Roxx Mini Rugs
The Roxx mini rugs are my family's new favorite obsession

  • Andrew sofa, Roxx mini rugs, Tetra upholstered tables 
  • Roxx mini area rugs, close up 
  • Roxx mini area rugs 
  • Roxx collection, Buda mini, mid-grey 
  • Roxx collection, Prague mini, pearl 
  • Roxx collection, Bruge mini, storm 


The Roxx area rug collection features three sizes of area rugs made of 100% shearling wool, with a lush 1.5 - 2" inch pile. For the initial introduction, three on-trend color ways are available — shown here are the mini area rugs - Buda in mid-grey (large size), Prague in pearl (medium size) and Bruge in storm (small size). Roxx are also available in large scale, Related Product for more information.   Made up of organic shapes, our rugs offer luxurious textures and differing sizes that can work in unison or stand beautifully alone. They add a pleasing, playful tranquility to any room, and act like elegant stepping stones reminiscent of your favorite European city.


Roxx area rugs work in unison to form a beautiful artful arrangement. Our rugs have a soft cloth backing, you will need to purchase rug pads (separately) to ensure rugs do not move once in place. Sizes of the mini rugs are as follows: Buda mini: 39"x 6", 1.5" - 2" pile, Color Mid-grey Prague mini: 32.5" x 18", 1.5" - 2" pile, Color Pearl Bruge mini: 25.5" x 18.5", 1.5" - 2" pile, Color Storm Roxx rugs are made up of 100% shearling hides with soft padded backing. Must be ordered in sets of three, as shown. Custom sizes and colors are not available. Unless we have them in stock, lead time is five months. We recommend purchasing a rug pad to ensure rugs do not move once in place. Make sure to check for authenticity of your Nathan Anthony products. Each product has our law label with our logo and/or will have our name tags.