From Fashion to Furniture

Many years ago, my husband Khai approached me with a vision to transform his mattress and upholstery business into a furniture company. He possessed the expertise to lead production, and I had a strong background in textiles and design. Together, we designed and built our first furniture pieces for a trade show. That event marked the beginning of our furniture business, Nathan Anthony.

Textiles have always been a source of deep inspiration for me. As a child, I would assist my grandmother in sewing, cutting and preparing pattern templates and fabric. She was a seamstress for the well-to-do in Los Angeles—not celebrities per se, but “fancy people,” as I referred to them when I was nine. She taught me about fabric direction, bias, pattern matching, and more.

tina nicole designs textiles
Tina Nicole selecting textiles in Italy

That early hands-on experience paved the way for my formal education in textiles and merchandising at FIDM in Los Angeles. Here, I explored the interplay of textiles, patterns, forms, and design principles, providing me with a robust foundation in design.

This foundation allows me to expertly curate the upholstery offerings at Nathan Anthony, a library of over 200 inline fabric and leather selections. These materials have been selected for the quality of the yarns, abrasion resistance, luxurious hand, and beautiful texture. I am always seeking new fabrics and materials to add to our library.

tina nicole creating pattern
Tina Nicole creating the cascading petal design on the award-winning DALI chair

I am particularly excited about the advent of next-generation textile materials. Scientific advancements are paving the way for eco-friendly innovations, heralding a transformative era in our industry. The world’s current material consumption places a significant strain on the environment, making sustainable alternatives not just desirable but essential. It’s thrilling to witness the development of fabrics that combine sustainability with functionality, such as plant-based alternatives to shearling and fur that use nettle, hemp and flax to create a fuzzy texture. I look forward to adding more sustainable options to our fabric library as they become available.

In addition to our inline selections, we work with C.O.M. and C.O.L., allowing you to create a truly bespoke piece for your client. In addition to material, each piece can be customized by frame size, cushioning, and finishes. Our furniture is handcrafted by artisans at our facility in L.A. To start specifying Nathan Anthony for your next project, contact our Custom Design Concierge™ team.

Tina Nicole

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Nathan Anthony Furniture, Los Angeles

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