Last week our Principal Designer and Co-Founder, Tina Nicole, attended a Step Up Women’s Network power breakfast event at retail partner Italy 2000’s La Brea showroom. Step Up Women’s Network is a non-profit organization that inspires professional women to inspire teen girls after school and mentorship programs. Step Up believes all girls should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential even when starting from an under-resourced community.

Step Up, with media partner Angeleno Magazine, holds a quarterly professional networking breakfast for its members. Guest speaker, Alli Webb founder of DryBar, shared her insights and experience as founder of her company that rocketed to 38 locations in just five years. Webb spoke of the trials and tribulations she encountered on her “rocket ship” to the multiple locations nationwide. How did she do it? Knowing your clientele and where they are driving from, where they shop, eat and hangout. Knowing your brand and feverishly protecting it – DryBar sells confidence and happiness. Get the client addicted to your brand and then deliver exceptional customer service. Webb also said she’s had requests to expand internationally but it won’t be until a few years from now. Webb’s suggestions were very insightful and we found many helpful tips for our own growing brand.


Step Up CEO, Jenni Luke, directs the organization and empowers girls to become confident, college-bound, career-focused and dedicated to sharpening their individual craft to break into the leading world of independent and professional women. Jessica from South Central Los Angeles, attended the event and spoke to us about how the mentoring program with SUWN has enriched her life. She is currently attending UCLA and is the first person in her family to attend college. Without SWUN, she said, she could not have done it. Go Jessica!


Supplying furniture to some of the most elite celebrities of our time, and generations before, our customer, Italy 2000, provides high quality and classy furniture focused on the Italian culture. On display in the La Brea showroom, is our Perle collection, reminiscent of mid-century car interiors. This collection was brought to life with the vision of being deep and comfortable, with enough space to add plenty of accent pillows, if desired. Check out the rear view…


Italy 2000 also has our Sabine bed, featured in beautiful shiny velvet, with gorgeous period piece lamps and photo of Paris. Chez Manifique!

The event was a great opportunity to network with other powerful women in the  industry and hear from the successful guest of honor, Alli Webb of Drybar.