It’s always interesting to find out what inspires designers. Architectural Digest sat down with our principal designer and co-founder, Tina Nicole, to discuss style, trends and what moves her this season. We also find out what it is about her designs for Nathan Anthony that people are drawn to and why Nathan Anthony leads the way of the future for contemporary design.

AD: For more than 10 years, you have been creating memorable designs. How do you continue to keep your furniture designs fresh?

TN: Our designs are living, breathing, beautiful objects. We are always developing and improving upon them, finding new construction techniques and fresh styling that have not been done before. It’s a constant yearning to one-up ourselves.


ElanR007 sectional


ElanR007 sectional

AD: What is it about your designs that you think people respond to?

TN: Our designs are beautiful, functional, and always evolving. Even though they are beautiful, they are also comfortable and practical for everyday use. This is a balance that comes only from knowing your customer and predicting their decor needs and desires. Our designs are the signature looks of modern living today. Owning a Nathan Anthony design means not only is it timeless, but it is cool and stylish.



Rocco sectional, designed with metal tubular base


Elan/s Style Spotted at High Point Market

AD: This spring, you are debuting an impressive roster of new pieces. How did the design process go?

TN: Our design process is always a zigzag. It starts off in one direction and takes several (sometimes sharp) turns. The challenge this time was to teach the artisans how to perfect the new stitching treatments we created. It was a fun evolution of patience and perfecting. In the end, designs such as Minx and Dali came out superbly beautiful.


Tina Nicole marking stitch pattern on
Minx fainting couch


The Minx fainting couch shown in new cover Elated Indigo, with statuesque chrome legs

The Minx fainting couch shown in new cover Elated Indigo,
with statuesque chrome legs

AD: How does the Minx collection differ from past lines you have created?

TN: Minx is an eclectic group all centered around a new diagonal stitching treatment. Usually we create a frame and apply fabric to it. But with Minx, we designed the stitching around the upholstery frame. The stitching is a diagonal quilting, which creates a dramatic geometric effect. When combined with Minx’s swooping lines, the frame appears to be sporting angels’ wings.


Minx Wing Sofa shown in Elated Indigo, chrome legs


Minx Chaise

Minx Chaise

AD: With its reverse-tufting technique, the Dali chair is intriguing. Where did the inspiration for its design come from?

TN: While in the workroom, I saw the cover for our Lucca sofa, which features sewn tufting, being carried from the sewing department to the upholstery department. The reverse side of the cover was intriguingly beautiful; I thought of experimenting with a sewing treatment to attain this look. That’s how we created the reverse-tufting technique for Dali.


Designer Tina Nicole working with the sewn leather


Tina Nicole’s exploring stitching treatments

Dali chair in black leather with modern brass legs


Furniture Today Cover May 2016


Dali chair – BEST OF MARKET Furniture Today 2016

AD: You are also debuting some new design elements in your InterHall showroom in High Point, NC.

TN: Yes, we are excited! We’ve created a series of colorful light boxes inspired by groundbreaking explorations of light, color, and space by artist James Turrell and the eye-catching geometric shapes of our popular Elan collection. In addition, we’ve commissioned an amazing three-dimensional mural that captures the adventure of rock climbing. These design elements when paired with our beautiful furniture designs, will make customers feel like they’re walking into an inspiring art gallery.


Mock-up of light boxes for showroom walls


Mock-up of concrete 3D wall mural for #HPMkt


Dali chair opposite our Award winning Bonn collection HPMKT April 2016


Minx Chaise


Minx5 vanity stool


Wilshire sectional, Lilie and Astro ottomans


Elan bed, Elan settee, Elan limited ed chair


Minx Sofa


Elan sectional, Dali chairs


Gable sectional, Boxx ottomans, Minx23 vanity stools

Thank you AD for the interview! We hope you’ve enjoyed a look into our design process and learning about what inspires us. We are drawn to beautiful things and bringing beautiful things to life makes us happy. Make sure to keep up with the latest happenings at the factory and around the world by connecting with us on FacebookGoogle+TwitterInstagram and Pinterest. Let us know what you think! 🙂