Every year High Point Market declares it’s Style Spotters to compete in seeking out styles they feel are fashion forward and set the trend. This season, they chose top notch interior designers and decorators to curate collections particular to their design aesthetic, each one different from the next, but all with a great eye.

Meet this year’s Style Spotters and find out how we believe our pieces will be a great fit for their upcoming projects! [Stylist’s images are courtesy of: High Point Market.]



First we have, Arianne Bellizaire, who’s interests are bright, bold colors with unique pattern combinations. We love her taste for bright, bold colors. Our Spring colors will delight Arianne with our Origami ottomans in new cover Comet Fuchsia.





Kati Curtis and Leslie Hendrix-Wood, are seeking hand-made, quality craftsmanship pieces. High quality is important to us here at NA, and each of our designs are entirely hand-made. For more information on how our design pieces are made, and the hands that bring our designs to life, read our Hands On Design blog.



Beth Dotolo, with Pulp Design Studios, believes golds, blushes and champagnes will be the highlighted color trend this Spring, and while we do not know about the other collections that will be on display, ours will fit right into that trend. The collection will feature soothing grays and champagnes, delicate pink and deep indigo blues.




Apart from the other designers mentioned, Lori’s focus will be primarily on kitchen decor. While at the show, we will not be displaying any dining pieces, we still have plenty to choose from on our site, like our Orion dining chair. Browse our other dining collections.



Patti Johnson and Courtney Lake mention their longing for case goods and storage opportunities. We love interior projects that can transform a small space into a comfortable nesting area that allows plenty of storage! Our Gobi collection was designed with that in mind.




Jonathan Legate lives for a mixture of contemporary and traditional furniture and decor pieces. Many of our designs are created with this mixture in mind as we, too, love the combo. See here our dreamy beds that reflect variations of this combination.

We are excited and hopeful to meet this year’s High Point Market Style Spotters and are interested to see what furniture picks they choose. To visit us at High Point Market, we’ll be in Interhall space 505. Check our Facebook Event page for more information!