Market is always an exciting time for us because we get to present new designs we have been working on since the previous market.

One of our introductions for October #HPMkt is the Architecte Collection. We found inspiration for High Point Market from the Art Deco era. The Art Deco era flourished in the early twentieth century starting with the Exposition Internationales des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in France, 1925 and went global until the end of World War II.

Art Deco design embraced technology and mixed materials. It was futuristic but streamlined with geometric and bold shapes and adorned with luxurious ornamental accents. The Architecte has Art Deco elements with its rich, gray velvet and contrast white stitching with beautiful angled arms and a double-stacked tubular wood and metal base. The Architecte Collection will include a sofa, chair, ottoman and many sectional configurations.


The Architecte chair, as seen below, was a Top Pick by Designer James Saavedra at the High Point Market Twitter Preview Chat. We know we hit the mark and made an impression when Mr. Saavedra, Owner of Saavedra Design Studio, said, “That stacked base – Wowser! It’s very dramatic but just enough.”

The Architecte Chair ramps up the glamor and exuberance of the Art Deco era with a triple-stacked tubular base.


We hope you will visit us and the new Architecte Collection at High Point Market

October 18 – 23 – in the I.H.F.C., Interhall suite 207