Where art meets custom upholstery. ÆTHR is the result of a collaboration between Nathan Anthony and collectible multimedia artist Sahara Novotna.

Benchmade, hardwood frames designed by Nicole reveal interpretative artworks cast resin by Novotna and signed by the collaborators. Produced to order in Los Angeles, the ÆTHR capsule collection is sold exclusively through Nathan Anthony Furniture.

A little more about Novotna. Australian born Sahara Novotna is bound by no specific genre, material or even the need to create in tangible space- like all great experimental artists that have pushed the limit of what we would call “the norm” or “what was to be expected.”

Descending from a long line of Czech sculptors, Novotna’s work deals with social commentary in a way that few can emulate, but all can digest. The work is littered with pop culture references, crypto/finance influences, and critiques contemporary global ideals using traditional techniques that come only from classical art training. Whether it is a cast resin gummy bear with a belly full of prescription medication, a portrait painted of RBG over an epoxied canvas that encapsulates old pages from her law school books, or a giant commissioned celebrity painting in her iconic style – a canvas covered in hundred-dollar bills – the implication of the work runs deep.
Artist Sahara Novotna at Nathan Anthony’s atelier in Los Angeles.
Creative DIrector TIna Nicole + multimedia artist Sahara Novotna

The ÆTHR capsule collection launched at High Point Market, April 2022. Some concept art ÆTHR chairs were also created at this time for the launch and put up for auction as NFTs on opensea.io but bidding has closed. Let us know if you are interested, and we can let you know when and if bidding on these rare NFTs will open again.

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