What’s New in 2022 Nathan Anthony Furniture

We hope you all had a safe and thriving start to 2022!

We’re excited to share all the things we’ve been working on for 2022 and touching base on things you can expect from Nathan Anthony this year.

First off, January brought some sudden challenges, many employees were out with the OMICRON virus, which affects production with hand made products. But we want our staff to be safe. We appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we work through the absences, production times and shipping expectations. Our most important focus is to get production lead times back to normal in 2022.

We’re excited for 2022, we have a lot of cool collaborations lined up with top influencers and galleried artists who are working with our Tina Nicole to create one of a kind gorgeous upholstery pieces and pushing the boundaries of design. Expanding on the wildly popular ALAIS collection, Nicole has been exploring new materials to incorporate into her #uphlstryart (follow this hashtag!), creating artfully stunning pieces both for collectors and enthusiasts alike… and we cannot wait to share all of this with you High Point Market in April (4/1-4/6, space IH602)!

Yellow/Black/White is Tina Nicole’s favorite color palette this season. Known for evoking happiness and an overall feeling of wellbeing, yellow and variations of the happy hue (gold, citrine, mustard) add pop and refinement to an over-all neutral palette. When yellow is paired with black and white, chic vibes aaaaabound. Check out the inspo below…

Inspiration pic from Interest

Staying on top of textile trends, we’re bringing in performance fabrics, textures and fine chenilles which will be introduced at the next High Point Market, April 1 – 6, 2022. Our permanent showroom in Interhall 602. Make sure to put us on your itinerary and make an appointment in advance if you can.

Alta™ is a cutting-edge performance technology that provides textiles with an unmatched repellency to oil and water-based stains. This permanent, 95% water-based technology will safeguard virtually any textile without altering its hand, shade or breathability. Liquids bead up on the fabric’s surface, therefore enhancing cleanability and reducing the need for chemical cleaning agents. The environmentally friendly Alta™ technology enables you to face the hazards of real life with ease and peace of mind!

It’s almost Valentine’s day! Who’s your lucky Valentine or Galentine?

The SWEET HEART POUF designed by @tinanicoledesign

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