Tips & Tricks: Why Designers Choose Nathan Anthony Furniture from Our Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2021!

One of our favorite things to do here at Nathan Anthony is interact with our customers! We love hearing what you are enjoying and how our pieces have transformed your homes. 

To provide more inspiration, we are sharing our top 5 Instagram posts of 2021 and giving our professional design tips for how you can design your interiors like these photos. 

Here are our top 5 Instagram posts of 2021


This beautiful transformation of an outdated Tuscan home to a sophisticated luxe modern design actually happened during COVID! The designer Marilyn @interior_designer_md incorporated new architectural details while keeping some of the existing details to create a perfect balance of old and new. This was Marilyn’s fourth project with her very very trusting and awesome clients❤️. Click the link to see more of this amazing house and Marilyn’s work!

Here’s a few more WOW shots from this Tuscan home transformation:

Juliet Sofa
Juliet Sofa
Liberte Sofa nathan anthony furniture


Where modern design meets opulence – the two design aesthetics go hand-in-hand in this gorgeous modern penthouse! ⁠Our EMELIE CHAIRS face the stunning hand-laid white and black marble tile, with brass detailing on the main wall of the kitchen. You can see how the interior designer used the sculptural shape of our EMELIE CHAIRS to highlight a two-toned fabric application. Choosing materials like black, brass and white is a color palette that just elevates all other décor elements around.

This home was featured on  Modern Luxury’s Instagram account!  ⁠


Hands down, it’s the low and exaggerated angle of the shot capturing the BELL BOTTOM CHAIR’S sexy legs and rounded back. It’s also the killer fabric on the frame that made this post so popular.  Bell Bottom is the perfect dining chair because of its slanted arms, it can nestle under a standard dining table, or an accent chair in the bedroom or office.  Chairs that have rounded backs, sculptural features and a smaller footprint like the Bell Bottom work perfectly in any room you want to add super style to.


This gorgeous home was featured in ELLE DECOR MAGAZINE this last March. Interior design and post was by interior designer Kesha Franklin of @haldeninteriors here’s what she wrote about the room “I’m so excited to finally share that one of my projects for a very special client is in this month’s issue!! My client unexpectedly experienced the loss of her dear husband and I had the honor of restoring some sunshine into her life with a design that evokes happiness, memories of the love they shared and inspiration for more special moments to come!!” 

Everyone loved this one for the pop of yellow on the ceiling, the happy bubbly chandelier and our gorgeous, crisp and fresh EMELIE DINING CHAIRS in white leather.


Another gorgeous interior by interior designer Kesha Franklin of @haldeninteriors! It’s her choice of purple velvet paired with the art that brings out the purple and mauve hues. Insta tip: the best bed posts are those that are vignetted like this one… close up, you see the side table, art, a little styling with flowers / ceramics, lighting or sconces, a hint of the bedding and voila, you have the perfectly styled bedroom post! Beautiful work Kesha (as always)!

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Decoding Performance Fabrics, What it all means!

Performance fabrics are all the rage, but what does “performance” mean? Read on about this popular upholstery cover— which Nathan Anthony customers love to specify for their furniture selections. 

Photo: Khai Mai President and Chief Engineer at Nathan Anthony

What is Performance?

Image courtesy of Ultrasuede

In the context of fabric for residential home furnishings, performance typically refers to durability or cleanability, and, in some cases, to both. Durability offers insurance against everyday wear and tear, and cleanability refers primarily to stain and odor resistance. 

Why Performance? 

Do your design clients have children? Pets? Are they playing host or hostess to chic soirees in the living room? Will an all-white sectional in these homes spur the biting of nails and gnashing of teeth? Relax; you’ve got this. 

What to Look For? 

Double Rub Count

The “double rub count” term originated with a piece of heavy canvas repeatedly rubbed using a mechanized arm. Every back and forth motion of the arm counts as one “double rub.” The motion is meant to replicate the abrasive effects of normal use, and the friction that occurs when you sit down and stand up from sitting. The test continues until there are signs of significant wear, which is defined as two yarn breaks. Fabrics with a higher double rub count will offer more durability and longer-lasting wear. Look for a high count, starting at 10,000 double rubs or greater, when covering upholstered furniture items that will be used more frequently. 

Crypton Finish

Crypton offers exceptional protection from water- and oil-based stains, moisture and odors. The fibers in a Crypton fabric are permanently transformed through a chemical immersion process, which includes an impenetrable moisture barrier to protect the fabric from spills and odors. Crypton assures its antimicrobial and stain-resistance technology is good for the life of the fabric. The company produces an impressive array of colors and patterns to choose from.

Nanoclean Finish

Nanoclean is an advanced fabric protector application available for use on certain upholstery fabrics. An invisible finish penetrates and forms a protective barrier around each fiber, with no impact to the fabric’s breathability. The application delivers durable, long-lasting repellency against water and oil based stains, dust, bacteria, viruses and dry soil, without affecting the touch, feel, look and the color of the fabric. 

Ultrasuede HP®

Image courtesy of Ultrasuede

Ultrasuede® is the original high-performance fabric, invented in Japan in the late ‘60s. Interior designers ask for it by name, due to its reputation for luxurious softness combined with durability. It offers 200,000 double rubs on all 97 solid colors, which makes it twice as durable as leather. Ultrafine, yet extra strong, fibers are the starting point in a proprietary, non-woven process. The fabric’s high fiber density gives it inherently beneficial properties, including cleanability. Most stains are removed with a water dampened cloth and gentle blotting. Learn more by visiting their website 


While this is not a complete list of performance fabrics available in the marketplace, we hope you’ve gained a sense for the features and benefits to look for.

Performance Fabric at Nathan Anthony

We’ll be your wingman in the game of upholstery love! 

Your clients may do the happy dance when you choose from our wide, in-house selection of performance fabrics for your kid-, pet-, and wine-friendly interior design projects. We’ve expanded our offering to include items like the cozy (and popular) Bear Performance Plush fabric, available in a range of rich colors.

You may now search for performance fabric on our website. Click on the magnifying glass icon, and type “performance”, “50,000”, or “100,000” (for the desired double rub count); or, key in the performance fabric brand name.

Or simply CLICK HERE to locate your favorites! 

We hope you’ve found this information useful. Please don’t hesitate to write us with any additional questions at

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Top Tips for Arranging Your Home for Entertaining

Ahh, Summer, how we love you so!

Beautiful weather, kids home from school, a nice cold lemonade in hand, while catching some rays by the pool… we love Summer days, especially with good company!

At Nathan Anthony, we love entertaining at home and it’s important that our guests feel comfortable and the environment is fun and inviting. Although, here in California we enjoy indoor / outdoor living almost all year round, Summer provides everything for a fun get together in the comfort of your home. To celebrate the season, we’d like to share our top tips for transforming your home into the perfect space for a fun Summer shindig (hint: read to the end for the best tip!).

A welcoming foyer / entryway, is the first step. Set the tone in this area by adding color, plants for warmth and life and don’t forget family photos & fun accessories. A nice settee by the door, where your guests can sit and take off their shoes or other outerwear, can also add a great touch. It is important to keep this space in your home inviting and alive! Providing a feeling of hospitality will help your guests relax, enjoy themselves and stay awhile.

Elan sofa (black) interior design & photo courtesy @MichelleWenitskyInteriorDesign


Dali Chair – Showroom 58 Entry

A dark, dimly lit entrance may make your guests want to turn right around. With all the beautiful chandeliers available now, this is a great way to both properly light the area, but also a beautiful chandelier can be the first WOW factor of your home.


Elan Sectional – Spaces Designed Interior Design

Greenwich sectional, interior design & photo courtesy @CashmanDesigns

Relax curved sectional, Korz chair

Relax curved sectional, Monetti triangle table, Roxx rug

Elan sectional by @FlauntInteriorsDesign

Sectionals are GREAT for entertaining. They provide a lot of seating for small or large spaces, come in many different options and allow you to show off your personal interior style.


Humphrey collection, at Alice Lane

Keep furniture arranged in an easy to navigate style. No one likes to shuffle through knees when having to use the restroom in the movie theater, the same goes for your home. Don’t place over-sized furniture so closely that it’s difficult to squeeze through, and try to corral all loose toys, plants, etc. to keep guests from tripping over them.

We know, we know, this one is tough! It’s so easy to grab the mail, walk into the house and leave it on the kitchen counter or drop your day clothes on the ground and plop into the closest chair – GUILTY! but tackle the clutter before guests arrive. This allows for more space when entertaining and keeps your home looking clean, tidy and fresh feeling.

Muse bed & Z-3 ottoman- interior design & photo courtesy Mint Interiors


Evok modular sectional

Evok modular sectional

Evok modular sectional

Evok modular sectional

For those who have a larger area to work with, using modular sectionals make for great and flexible seating arrangements. This helps keep groups together who would like to stay close and provides options to your guests. Not all guests will care to sit around the tv, so using parts of sectionals for relocating seating areas where your guests can gather for intimate conversation or games is a great way to help all feel welcomed and keep the party going. You can also consider using armless chairs, ottomans, poufs, overstuffed pillows, and stacked chairs for this purpose.

Cielo sofas interior design & photo courtesty @FlauntInteriorsDesign

Cielo sofas interior design & photo courtesty @FlauntInteriorsDesign

Think circular areas. Place sofas in a way that it creates a circular style where guests can easily hold a comfortable and intimate conversation.

For those fortunate enough to have beautiful outdoor weather in the Summer, having seating arrangements outdoors will take your party from zero to everything! This allows guests to spread out and enjoy all the different aspects of your home. When choosing the perfect table and chairs for outdoor entertaining, focus on seating and tables with legs that are long and allow for air flow under furniture. This trick also gives visitors the illusion of a more open environment.


Tina Nicole’s favorite! @Tina_nicolesig

Make cupcakes!

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Custom Furniture – What’s Your Story?

Custom furniture, store-bought furniture, does your home tell your story?

Is your home just a crash-pad or a story-teller? Does your home convey your own style and personality, tell where you’ve been and what you’ve done? Home is a place full of endless memories told with photos, accessories, art collections and a decor that sets the vibe unique to you. So, how do you tell that story?

Custom Nathan Anthony “Bonn” sectional. Photo: Romero + Obeji Interior Design

Your furniture is like the lead characters in a play. It is usually the largest addition to the home and can carry the highest price tag. But, each piece plays a different role. Bold pieces, simple pieces, louder pieces, quieter pieces, hand-me-downs and antiques – they all shape the plot line and have a small part in shaping the entire story.

Where do you go to find the perfect characters for your tale? Custom furniture versus store-bought furniture, what’s the difference? There is a much wider selection and endless options with custom furniture. Upholstery is the best example. Store-bought upholstery is convenient and most stores carry styles in stock. You pay for it and take it home that same day. But, with store-bought upholstery, it’s likely that same sofa/chair/bed will also be in your neighbor’s home, especially if the local store is running a good sale. Your home will have a similar vibe to your neighbor’s (sad face). It’s like buying clothes at the local Target, yeah it’s great and convenient, but when you go to the football game, five people have the same shirt on! Buzz kill!

With custom upholstery, you’ll get to tell your story in your own way. You can select from lots of styles, fabrics, fills and finishes that are not readily available anywhere else. Because with custom upholstery, every piece is unique, especially at Nathan Anthony. A good example can be seen from the photo above. Designers at Romero + Obeji Interior Design selected a Nathan Anthony “Bonn” sectional, custom-sized it, changed the fills and selected white wood finish… the result- gorgeous and comfy! Best part, no one else has it! It’s a special process you go through when selecting styles, fabrics, fills and finishes all to your taste. Plus, upholstery that is custom made in Los Angeles, like Nathan Anthony’s, is well-built, uses the best material, tailored to perfection and long lasting.

Custom upholstered furniture may be slightly more expensive and take a little more time to make, but it’s totally worth it.  The ultimate luxury is to have something you personally select, made to order. And, it’s a unique story-telling tool that completes your home’s story.

Thank you for reading our blog! Please tell us, what story does your home tell?

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#1 Most Important Quality of an Interior Designer

Choosing a designer can be overwhelming. There are so many professionals out there with different design styles and portfolios that it’s hard to pick! Good news is, if you know your budget, your style and the type of interior designer you’re looking for, next step is to start the interviews. Apart from confirming they have the necessary designer credentials, make sure to ask ALL the right questions in that first consultation:

  • Does the designer have a reputable portfolio?
  • What suppliers do they work with?
  • What is the typical time frame for projects?
  • How will they bring your vision to life?
  • Do they have references?
  • Fees? (of course)


Above all else, here at Nathan Anthony we believe the #1 most important quality of an interior designer is


A successful consultation comes down to one thing: does he/she take the time to listen to you? Yes, there are other top things to consider like communication style and personality. However, listening to you, the client, is THE most important thing and here’s why: if they don’t listen to you, they will not be able to deliver what you want. Many times, professionals do a lot of the talking and not much listening. Naturally, they are trying to sell you on their services. But, they also have to ditch the chatter and hear what you are telling them about yourself and your home. Observe them to determine if they are asking YOU questions. A successful design professional should be taking notes and asking you things, not just about the space, but about your concerns, dreams, needs and budget. When choosing an interior designer, pay close attention to how much attention she/he is paying to you and your property.

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7 Color Trends We’re Loving for Fall

Savile row plaids, hot pink, neon yellows? What? … Fall is here with SASS and we are thrilled!

New York Fashion week and Paris Fashion Week is always a fun time for us. We check out the designs, colors and patterns of the season and try to relay that in some way on furniture. Not an easy task! The furniture trend season is much longer than fashion, about two years. People don’t change their furniture as often as their handbags or shoes.  That time is shortening with social media and access to images/trends in real time. Nathan Anthony, is the go-to for staying fashionable with upholstery trends. Here are some colors that graced the runway this season, which can also be found on our custom couture designs.


As a fun way to celebrate the season, here are some of our designs draped in the colors we expect to be popular this fall:


Add swagger to your decor, our award-winning Minx Wing sofa in diagonal plaid!


Bold and not for the faint at heart, bright and crisp- our Bonn sofa in white with citron Ultrasuede, Chess chair, Dali chair – oh yeah!


Award-winning Minx Wing sofa in ruby red mohair, yum!


Elan settee shown in a contemporary green velvet


Gobi chair in orange cotton

Tetra tables in Ultrasuede pink ribbon and hot pink


Cielo Lounge in Ultrasuede amethyst


Rock star neutrals- photo: Interiors By Steven G. featuring our ROCCO sectional

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3 Take-Aways From Spring High Point Market 2018

Back in Los Angeles and ready to share our favorite moments from High Point Market. It’s most fun to see our customers and connect with industry friends and colleagues while we present our newest designs. This year, we focused on showing off our upholstery skills and really telling the world about our craft we call “upholstery art.” By far the star of the show was our new Chablis collection… Here are two instagram live videos taken from the showroom.


We find the best blogs are “tips and tricks” of the trade. So, we want to present three take-aways from the market. Knowing these will certainly help boost awareness of your work and help you stand out as an interior design professional.


The chair is perhaps the most important piece of furniture. It is the finishing touch of personality, or that extra pop of color or shape that completes a room. Buyers will come by our showroom at market just to see what chairs we are bringing, or how we are changing up our “covers” on a chair.

Cruise- takes inspiration from the yachting lifestyle. Expressing contemporary style with a modern twist, the Cruise chair features an extra-wide cantilevered seat; supple, rounded body; and delicately curved wood base, constructed in three distinct sections for added drama. Featured: Trend Watch “She-suite” display, cover: Ultrasuede sunset

Chablis- a stylish, barrel-shaped swivel chair with Arabesque-inspired large ornamental quilting that sweeps across the entire back in a rhythmic pattern.

Dali chair, 2017 International Product Design award winner

Chelle swivel, curved channels cascade down the back, accented by scalloped upholstered plinth

Aerie swivel, nominated for 2018 International Product Design award

Korz- a V-shaped steel frame supports floating chair chassis shown in cover: Doe/s white

Emelie chair, Tetra table


Dubbed the “craftsman movement,” today buyers want furniture with stand out features, beautiful from all angles. History, craft and evolution of the design makes the piece relevant… telling the story about the inspiration and journey of making furniture. Use technology to tell the story, whether it’s with video, animation or sketching. Each piece we design is a sculpture. Every angle says something special, something beautiful.

Chablis- a 43″ deep sofa featuring Arabesque-inspired large ornamental quilting that sweeps across the entire back in a rhythmic patternt, accented by contoured, scalloped and quilted arms, and a scalloped wood plinth which matches the exits of each decorative shape. The plinth base is available in 9 wood finishes.

Chablis sofa back view

Kasbah- a barrel-shaped swivel chair with a comfortable, socializing silhouette. Also designed to float in a room, Kasbah features a quilted outside back treatment with a rhythmic, arabesque-type pattern.

(Left to Right) Pastel grouping- Chablis swivel, Chelle swivel, Chablis sofa, dining chairs (rear)

Grace bed

Chablis swivel, beautiful Arabesque quilting all around

Cruise chair, beautiful sculptural shape and 3 sectioned base


Choice of color has a tremendous effect on furniture buyers. We’ve never seen how powerful purple can be. Our standout model was CIELO covered in Ultrasuede amethyst. Buyers went crazy for it, posting things like #fortheloveofpurple. Maybe it’s because Ultraviolet is Pantone’s color of the year, but this piece in that cover was electrifying.


Cielo lounge system

Cielo lounge system

Dali chair, 2017 International Product Design award winner in lavender leather with wine color leather petals

Cielo lounge system, Origami poufs

Origami poufs in Ultrasuede amethyst with orchid welt


Soft hues evoke a serene feeling. Buyers are seeking out these schemes for the interior as they are au courant in fashion.

Chablis sofa

Dali chair, lavender leather with wine leather petals

(Left to Right) Chablis swivel, Chelle swivel, Chablis sofa

Grace bed

Elan angle, Tetra tables


Neutral colors are always the best solution for large pieces in the room like sofas or sectionals. But, you can have fun and brighten them up with pops of color. Try to use fresh hues like some of our favorites: Ultrasuede hot pink or wine’ n roses.

Sabine 007 in Ultrasuede cadet gray, Tetra tables in Ultrasuede hot pink

Elan/R007 angle left arm facing sofa, Elan/R007 ottoman, Elan/R007 corner, Tetra tables

Minx wing sofa, 2017 International Product Design award winner, Ultrasuede orchid and amethyst

Cruise chair, Trend Watch “She-suite” display, cover: Ultrasuede sunset


We would like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our showroom! Also, thank you to all who mentioned us in their blogs, seminars, social media. It was a pleasure meeting you!

@JeffreyDesigner@DeborahMain @TKPleslie @Archdigest, @Luxemagazine @Traditionalhome @Bridgefordesign @UltrasuedeInt @FurnitureToday @LightingDecormag @DesignersToday @Triadbusinessjournal

Greg from Haptor Barrett Los Angeles, CA, Tina Nicole and Khai Mai

John Strauss and Carisa Marie of CMJS Creativ, Tina Nicole and Khai Mai

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How to Decorate Like a Minimalist

We’re obsessed with Amazon’s series Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things – living a meaningful life with less. This series strikes a personal note as designers of quality furniture for the interior; one-of-a-kind pieces that will stand the test and trends of time. Minimalist decorating is a part of this lifestyle. It means taking control of your life by removing clutter, choosing quality over quantity and living by the one-in one-out philosophy.

So, how do you create a clean, crisp, clutter-free environment? What does it mean to decorate like a minimalist? Studies have shown that those who live in a cluttered environment are more likely to produce the stress hormone called cortisol. Why cause more stress in our lives than we already have? Say goodbye to duplicate spatulas in your kitchen drawer. We all have our favorite, right? Do we really need five?!

Here are some helpful tips on how to transition to minimalist decor:


Removing clutter is the first step in preparing for your minimalist decor. First and foremost, tackle your surfaces. Have flyers and mail piling up on the kitchen counter? Shred them. Kids’ toys all over the great room? Designate a play-bin in a hall-way closet and toss old stuff every six months. All surfaces should be free of stuff, this way you see the room, the shapes and lighting.  Allow the mind to be peaceful and uninterrupted when you step into the room.

Rocco sectional

Egoist sofas


While removing clutter you may find items you’re not ready to discard yet, that’s okay! We all have our stuff or important memoirs. For those items we suggest one of our stylish upholstered beds with storage drawers. Check out Ethan below, this bed is not only simple on the eyes, but also takes advantage of the empty cavity inside the platform by creating a space for storage. And, designers love our upholstered beds with drawers as they can be customized to your specifics tastes or project needs. This will hide away all of the collected items that you are not ready to let go of, all while keeping your home looking neat and put together.

Ethan bed with storage drawers

Shelter bed with storage drawers


Serene, neutral colors in your home will instantly jump start the goal of a minimalist environment. Not all whites are the same tone, especially when pairing it with certain lighting. If your home has mostly natural light, choose a more yellow under-toned white paint color. If the lighting in your home is more yellow, choose a more blue under-toned white color. This will balance the lighting and feel of the home while being fresh and pleasing to the eye. Next, pair white with grey, taupe, ivory or bone colors. You can from season to season pick one non-neutral color for pop and fun.

Andrew sofa, Roxx mini rugs, Tetra 02-20 tables


While minimalism beckons a more neutral color palette,  you can enrich the eyes with textures using leather, velvets, wood, metal and wool shearling – all in greys, taupes, bone and ivory colors.

Radly sofa, Torino tables, Roxx large rugs


This is a motto we live by! Choosing quality pieces that will stand the test of time is key here. While being trendy is fun, you want to leave the trendiness to accents such as toss pillows. Invest in pieces that are made of heirloom quality and construction, and are designed in such a way that the style endures. A great example of this would be our Elan sectional, Z-3 swivel chairs and Triton table ottoman (and everything else we make!)

Elan/099 sectional, Z-3 chairs, Triton table


Colleen Madsen’s “One in, One out” philosophy is golden. Many of us buy on impulse things we do not need. By following the one-in, one-out philosophy, you are not only omitting the possibility of impulse buying, but you are also evening-out your stuff ratio.


Last, but not least, keep it simple. Pared down accent furniture, simple silhouettes and soothing art makes for a clean and peaceful room. Less is more in a minimalist world, so stick to decorating and owning items that are essential to the decor, not extra to the decor. We are true believers that you can live a meaningful life with less.

Haus sofa

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Useful Tips! How to Care for Your Furniture

Here at Nathan Anthony we know how important it is to keep your beautiful new investment looking brand new. As with any item of beauty and quality, upholstered furniture requires care and cleaning to maintain its look and to extend its life. When properly taken care of and maintained, your piece can last a lifetime! Here are some of our tips and tricks to keeping your furniture looking like new.


Sabine sofa

After receiving your product, allow a break-in period. Your new Nathan Anthony furniture was just made for you. No less than fifteen hands touched your furniture during the creation process as it made its way through manufacturing. Because our furniture is made of all new materials, please allow these materials to assimilate and fall into place. Cushions may feel firm at first, even down cushions, and will relax after a period of use. This is normal.


Rocco sectional

Pick a happy place for your furniture. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight which will minimize fading or tearing.



“Fluff” and “turn” feather and down, trillium and NA comfort fill cushions once a week to keep contents from settling in one place, prevents quills from poking out and to maintain a full and resilient look. You can also open up the cushions to move fabric that travels back into place or smooth insides to fill in corners. This is normal wear and tear.


Egoist sofa

Tight (or attached) cushions will stretch and wrinkle with use. It’s easy to restore the look by smoothing the surface of the fabric and if needed, tuck excess upholstery into the sides and back.



It’s best to vacuum with an upholstery attachment seat cushions, back cushions, arms and backs regularly as dirt and dust can cause fabric to wear and tear faster.



Finally, it’s best to schedule a semiannual professional cleaning to keep your furniture looking and performing its best. Professional services may ask for the cleaning code of your fabric. If it’s an NA fabric, you can find the cleaning code on our website or call into the factory for more information.

To better understand how to care for your exact piece, here are our Cleaning Codes:

“W” = Water. Clean with water-based upholstery cleaning products. Dab clean, do not rub.

“S” = Solvent. Clean with water-free, pure cleaning solvents (dry-cleaning). Do not use water-based products.

“SW”= Solvent or Water. Use water-based or pure cleaning solvents. Test small out of sight area first to see which one works better.

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3 Key Elements for Inspiring Furniture Installations

Making beautiful furniture is what we do best. We love it when designers use our products to create their own beautiful, masterful interiors. Like any puzzle, interior design projects require many pieces to complete the entire look, so when our products are one of those pieces, we’re tickled!

That being said, in order to design beautiful furniture, a big part of what we do is visualize how these pieces will be used. When we see interior designers place our pieces in their design installations, it inspires new ideas and encourages us to push the envelope even more.

Our customers are some of the best in the business. There are 3 key elements for inspiring furniture installations that work when planning a space. Check these out and we hope they inspire you too!


Nathan Anthony Elan settee & Elan chairs, photo courtesy: by Prop-n-Spoon, NY

A pop of solid color on upholstery kicks the style quotient into gear. Neutral colors everywhere, except the seating, leads to eye-catching rooms because it’s unexpected and risky.

Nathan Anthony Greenwich sofa, interior design and photo courtesy: Katrina Stumbos

Sometimes the accents are neutral and the upholstery and floor is what pops. We love it when Nathan Anthony pieces, with the unique shapes and stitching techniques, are used as the center pieces of the project. Yay!

Nathan Anthony Baron bed, Elan bench

Nathan Anthony Sabine sofa, Tetra 02-20 ottomans, Dali chairs

Nathan Anthony Sabine sofa, Tetra 02-20 ottomans, Dali chairs photo: Modish Home


Nathan Anthony Bonn sofa, photo/interior design by: Romero/Obeji Design

You don’t have to have a wide open space, but reducing the amount of furniture in the space can create the look.

Nathan Anthony Galaxie chairs, interior design and photo courtesy: Interiors by Steven G.

We call it, letting the space express itself. Hanging chandeliers and beautiful lighting is nice for a space, but sometimes it’s a break for the eyes to just let the space be. See how un-cluttered these installations are. There could be so much more added with accessories… but in keeping with the 3 key elements for inspiring furniture installations, there is little accessorizing. The look is very sophisticated.

Nathan Anthony Galaxie chairs, interior design & photo courtesy: Interiors by Steven G.

Nathan Anthony Folio sofas,interior design and photo courtesy: Luxury-Design

Nathan Anthony Folio sofas, interior design and photo courtesy: Luxury-Design

#3 ART

Nathan Anthony Haus sofa, chair and Omm chairs, Art by Sally Coates

Art elevates the decorative element of the room. Adding special pieces from your personal collection or just house hold items that are unique, whether it be graffiti art or a hand carved orb from the local flea market, these personal touches are part of the 3 key elements for inspiring furniture installations that make your home special.

Nathan Anthony Rocco sectional, interior design & photo courtesy: Interiors by Steven G.

Nathan Anthony Haus sofa, Art by Sally Coates

Nathan Anthony Sabine sofa, interior design & photo courtesy: Seed NY

So, when it comes to creating inspiring furniture installations, make sure to incorporate bold color, space around the room and art to elevate the interior vibe.

Thank you to all of the talented designers featured here for including our designs in your projects! We continued to be inspired by your work everyday and appreciate when you share you work on your social media and in magazines!

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How to Transform Your Space with Plants

Credit: Trusty Joe

Summer is officially here and many of us are looking to freshen up our living spaces with beautiful sunlight, cool air and serene colors. Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, has inspired us to discuss how to transform your living space with none other than house plants!

Livening up your space with a statuesque Eucalyptus, a dramatic hanging Wisteria or even several potted ferns or varying heights will breathe new life into your decor. The types of plants you can add to your home is abundant and your preference – from Boston ferns, to Arrowhead Philodendron to Chinese evergreens and more. Keep in mind your room’s dimensions and space, as well as hydration needs, as this makes all the difference to the overall visual effect and maintenance.


Not only do house plants add rich texture and bring a beautiful depth of unexpected color, they also have been proven to aid in concentration, productivity and creativity. We all benefit from their natural purifying abilities as well as, BONUS, more oxygen! Also, as plants bring serenity to your room, remember, they love to be talked to (just hope they don’t talk back!)



For those who are not green-thumbed, faux plants or even wall paper motif plants are just as great! They add the same texture and color, while also bringing the overall scheme together. Faux plants are great to add to coffee tables, next to sofas, cascading down walls, window sills and more! They’re less maintenance and still provide the same look and feel as real plants. Adding plants, faux or real has been proven to help you concentrate and keep your creative juices flowing. It also makes the space look more peaceful and put together.


A fun tip – make use of your house plant to cover up unsightly items. Cover an area that otherwise could not be covered tastefully. Example, we had an entertainment center that had unsightly exposed power cords. We added a tall Eucalyptus to cover the gap. And, bonus, it smelled divine – think aromatherapy! The scent of Eucalyptus is calming and has medicinal properties. This will mask the unsightly cords and make the area look beautiful. Plants can also add height to the room, think of climbing Wisteria or Philodendron. Some get creative and install a wall of ficus bushes bringing the outdoor-in…



There is so much that can be done to re-vitalize the decor with houseplants. We hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading! To keep up with the latest happenings here at Nathan Anthony, please connect with us on FacebookGoogle+, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

Our Tips and Tricks to Turning a House into a Home

Being handed the keys to a house or condominium is exhilarating. The years of hard work and dedication have finally paid off and you are anxious to share your new digs with everyone!

One thing to keep in mind, a house can be a dwelling place, but a home is about the personal touches inside that tell your story and define your personality.


Here are some tips and tricks to turn your house, into a home…



When you first step into one’s house, you do not necessarily get the gist of who lives there unless there is a certain something inside – personal touches. Whether the house style is modern, traditional, contemporary, or urban loft it still needs items that tell your story. When you add memorabilia, you make it personal. Whether it be trophies, a tribal headpiece from travels in Nigeria, an antique Chinese cabinet, or a grandfather clock. Adding special things from your life’s adventures or hobbies aka your memorabilia, gives a lived-in sense to the interior, personality and warmth. It can also be inspiring and motivating. Memorabilia can also include DIY projects or hobbies you and your family share.


The furniture in your home provides not only comfort and relaxation, but it also sets the mood. In our opinion, furniture is certainly the most important tool to turning your house into a home! Your furniture pieces should reflect your personality whether it be through fabric colors or style or both. William Morris once said “Have nothing in your houses that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

When it comes to selecting furniture, choose pieces that fit your lifestyle. Do you have children? Expecting children? Will it be just you, or you and your spouse? Choose pieces that are practical for you and your family, and pieces that are both well-made and beautiful.


Framed photographs or artwork instantly warm up the interior. Whether it’s family photos, travels or images of life’s stages, i.e., new baby, birthdays, graduation or weddings. It brings great joy and comfort being able to see wonderful memories and smiles of those you love on the wall. It’s also great for conversations when house guests ask about where the photos were taken.


Artwork is another great way to turn a house into your home. Everyone’s taste and interests are different, so adding your taste of art to the walls showcases your style and should bring joy to your dwelling space.




Setting up special areas is a great way to turn the comfort and happiness level way up! We have seen homes with great little reading nooks, or crafting rooms. Remember, that your home is yours. You can turn it into anything you dream of. If you and your family are big readers, crafters, musicians, etc. set up a space in the house where you can dive and escape into your favorite hobbies.



This could be a little obvious, but choosing your paint color is the first step to preparing your house’s transformation. Your realtor will often tell you, to stick with modern colors or colors that will help you sell the house later on. While this is great advice if you plan on selling within the next few years, it does not allow you to be open and choose colors that make you happy. If you love the look of a black wall, or a bold red wall, do it. Choose colors that lift your spirit and make you happy and inspired every day, considering, you are the one living in the house now, not after it sells.


Your flooring is a huge comfort and practicality factor. If you have dogs roaming your home, real hard wood floors may not be the way to go, as their nails tend to scratch it, or if they have accidents, it will seep deep into the flooring – big mistake! Choosing laminate wood floors would be a much friendlier option for you and your pet.

Choosing area rugs or carpeting is a great way to amp up the comfort in your home! If you are anything like us, nothing screams home, like being able to kick off your shoes and dive your toes into plush soft rugs or carpeting. If you have young babies or children in your home, choosing rugs or high-pile carpeting would be a great avenue to take!


Lighting may be another obvious one, but what many don’t realize the effect lighting has on mood. Lighting tones range from very yellow to daylight tones. A yellow tone may add more warmth while natural daylight sets a soothing feel. Natural lighting is also great for photographs or videos you may want to take of your children playing, or producing the next great viral cat video! No matter what lighting you choose, it is your preference, there is no rule book for it.

Home is where you make memories. Your children grow up fast and life moves quickly, so if you want to add a measuring chart to the wall, or go against the grain, do it! You never know what house guest you may inspire along the way!

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4 Easy Tips for Ordering Custom Upholstery

As designers for the interior, it’s a joy to create our own looks. Adding a beautiful lighting fixture or swanky rug as a personal touch is easy. Often, however, we are challenged to create a beautiful room within the confines of the client’s space.  When it comes to upholstery seating, you not only have to consider the look and layout of the space, but the most important feature – comfort! This is where custom sizing and treatments come into play. Here at Nathan Anthony, we are experts at special orders a.k.a. custom orders. Custom orders can be tricky and costly. We’re going to keep this simple, so the novice and the expert can both benefit from this post. Here are 4 easy tips for ordering custom upholstery.

Tip #1 Know Your Configurations

We have many options for creating the look you want in the way you want. Having choices is what makes Nathan Anthony the most popular brand for custom upholstery. It’s important to know your design specifications. This may sound elementary, but it can be difficult to know how pieces will fit together. That’s why we have schematics for all of our sectionals. These are good tools to help you consider all the measurements, configurations and puzzle pieces. If you are ordering 2-one arm sofas, make sure your order says “make into one long sofa,” or “stand alone pieces.” This way we know how to upholster the pieces, to add connectors or to finish off a side. Make sure also to include all the pertinent details – leg finish, nail head finish, welt choices, etc. The more clearly your expectations are communicated,  the more success we will have making the order. The best way to describe changes is to draw a photo. We’re not talking shop drawings. A mere tracing of the photo or even line drawings will do…


Line sketch of right arm sofa, corner, left arm sofa


Folio Sectional with right side bumper,  armless chair and 2 ottomans

Folio schematics, circle the pieces you want and make sure to tell us + or – the inches you desire


Folio right arm sofa, left arm sofa, armless chair, 2 ottomans to form a family pit – fun!

Tip #2  Know Your Cushions

When you change the size on a sofa or sectional, or any furniture with cushions, you must consider what the cushion configuration will be to maintain an aesthetically pleasing result. To calculate cushion size, take the overall size, subtract the arm width/s and you’ll get the dimensions between the arms. Divide this figure by the number of cushions to get the cushion size. Knowing your cushion size is crucial to how the silhouette will look. Too narrow will look bad. Too wide will look bulky depending on the piece and could affect how foam/fills behave. Here are some examples of cushion configuration choices on our Rocco collection.


Rocco sofa 2 over 2 cushions


Custom Rocco Sofa 3 over 3 cushions

Rocco LSB-Mid-Bumper Sofa with Custom 3/3 RAF-Sofa

Tip #3 Know Your Fabric Direction

All fabrics are not created equal. It is important to consider pattern direction on a pattern, or petting direction on a high pile fabric like velvet. Patterns are not so difficult to choose for fabric direction. Velvets, on the other hand, are more tricky. When light hits velvet, it gives off a light side and a dark side (insert Star Wars theme here.) With velvet you must also realize that if you specify an “L” shaped sectional, for example, a velvet fabric will have two different colors depending on where you look at the sectional and how the light hits the fabric. It is important to consider such things when specifying sectional pieces to the factory.


Tip #4 Consider Scale

Scale is perhaps the most important consideration as it relates to comfort and look. If you change width it may affect height and depth. If you change depth, for sure it will affect pitch and comfort. If you change leg type or base type, this may affect overall height and change the comfort level. Remember to take into account scale.


Imagin chair scale drawing


Perle schematic scaled concept

To reiterate, we have many tools to help with custom orders on our website. Make sure to click on “download schematics” on any product page in which you want to change. If you need further assistance, please contact us, we are happy to help :).

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5 Chic Styles for Small Spaces

You’ve asked and we’re answering. Which Nathan Anthony styles can we choose for small spaces?  With the growth of urban populations up 54% since 1960 according to the World Health Organization, and more people opting for lofts, apartments and bungalows, the need for space-saving furniture is a hot topic. According to Home Furnishings Business, when selecting furniture for the home, most people start with upholstery and select pieces like side tables, ottomans, rugs, lighting and art to coordinate. We’d like to suggest five pieces from our furniture collections that help maximize both space and spunk in small urban dwellings.


A light and airy modular design, the Gobi collection offers soft comfortable pillow-style seat and back cushions, and lots of storage area for underneath the frame. The 84″ wide Gobi bumper sofa, with an arm on one side and an open bumper, allows extra seating. For added comfort, add the Gobi ottoman and slide it up against the bumper sofa and you have comfortable lounge seating for lots of guests. You can also move the ottoman behind the sofa for extra room when not in use. Want it smaller? Try our Gobi armless 65″ sofa for wide open seating.

Now, for the bedroom! Our Gobi bed uses minimal space and offers storage underneath. You can even hide a mattress under there – this acts like a modern-day trundle. A great feature about our Gobi, is it’s customizable! Request a quote for smaller or bigger depending on your design project.



A tiny abode can have a large open feeling if the furniture is chosen wisely. The 64″ wide Lexxi chaise or 86″ sofa, maximizes space and is elegant and versatile for traditional or contemporary decor styles. Add two 24″ wide Ansonia chairs for an elegant companion piece.



Genoa is a strikingly stream-lined design, with non-removable back cushions, that comes 60″ or 77″ wide mid-sofa (would be 2 over 2 cushion configuration). Genoa can also be made into a sectional with multiple configurations.  Best part? Genoa can be ordered with a sleeper to accommodate wanted or unwanted overnighters. Add two Astro ottomans, 19″ or 25″ diameter, to hold a handsome tray of after-work hors d’oeuvres. The Genoa sofa was co-designed with Lauren Mishaan.


The Ellen daybed, at 76″ wide, sofa, with open half-back, is a clever solution to creating a sense of space to a, well…space :). It can be custom sized and can be ordered tete-a-tete. Put Ellen under a window or place it diagonally in the center of the room where it becomes the centerpiece. For a fun pop of style, add two (or four!) Boxx 18″ ottomans in hair-on-hide and anyone can find a seat!


Ellen Daybed with Standard Accent Pillows


Ellen Daybed with Custom Accent Pillows


The Enya collection offers an updated Belgian-style for more contemporary rooms. Specify a 68″ mid sofa or an armless, at 84″ sofa, for tight quarters. Add a sleeper unit and you have a versatile but soothingly elegant seating solution.


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Five Tips for Buying High-Quality Upholstery

When buying high-quality upholstery, how can you determine the quality when the guts are under cover? One of the most distinguishable characteristics of quality upholstered furniture is the construction. There are certain key features to look for in a furniture’s construction and make up. Here are five tips to help you know what to look for when purchasing high-quality upholstery.



Hard wood is best for upholstery. Alder is a hard wood that is moderately lightweight, perfect for machining, handles nails, screws, and glues well. Alder has a medium density that has low-bending strength and performs well with shock resistance. We use kiln-dried Alder sourced from sustainably harvested forests on all of our frames and offer a lifetime warranty. Our frames will stand the test of time.

Finished product (L-R) Galaxie chair, Ansonia chair.


When shopping for contemporary or modern style upholstery, look for a heavy gauge, sinuous no-sag spring or webbing suspension system. These systems provide excellent and long-lasting seat comfort, yet maintain the modern silhouette. We use heavy gauge sinuous no-sag spring system and Pirelli webbing. The springs are mounted to specially-fitted fittings and silencers that hold the frame in place and provide a comfortable ride.

Eres sofa, finished product.


It is important to know how an upholstery piece is made. Does one upholsterer make the piece? Or, does a line of upholsterers each make a part of the piece? If it is a production line, then one upholsterer makes the outside back, another makes the arms, another the inside back and seat.  This speeds up the process and allows many pieces to be produced much faster. If it’s upholstered on the bench, that means one upholsterer makes the entire piece. This process takes longer and is usually for custom or complicated pieces. High quality furniture will be made on the bench. The upholsterer will be given time to perfect the furniture piece and pay attention to detail. Our upholsters each have their own bench and each works on an entire piece from start to finish. They sign off on the work order when they are finished. Our furniture is produced with pride and it shows in the attention to detail each artisan gives the piece. This is the mark of true craftsmanship.


Finished product: (L-R) Sabine bed w/wood legs, Haus sofa

Fiber quality is important for padding the frame, comfort against the body and longevity. Look for high resiliency foam 2.5 lb., cotton padding and heavy fiber fill. Anything less will collapse after extended use. Also, ask if the pillows are blown fiber or hand-stuffed. We use high resiliency foam 2.5 lb and hand stuff all cushions.


It is important to know where the upholstery is made because you want to be able to trust that the product was made with integrity and if the build will stand the test of time. If you are an American buying American made products you can rest assured American companies are held to higher standards in terms of more transparency in what is put into the furniture and getting a product on the market.  Also, you have business protocols and American laws to protect you if you are dissatisfied with the product.

According to, “78 percent of Americans would rather buy the American product, according to a new nationally representative survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

More than 80 percent of those people cited retaining manufacturing jobs and keeping American manufacturing strong in the global economy as very important reasons for buying American. About 60 percent cited concern about the use of child workers or other cheap labor overseas, or stated that American-made goods were of higher quality.”

We have been manufacturing furniture out of the same location in Vernon, California since 1989. Nathan Anthony products are the result of more than twenty-six years of experience and expertise in craftsmanship. American made with pride and integrity of quality.


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