New Nathan Anthony Designs Take Inspiration from Architecture and Fashion.
London’s iconic Gherkin skyscraper sets tone for new collection.

Inspired by the famous Gherkin skyscraper in London’s financial district, we are introducing a uniquely upholstered bed called Grace, along with a series of coordinating chairs. The iconic office tower located in the heart of “The City” features a distinctive bullet-shaped grid pattern in glass and metal. Its post-modern, high-tech architecture inspired us to want to create something tall, luxurious and striking. Meet Grace.


“Like ‘The Gherkin,’ the complex geometric grid featured in our Grace collection reaches skyward, but in fabric and leather,” says Tina Nicole, lead designer and co-founder. “In addition to the architectural reference, grid patterns play a big role in fashion, where they add intrigue to items such as fishnet stockings, headwraps and leather goods, check out this image I collected at an art gallery in the Netherlands by the Cobra Art Company.”


The Grace bed also features an exposed wood frame, drawing attention to the grid design. Its symmetrical pattern appears to reach upwards, adding an element of drama. “We expect the new designs to trigger a big ‘wow’ reaction during market,” said Khai Mai, co-owner and CEO. “They represent quite a feat of engineering, since the tolerance between each element of the grid has to be incredibly accurate.” Grace is offered in a range of wood finishes and will be featured at Market in a luxurious, ruby-colored faux mohair for an especially sophisticated ‘soft modern’ design statement.

Along with our spotlight on Grace, other new designs will be featured in our striking black and white showroom. The clean combination of black and white provides the perfect backdrop for a colorful fabric and leather palette this season: orange blossom, cranberry and citron green are among the happy hues. Warm jewel tones, such as amber and sienna, deliver additional “pops of color,” enhancing Nathan Anthony’s shapely 36o-degree silhouettes.

We invite you to visit our showroom at High Point Market in North Carolina this April 21st through April 26th in the International Home Furnishings Center, InterHall 505 showroom.

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