High Point Market – What a ride!

We had such a great time at market. It is always such a thrill to watch people”s reactions to our new designs. This market, front-and-center, our “Sabine” collection with its curves and precisely placed buttons creating an all-over diamond tufting. Our Sabine sofa is a superb mathematically engineered challenging piece and it rocked the market!

As much as we love attending High Point Market and seeing everyone”s creations, we relish in the chance to introduce our own new creations. Right before market we get excitedly anxious and when that is met with the exhilaration of the slots online australia introductions being a hit is an unbelievable feeling. It is extremely hard to quantify in words.

This market, in addition to Sabine, we enhanced our line of fashion-forward upholstery with a variety of new designs sporting fresh shapes, exquisite design details and the latest, on-trend fabrics. The below image captures all our new creations this market…


High Point Market is home to the world of home furnishings. It is where you will find the who”s who and trend setters of the home fashion industry. Visiting High Point Market is like an amusement park for designers. The vibrant colors, textiles, fabrics, lights all shaped by the thousand different minds of all those designers is truly a sight. Looking forward to the next show.

High Point Market ~ October 19 – 24

See you in the Fall!