Are you looking for your something different?

Sally J. Coates is a Los Angeles-based Graphic Designer and Photographer who skillfully, with what is called mixed-media art, combines photography, video, music, fine art, graphic design and everyday scenes into pieces of work to be displayed. This art includes textures, light, landscapes, drawings, sun, graffiti… she captures ordinary pieces and makes them extra-ordinary. She presents this art in the form of web, print, motion or still and it is captivating. Sally debuted her artwork exclusively in our showroom this past spring High Point Market 2013. Our lead designer, Tina Nicole said, “It was exciting to work with Sally because the showroom’s colors, textures and lighting along with the artwork created a nice synergy and song to the furniture presentation that was spectacular.”


Sally’s approach is unique and unconventional as she uses everything from shapes and lines in a photograph of a door handle to the vibrant colors on a graffiti adorned building. It is interesting how she makes these simple images become spectacular and translates them into art. Visit Sally J. Coates for many more displays of this inspiring talent.


Sally also heads up her own Marketing and Design company, Sally Coates Communications, in Los Angeles, California – “Where Artistry, Technology and Strategy come together so Stylishly.” She has a broad range of clients allowing for a larger scope of art and that’s what makes her someone to follow.