed throughout the home.

Left of the beam from the main entry, the dining space is defined by a custom walnut table and pendant light running parallel to a glass Andersen slider door. A covered outdoor fire pit and seating area beckons from just beyond the glass. Past the dining room, the kitchen breaks up the vaulted space under a lower section of ceiling.


Modern and traditional materials blend throughout this grand public space. Metal and rock mix with bright white Caesarstone kitchen countertops and walls, which reside harmoniously amid richly grained hickory wood floors by Truckee’s Bassett Flooring, dark walnut cabinetry from S&S Millworks and lighter hemlock ceilings from Caseywood Corporation. It’s another testament to the owners’ merging of tastes.

“I didn’t want it to feel like a beach house in Malibu; I wanted to keep some of the warmer wood elements,” says Grass, who argued against his wife’s preference for concrete floors. “I think we found a happy medium where it doesn’t feel like a beach house, but it has some really clean, cool lines to it. We figured out how to find the right balance there.”

While the fireplace takes center stage in the living room, a custom floating staircase on the far side of the great room is the focal point of the interior. The stairs, designed by the KSA team, express each of the main materials used in the home—wood in the form of hefty PSL block treads, steel in the stringers and grip rails, and glass railings. The staircase is set off by an adjoining wall of the sawn sandstone.


The upstairs houses two south-facing bedrooms with stellar views to Northstar, including a bunk room accessed by one of the home’s glass-lined bridges, as well as a multi-function art/media/play room. Another glass connector leads from the garage to the public space, off of which are a laundry room and separate mudroom with lockers and a bench. The front auto court, great room and the glass bridge leading to the master suite are all in clear view as one walks down the windowed corridor from the garage.

“I think the bridge connector language was really successful,” Marsden says. “As you circulate from one spot of the house to another, you pass these transparent bridge elements everywhere you go. Not only does that bring light into those hallways and transparency, but it creates visual cues that one is transitioning from public to private spaces, and vice versa.”

The owners and their team agree that the master suite is among the prize areas of the home.

Linked by a glass bridge from the great room, the master pod is shifted westward, away from the extensive outdoor living spaces in back of the home and toward a densely forested portion of the lot. A door along the passage leads to a covered outdoor nook and hot tub on the back patio. A powder room is located just inside the door. The end of the hall swings left into the master bedroom or right into an office, which includes a Murphy bed that folds out of the wall and its own door out to the front auto court.

“One of Josh’s goals with the master suite was having his office close by, so we made that part of the master pod on the north side to help buffer the master from the auto court and give it some privacy,” says Marsden. “But what’s also nice is he has a door out to the auto court. That way, if he needed to get to the garage quickly or had people coming over for a meeting, he has easy access.”

The master bedroom does not eat up a ton of square footage. It is lofty, however. And while a strip of windows high on the south wall lets in natural light during the day (similar to the high living room windows), the upper portion of the room would remain dark at night if not for MacFadyen. To counteract the dark void, MacFadyen suggested placing lights facing upward above the master bed (as well as in the living room) that splash light onto the ceiling.

“That was something where the owner wasn’t convinced. I encouraged them to trust me,” MacFadyen says. “We were all glad we did it, because it really lightens up that ceiling.”


While the entire design and build was a success, the owners and their team perhaps rave most about the outdoor living areas off the back of the home.

“We really liked the back of that lot and we saw a huge potential for a covered outdoor sitting area, which we kind of missed on our first house,” says Grass. “We felt like we needed a big outdoor area that was covered, because in the summer the sun is so intense at 6,000 feet, and then if it’s snowing out, you’re always having to clean it off. So we really enjoy that part of the house.”

Off the living room, a wall of Weiland lift-and-slide doors open to a sprawling stone patio.

To the right is the covered hot tub nook, and beyond that a separate covered seating area off the master bedroom. To the left, a massive flat roof shelters the main outdoor living quarters, which includes a barbecue, counter and nearby dining table, as well as additional seating in front of a substantial ledgestone fireplace surround. Ceiling heaters help ensure comfort year-round. The space also features a large Weiland pass-through window from the kitchen, adding convenience to the outdoor cooking and dining experience.

The patio steps down to a circular stone terrace and fire pit bordered by landscaping from Truckee’s Rock & Rose, Inc. Beyond the fire pit, the lot spills out to a clearing that merges with a maze of manzanitas, pines and firs—the views to Northstar ever present through the treetops.

“Everyone did a nice job on the house,” says Grass. “It’s a lot about how the details are managed to pull it off. There’s nothing worse than having a great vision and design only to have the execution fall short.”

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Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

Hot chocolate… warm blankets… smoke filled chimneys and the sound of Christmas music – we love this time of year!


Each year we (Tina and Khai) set aside time for some fun holiday family traditions, from baking sweet Christmas cookies to decorating our beloved Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols together. We also visit the homeless shelter to provide food and cheer! At the factory, our staff decorates the office and we have a big holiday feast and party where we hand out Christmas gifts.


This year, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite family holiday traditions in hopes to hear back about some of yours.


Decorating for Christmas, naturally, is our favorite! Nothing fills a home like Christmas cheer and twinkling lights. Our Christmas tree becomes the main event in our home and where our family gathers to sing Christmas carols and drink our favorite peppermint hot chocolate, all while never leaving our pajamas. Our son, Nathan Anthony, now 16 years-old, makes sure to set up the Lionel train handed down by his maternal grandfather to complete the tree decor. In our home we agree, our favorite Christmas carol to sing is “Oh Holy Night.”


On Christmas Eve, we visit the homeless shelter, to prepare, serve and eat dinner with those transitioning into homes. It really is a wonderful time. We set the tables, bring all the food, cook the food at the shelter then serve the food for them. Once they are all seated, our family sits down with these families and shares the Christmas Eve meal with them. We enjoy visiting and learning their stories. We have met some wonderful people throughout the many years of this tradition.


We also set aside time to visit nursing homes with 20 of our wonderful friends to sing Christmas carols and visit with everyone in the home. We always look forward to going back each year to visit them again! We have heard some wonderful voices join together to carol with us!


No matter what your family traditions are, Christmas time is a wonderful time of year to spread joy and cheer to those around you. Visit our social pages to share your favorite holiday traditions!

Thank you for reading. To keep up with the latest happenings here at Nathan Anthony, please connect with us on  FacebookGoogle+, TwitterInstagram  and Pinterest.