This past week we attended an exclusive event for Swarovski® entitled Opposites Attract. It was a showing of their new Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Collection with a trend presentation and lots of sparkle! They presented four themes within the Opposites Attract scope and what a delight it was to see it all. These themes – Extravagant Simplicity, Nature’s Lab, Urban Nomad and Demure Decadence were quite the contrast making the name Opposites Attract extremely fitting. We were able to capture these four individual themes in the images below.


Extravagant Simplicity


The Extravagant Simplicity design is becoming more main stream with designers focusing on basics with subtle detailing. This design has been coined as “Boredom Beauty.” Wardrobes are wearable and a new masculine/feminine hybrid is introduced with a modern twist to the classic shapes of the past.


Nature’s Lab


The Nature’s Lab theme stems from designs of the future adamantly committed to “green” issues. Concerns of technology and the digital world are moving designers to mimic nature with design as well as with our wardrobes. This has been labeled “Next Nature” with nature providing inspiration for technology.


Urban Nomad


The Urban Nomad theme carries the design world into a more bohemian feel. Today the options technology provides allows us to increase our mobility and design is reflecting this. Combining styles, seasons and past fashion trends creates an eclectic yet inspiring and individual style.


Demure Decadence


The last theme, Demure Decadence, introduces the appeal of different ethnic designs. There is an amazing blend of Asian Opulence paired with European minimalism and an acceptance of both. A blend of ornaments, prints and historical and decorative motifs from all over inspire a new group of glamorous jet setters.