1 Boucle Sheltingham Blue Monday SPO


NAME/COLOR: 1 Boucle Sheltingham Blue Monday


TYPE: Performance Fabric, Eco Friendly, Boucle Basket Weave

CONTENT: 90% Polyester, 10% Cotton

REPEAT: 2.76″ V x 2.76″ H


DIRECTION: Application on furniture will be random, no matching

ABRASION: 50,000

CLEANING CODE: W/S (clean with mild soap & water, no machine washing)

Technical Information

This fabric is a friend of sustainability. It consists of dyed yarns which use 30% less water and energy in the dyeing process than traditional dyed fabric, to lower the overall impact on the environment. Stain and soil repellency is achieved using as CO finish consisting of 95% water-based technology which minimizes or eliminates solvents, VOCS, PFAS, formaldehydes, heavy metals and phthalates. While this allows liquids to bead up on the fabric surface, it also allows enhanced performance and cleanability while not altering softness, shade or breathability of the textile.



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