Being handed the keys to a house or condominium is exhilarating. The years of hard work and dedication have finally paid off and you are anxious to share your new digs with everyone!

One thing to keep in mind, a house can be a dwelling place, but a home is about the personal touches inside that tell your story and define your personality.


Here are some tips and tricks to turn your house, into a home…



When you first step into one’s house, you do not necessarily get the gist of who lives there unless there is a certain something inside – personal touches. Whether the house style is modern, traditional, contemporary, or urban loft it still needs items that tell your story. When you add memorabilia, you make it personal. Whether it be trophies, a tribal headpiece from travels in Nigeria, an antique Chinese cabinet, or a grandfather clock. Adding special things from your life’s adventures or hobbies aka your memorabilia, gives a lived-in sense to the interior, personality and warmth. It can also be inspiring and motivating. Memorabilia can also include DIY projects or hobbies you and your family share.


The furniture in your home provides not only comfort and relaxation, but it also sets the mood. In our opinion, furniture is certainly the most important tool to turning your house into a home! Your furniture pieces should reflect your personality whether it be through fabric colors or style or both. William Morris once said “Have nothing in your houses that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

When it comes to selecting furniture, choose pieces that fit your lifestyle. Do you have children? Expecting children? Will it be just you, or you and your spouse? Choose pieces that are practical for you and your family, and pieces that are both well-made and beautiful.


Framed photographs or artwork instantly warm up the interior. Whether it’s family photos, travels or images of life’s stages, i.e., new baby, birthdays, graduation or weddings. It brings great joy and comfort being able to see wonderful memories and smiles of those you love on the wall. It’s also great for conversations when house guests ask about where the photos were taken.


Artwork is another great way to turn a house into your home. Everyone’s taste and interests are different, so adding your taste of art to the walls showcases your style and should bring joy to your dwelling space.




Setting up special areas is a great way to turn the comfort and happiness level way up! We have seen homes with great little reading nooks, or crafting rooms. Remember, that your home is yours. You can turn it into anything you dream of. If you and your family are big readers, crafters, musicians, etc. set up a space in the house where you can dive and escape into your favorite hobbies.



This could be a little obvious, but choosing your paint color is the first step to preparing your house’s transformation. Your realtor will often tell you, to stick with modern colors or colors that will help you sell the house later on. While this is great advice if you plan on selling within the next few years, it does not allow you to be open and choose colors that make you happy. If you love the look of a black wall, or a bold red wall, do it. Choose colors that lift your spirit and make you happy and inspired every day, considering, you are the one living in the house now, not after it sells.


Your flooring is a huge comfort and practicality factor. If you have dogs roaming your home, real hard wood floors may not be the way to go, as their nails tend to scratch it, or if they have accidents, it will seep deep into the flooring – big mistake! Choosing laminate wood floors would be a much friendlier option for you and your pet.

Choosing area rugs or carpeting is a great way to amp up the comfort in your home! If you are anything like us, nothing screams home, like being able to kick off your shoes and dive your toes into plush soft rugs or carpeting. If you have young babies or children in your home, choosing rugs or high-pile carpeting would be a great avenue to take!


Lighting may be another obvious one, but what many don’t realize the effect lighting has on mood. Lighting tones range from very yellow to daylight tones. A yellow tone may add more warmth while natural daylight sets a soothing feel. Natural lighting is also great for photographs or videos you may want to take of your children playing, or producing the next great viral cat video! No matter what lighting you choose, it is your preference, there is no rule book for it.

Home is where you make memories. Your children grow up fast and life moves quickly, so if you want to add a measuring chart to the wall, or go against the grain, do it! You never know what house guest you may inspire along the way!

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