We have news! Our website got a whole new look. We’ve freshened up the images, focused-in on close-ups and detailing, and created easier navigation tools. We also improved the way you can share the models you love from our website with your friends and colleagues.


We now have a fully responsive website for tablets and phones (translation, it works GREAT on mobile devices!) We know everyone is on the go and using their phones and tablets more-so than computers, so we designed our new site to be easy to use from any device. Our new site is easy-to-navigate and features our products in a whole new way. While browsing on your devices, you are easily able to navigate through our products with simple swipes and taps and can scroll through our entire product line.


Our Products section still features our high quality, handmade pieces and now displays them in an interesting layout. While on your phone or tablet, you can either browse the pieces by swiping left or right, or by clicking the down arrow, which will display them all at once. Same goes for desktops – you can browse left to right, or drop down and browse all at one time.


For those who love to stay up to date with our current projects or experiences, our blogs are a great way to do so!  To make it pleasing to the eye, we chose a fun font and made it a bit larger than before. This makes it much easier to read and the layout now looks better than ever. Let us know what you think!

A great section that we have included, is the gallery page. Here, we share installations of our furniture in beautifully executed interior design projects. Many of these images were generously provided by our wonderful customers. This page also provides inspiration for those wanting to use our furniture in their projects.


To become better acquainted with the new face lift, we welcome you to browse our website thoroughly. Get to know our designers on the Designer pages, take a deeper look into our products featured in articles and releases on our Press page, and if you find yourself with any questions or inquiries, please feel free to do so on our Contact Us page.

Lastly two more great ways to stay up to date with Nathan Anthony, is to follow our social media platforms. We post daily Monday – Friday.