After many requests, we’ve added a new section to our site where visitors can get to know the very special and talented design team behind the Nathan Anthony Furniture brand. Khai Mai and Tina Nicole are a husband and wife team who met while in high school, soon became friends, then sweethearts, parents and now business partners. This couple and team work together to engineer some of the most beautiful pieces brought to market, making Best of Market by Furniture Today and becoming a Pinnacle Award Finalist for the Bonn sofa in fall 2012.

Khai Mai is the artistic engineer and brilliant photographer who captures the look and creates alluring images of Nathan Anthony Furniture. His love for automobiles, architecture and fine engineering leads him to create beautifully, artistic frames which turn into furniture that is practical and comfortable. They are pieces of art that look magically inviting.

Tina Nicole is the vibrant and multi-talented product designer yet savvy Attorney behind the silhouettes, colors, textiles, marketing and business plan of Nathan Anthony Furniture. Her creative and forward-thinking nature combined with her adoration for European architecture and the rolling hills of Italy make this designer a trend setter for the latest in home furnishings.


Visit them at the new Designers tab at Nathan Anthony Furniture and get to know their design philosophies, from whom they draw inspiration and where they hang out on social media.