At Nathan Anthony, our designers are the creative force and masterminds behind every product. Sometimes inspiration comes from an art piece or a store window. It may come from the shape of a bridge, a automobile, or a landscape… and a whirlwind of magnificence takes hold and a one of a kind piece is born. Nathan Anthony co-founders, designers, and high-school sweethearts, Tina Nicole and Khai Mai, pull from their collective imagination and experiences when they hit the drafting table to create unique products and inspiring designs.


Usually, we highlight our products in our posts. Today, we would like to focus on the engineer behind the beautiful Nathan Anthony models. He is the designer who transforms ideas into beautiful, coveted products – it is our designer Khai Mai.


Khai’s design philosophy is simple: “Design should inspire.” Every piece of furniture he engineers is for those who want a beautiful object in their home, or a special piece that can transform an average space into a luxurious masterpiece. It is Khai who works behind the scenes on every special order to ensure it is made to exact specifications and is amazing.


Outside of being a recognized product designer and photographer, Khai enjoys the simple things in life. On the weekend you can find him cruising down the winding roads of Angeles Crest National forest, blasting his favorite artist, Billy Idol, with the the roar of the engine of his Porsche 911 at his feet, and simply enjoying the ride. When he’s not designing or driving, he’s coaching baseball, enjoying son Nathan’s extracurricular activities, the beach and riding bikes with the family on weekends.



Khai found his passion for furniture making at the young age of 18, when he and his father first owned and operated a furniture retail store in Los Angeles. By 23, the multi-talented entrepreneur was elbow deep in his next venture – a factory with the wood frames, foam filling, and fabric needed for building mattresses and sofas. Every new product was an engineering challenge then, a problem to be solved with a sharp mind and a straight ruler.

Khai still utilizes that hands-on approach today, as he works side by side with his wife, Tina Nicole, bringing beautiful concepts to life on their factory floor. From the design specifications phase through construction, and even capturing the final product images with his camera, he’s a study in motion wearing many hats. One of the best parts about Khai is his silly sense of humor. One always knows, if it’s too loud to hear a tree fall in the forest, then it’s probably Khai sneaking off for a little dancing with his sel-elf.