Every December we enjoy looking back on all of our social media posts throughout the year. We especially like looking at our Instagram feed. Why, you ask? Instagram has been our fastest growing handle and its platform allows us to not only see which ones got the most thumbs up, but also to see which of our products appealed the most to our fans and followers. Can you see any styles or colors repeating? Notice a trend happening?

Here are our top 10 Instagram posts for 2016!



The Minx wing sofa in emerald green velvet with modern brass legs is no surprise, one of this year’s most favorited posts.  Hitting on the emerald green color trend, this was a wowzer!



Our Elan chairs in honey bee velvet by the fire really sparked a love for yellow/chartreuse color trend this season.



The Minx wing sofa in emerald green velvet with modern brass legs was reposted many times… here’s our repost of Designer Dann Foley’s top pick from #HPMKT – Thanks Dann!



White leather with black leather petals and modern brass legs, the Dali chair grabs the attention of all who love modern shapes with tactile elements.



California fresh and new this season, our Minx sofa, Tetra tables and Roxx rugs makes you want to escape.



With a striking V-shaped back steel frame, the Korz chair in white leather is visually sublime. Is it a superhero symbol? Is it something from numerology? Korz gets everyone talking…



The Minx wing sofa… again… 🙂



Ooohhhh the Rocco sofa in caramel leather paired with new Tetra table system and Roxx rugs… it’s just dreamy.



Ha ha ha, the drama of this quote from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – You have bewitched me, body and soul – Mr. Darcy felt so right for this shot of Nathan Anthony’s name-sake (the kid’s a ham) on the Sabine sofa, Tetra tables and Roxx rugs.



We love Chesterfield sofas. Our version of the Chesterfield we call the Marlborough collection, is just superb!

Thank you all for liking and reading!

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