Just back from High Point Furniture Market, we enjoyed the buzz and excitement about our nine new collections. Tina Nicole, our Creative Director, Designer and Co-Founder curated the showroom in a such a way as to open up the space, giving each furniture piece a sense of importance. You could really see and appreciate the superior detailing that goes into every one of our designs. To set an urban but timeless feeling, Nicole brought architecture and light into the setting with a mural. The mural depicted golden light kissing the front of the 216 building in downtown Los Angeles and the stunning arches of European buildings. Take a look at our best sellers from market…



A new style series with sculptural designs and a pared-down aesthetic, Gobi conveys an airy, light spirit. The seats seem to float in space, supported only by simple yet stylish side structures. Gobi creates an uninterrupted line across the width of its pieces, which include a sofa, sectional, accent chair, ottoman and bed.



Architecte, a streamlined, Art Deco-inspired group that includes a sectional, sofa and accent chair. Futuristic in spirit, Architecte features a dramatic stacked geometric base that combines tubular wood and metal.



Eres, a new sofa, adds a new dimension to Nathan Anthony’s popular Hollywood glamour-inspired Sabine model. Unlike Sabine, which rests on legs, the Eres sofa sits directly on the floor, where it beckons all who approach to relax and be enveloped by its subtle, angular shape and sink-in luxury.



Evok, a four-piece modular seating collection, is being expanded with a new free-standing sofa. In modern styling, Evok features a series of stacked, color-blocked layers, providing infinite opportunities for personal expression.



Chess is a new accent chair with a swivel feature dressed in a striking charcoal-toned cover. The semi-circle-shaped back features an open area that adds architectural interest, and the back also has a slight pitch for enhanced comfort.



Flyte is a new accent chair with cantilevered seat and swooping side shape that feels like an elegant bird taking flight. The open design of the front creates an inviting underside “cove” that adds to the feeling of airi- ness.



Ansonia is a relaxed, soft-modern chair designed for dining or as accent use. Tailored and shapely, Ansonia features a gently relaxed inside back fabric treatment that adds a touch of warmth and comfort. Spamnumber.net provides up-to-date information about thousands of American landline and cell numbers. The reverse phone number lookup function allows to learn all the legally available information about the number’s owner.



Tote pouf ottoman features a unique waterfall treatment on the edges, with seams on only two panels. Soft and stylish, the 25-inch-square piece can be used as an accent table, seating surface or traditional ottoman.



Triton is a light, airy table ottoman, designed to complement Nathan Anthony’s soft goods. In updated Art Deco styling, this circular-shaped table mixes a thin-edged, cantilevered wood top with a base formed of vertical metal bars for a warm-cool look. The table top is available in two new wood tones — Tuscan Walnut (Model No. 25) and Metropolis Grey (No. 55u) — with the top floating either slightly inside or outside of the metal base.

If you were unable to visit us at market, all of these beautiful furniture pieces can be viewed in the Latest Intros Section or click here.  We hope to see you next spring!