Credit: Trusty Joe

Summer is officially here and many of us are looking to freshen up our living spaces with beautiful sunlight, cool air and serene colors. Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, has inspired us to discuss how to transform your living space with none other than house plants!

Livening up your space with a statuesque Eucalyptus, a dramatic hanging Wisteria or even several potted ferns or varying heights will breathe new life into your decor. The types of plants you can add to your home is abundant and your preference – from Boston ferns, to Arrowhead Philodendron to Chinese evergreens and more. Keep in mind your room’s dimensions and space, as well as hydration needs, as this makes all the difference to the overall visual effect and maintenance.


Not only do house plants add rich texture and bring a beautiful depth of unexpected color, they also have been proven to aid in concentration, productivity and creativity. We all benefit from their natural purifying abilities as well as, BONUS, more oxygen! Also, as plants bring serenity to your room, remember, they love to be talked to (just hope they don’t talk back!)



For those who are not green-thumbed, faux plants or even wall paper motif plants are just as great! They add the same texture and color, while also bringing the overall scheme together. Faux plants are great to add to coffee tables, next to sofas, cascading down walls, window sills and more! They’re less maintenance and still provide the same look and feel as real plants. Adding plants, faux or real has been proven to help you concentrate and keep your creative juices flowing. It also makes the space look more peaceful and put together.


A fun tip – make use of your house plant to cover up unsightly items. Cover an area that otherwise could not be covered tastefully. Example, we had an entertainment center that had unsightly exposed power cords. We added a tall Eucalyptus to cover the gap. And, bonus, it smelled divine – think aromatherapy! The scent of Eucalyptus is calming and has medicinal properties. This will mask the unsightly cords and make the area look beautiful. Plants can also add height to the room, think of climbing Wisteria or Philodendron. Some get creative and install a wall of ficus bushes bringing the outdoor-in…



There is so much that can be done to re-vitalize the decor with houseplants. We hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading! To keep up with the latest happenings here at Nathan Anthony, please connect with us on FacebookGoogle+, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.