Have you been to Design Camp?

If not, you must go – It is something you won’t want to miss! Design Camp is a two-day live workshop hosted by Celebrity Interior Designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. In this workshop, Lori and Kelli with a host of industry speakers, educate “campers” with everything about the interior design business. When you attend Design Camp and benefit from all the information shared together, a unique bond is formed – and it’s like camping.

From their rich and successful experiences of building their own design businesses, they guide you on how to promote your work in the most effective way, using cutting-edge technology and even television. What Lori And Kelli capture is the ability to join and learn from connecting with other people who are running like-minded businesses.

This past week The Design Camp was held in Seattle, Washington at the Seattle Design Center.  It was a big hit! Whether you attended the camp itself or watched the excitement unfold on social media, it was apparent there was a lot of exciting energy.

Here at Nathan Anthony, we were also very excited to be a part of Design Camp ~ Seattle. We were asked to donate something from our line for a give-away to a camper at the end of the seminar. The kidney pillow below, covered in Tuileries Lilac and adorned with a Swarovski crystal black diamond zipper, was a giveaway at the Design Camp ~ Seattle. These and other special decorative treatments made by Swarovski are just some of the ways Nathan Anthony has become a favorite of the interior design community. Make sure to sign up for the next Design Camp in Philadelphia October 9th through 11th and watch for something special from us.