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Something very exciting in the world of design is happening now! It’s time for the International Design Awards! Design et al Magazine, a magazine based in the UK, organizes annually an online awards event that invites its subscribers and design enthusiasts everywhere to vote on the best in interior design, product design, architecture, yacht, aviation and […]

Working on your dream living space, or a high-style design project? We know as designers you have many products to choose from. At Nathan Anthony, our products are made from the finest materials available, with furniture enthusiasts in mind who want something beautiful for the interior space, something that defines their individuality and personal sense of […]

Swarovski crystals are some of the finest crystals made. Since the inception of this Austrian, family-owned company in 1895, Swarovski has been inspiring creative talents from the world of fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting with an array of choices in colors, shapes, sizes and cuts. We look to Swarovski for its trend forecasting twice a […]

Art piece? Sculpture? Coffee table? In the most recent issues of Elle Decor, we used this structure as a coffee table in front of our Rocco sectional (below). We received many inquiries and comments regarding this coffee table as to what it was and by whom was it made. With so much interest, we felt […]

The Egoist Sofa. Do we have your attention?  Nathan Anthony Furniture’s 132″ wide Egoist sofa was recently featured in the January/February issue of NHOME – Texas – a magazine showcasing high-end luxury homes and lifestyles in Texas courtesy of its retail partner, Interior Trade Cartel.   Interior Trade Cartel,  is located in San Antonio, Texas, […]

Last week, Nathan Anthony Furniture had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending Design Camp, a 2-day seminar in Atlanta hosted and instructed by celebrity interior designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. Nathan Anthony’s Lead Designer, Tina Nicole attended camp and came back feeling “really inspired.” She states, “Unlike other design seminars, Lori and Kelli invite campers into their […]

We are thrilled to announce our partnering with Design Camp – an informative and valuable two-day seminar for design professionals lead and hosted by celebrity interior designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. Along with a team of industry experts, including Nathan Anthony Furniture (Bonn sectional shown left), Lori and Kelli offer their “Rock Star Designer” […]