Do you think the dress makes the woman, or the woman makes the dress?

What about fabric on a sofa, ottoman or chaise? Does fabric make the piece or does the piece make the fabric? We feel that part of designing the right piece of furniture is marrying fabric to frame, and making sure the fabric is displayed appropriately within the lines of the furniture. Sometimes mixing it up and trying something bold is risky, but we have found when it works it really works!

This is why designers come to Nathan Anthony because we like to take risks and set the trend instead of following it.

Lead designer Tina Nicole curates a selection of hand-picked fabrics for Nathan Anthony Furniture twice a year. These fabric & cover choices are carefully made to keep NA’s models looking fresh, new and crisp. What happens is trend-setting. This winter season, she introduced new velvets with beautiful sheen and new hues, new vinyls, new leathers and Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are colorfast, anti-microbial and stain resistant. For this reason, Sunbrella fabrics are perfect for NA’s customers’ indoor use… for families, or furniture that endures long periods of exposure to the sun as in sun-facing rooms or sun rooms.

Galaxie swivel chair shown in cover Essex Mauve

Bonn sofa close up, covers Viva Naturale (body), Pongee Apple (pillow), Oh You Know Esprit (cylinder)

Nathan Anthony Fabric wall at C.S.Wo & Sons, Costa Mesa, Ca