Sophistication is the name of the game and Nathan Anthony scores with their online fabric selection. A selection sure to please any designer’s dream.

With the hands-on approach that is Nathan Anthony, this team has assembled an extensive and stunning fabric selection to be viewed online.  The colors and textures are so vibrant they jump off the screen and into your lap.

“It’s thrilling to see the fabrics online” says Tina Nicole, Nathan Anthony designer and co-founder.  “The best part about our online selection is the ability to click multiple color bars.  Our online selection will show you all fabrics of those colors chosen. It is an interior designer’s dream.”

Tina Nicole’s unique mix of modern trends with the sophistication of times past shows in fabrics like “Star Wars Mocha.”  It is this cutting edge that makes Nathan Anthony Furniture a must see.

Colors top to bottom: Lanai Perla, Lanai Carbon, Patina Linen Naturale