Recently, we attended a seminar that suggested Instagram was the top social media outlet choice of Interior Designers. Interesting!

The best part of our job is watching our beautiful furniture being made. Although it’s an everyday occurrence for us, we realize few people get the opportunity to see furniture through the manufacturing process from conception to completion. It is very exciting to see your idea come to life and we thought we would share that with you too!

Indeed, since we started posting to Instagram, the customers who follow us have seen their orders photographed and get excited about their pieces being caught on camera! This is all the more reason to start following us and you can do that here at our Nathan Anthony Furniture Instagram page.


We love Instagram because it has such a spirit of the moment. It is fun to be able to capture something as it is happening. It makes sense that Instagram is where designers go to see photography, art, design and furniture. To fill that need we will be filling our Instagram with beautifully just made pieces and other creative moments we experience as furniture designers.  Make sure to follow us and let us know what you think!