Covid 19 has come into our lives and has taken over what seems like, everything. Schools, workplaces, hospitals, cafes, you name it. We are continually being faced with more and new challenges every day and homeschooling has now reached the top of the list!

With the new school year quickly approaching, and some states with mandatory school closures for grade 6 and up (like California,) families are faced with the difficult reality of needing to homeschool their children. But how?! They have never homeschooled before!

Home-schooling can be a challenge. It takes discipline, organization and a plan. We are sharing some of our top tips to preparing your home for comfortable and effective homeschooling.


It’s no secret, as adults, we perform more efficiently when our environment is clean and tidy and it’s no different for our little ones. They need a cleared and open environment in order to focus and succeed. No TV, no tablets, just a cleared, open area and workspace, to help retain their focus on their studies, instead of paying attention to what Nickelodeon show is coming on next.


We’re furniture designers, of course we need to mention the importance of furniture! Comfortable, yet space saving furniture really can help with preparing your space. Having furniture that has space underneath, to the sides, etc. can help in storage space for books, pens, colored pencils, crayons, etc. Our GOBI sectional (shown above) is perfect for that!

Furniture with comfortable seating and backing is also important. This is a perk to being able to learn from home! We all know the chairs in school are anything but comfortable!


While this tip may not be specific to how you can prepare your home, it is still a golden tip for schooling at home. It’s easy to get off track while learning in the environment you typically relax in. You or your child may see a chore or activity that may be more enticing and it’s easy to drift off into that other activity, so, knowing when break time, quitting time, lunch  time, etc is, really helps in keeping your mind off the chore or activity and focused on the learning task at hand.


Nutrition is important every day, especially when homeschooling your children. Having nutritious foods will not only keep the mind focused, but it will keep the sugar hypes away! Keep some healthy snacks, such as an apple or banana nearby the work area and allow little ones to enjoy when they start to feel a little sluggish.


Remember when recess was the best time of day as kids?! Well, you can still allow it when homeschooling. Make a schedule and stick to it just like schools do – going outside and getting fresh air is extremely important. We are now in our homes more than ever before, so walking away from the same environment you spend so much time in, is very beneficial.


Whether homeschooling was by choice or it was mandated, DO NOT STRESS it. This is YOUR school now. You get to decide timing, curriculum, space, etc. Stressing about backsliding or falling off the learning curve will not benefit you or your child, so be sure to stay focused and relaxed for both you and your children. Chances are you will learn a thing or two alongside with them.

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