From all of us here at Nathan Anthony, we first want to express our deepest love to all. We are all being affected by the COVID19 pandemic, in one way or another, and because of it, we wanted to do something.

News channels during the first ten days of quarantine in Los Angeles carried numerous stories about the lack of hospital beds and staff to treat people with the virus.

Last week, we received news that a local health clinic, Androgenix Health, was asked by LA County to open their clinic to take in and treat COVID19 patients. Juan Riojas, PA-C, MPAP, the clinic’s owner & director said yes. While preparing his clinic for this next phase, he was deeply concerned for the safety of his staff because he did not have, and could not find any available, PPE (personal protective equipment) for the expected onslaught of patients.

When we heard about Juan’s story, we gathered as many N95 masks as we could and gave them to him. Juan (pictured below) was grateful and expressed sincere gratitude in his letter to Khai and Tina:

“Your generosity cannot be more appreciated nor ever repaid. It is at this time that the real heroes step up – you guys are that. With N95 masks we can continue to treat patients and feel safe!”

It’s times like these when we all need to step up and do whatever we can to make sure our caregivers are safe and protected. For those who are not in a position to donate, the best thing we can all do as a nation is #STAYHOME.

Thank you to all healthcare and front-line personnel for taking care of our great nation. We know you are exhausted, overwhelmed and concerned for your own safety and the safety of your families.

Thank you for your sacrifice and bravery.

Thank you for reading our blog. If you can do anything to help healthcare workers in your area, please do so. For more information about helping Los Angeles, visit or email: to donate to LAC USC Medical Center.

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