Our Sabine sofa mixes old Hollywood glamour with modern influences. Sabine takes the traditional tufted Chesterfields in a new direction – which we call the new feminine modern.

We introduced Sabine at High Point Market spring 2013 and are very excited about the reception it has received. After several tries at the drawing table we knew she was a special model.

The Sabine is unique not only because it takes many hours to make, but because Sabine’s design requires applying a grid of buttons and tufts around merging curves and triangles. The approach to upholstering its uniquely curved and angled shape is akin to how a sculptor would create a sculpture. The upholsterer methodically applies one piece of fabric by gathering, tucking and pulling around Sabine’s unique shape; there are no seams, sewing or interior cuts made to the fabric.


The Sabine collection includes a bed, sofa, one-arm stand-alone chaise and table ottoman. Its predominant design of an all-over diamond tufting is what gives this collection a unique appeal. The curvy forms for the Sabine are upholstered on the artisan’s bench with every button meticulously set into place. Each surface floats on shapely wooden legs which have the allure of a high slit skirt.


We love making the Sabine collection because it is a true collaboration of both designers’ expertise and the combination is truly a work of art. This makes it a very special piece. We hope you love it as much as we do.